Impact of Mobile Solutions on Transforming the Construction Industry


The construction and the Real Estate Mobile App Development for real estate business sector are constantly progressing, but the one thing that remains the same is that construction projects involve a significant amount of people and resources coordination in the sector. Many organizations in every arena today took the plunge in innovation and have a web presence. Whether it is food industry, taxi booking, bus service, e-commerce, they all spare no effort to attract their audience with something enticing and convenient. Even the real estate and construction industry is not unaffected by this massive change and there are several construction business owners out there who want a website and Real Estate Apps Like Trulia, Magicbricks, 99acres, Nestaway, Nobroker.  Those who do not have it yet, giving the internet presence a serious consideration due to the many benefits it offers to both them and consumers.

Let us continue with the current market. Are you aware that it is actually one of the world’s major construction markets? In reality, the construction investment has risen to US$ 1.165 billion and several of the new construction projects are coming in India right now, which is leading the list of construction spending in Indian cities. Given this high rate of growth, there is still a significant financial and time loss in the construction industry. You’ve got to wonder how?

Okay, did you know the paper-per-employee average value is $82? Now such high costs contribute to a big loss. It is primarily because of this reason that more and more businesspersons in the construction companies are finding refuge in these solutions that are redefining the whole construction sector. Nevertheless, there are still many of the entrepreneurs who are still in the process of adopting tech or are yet to realize the effect on How Mobility is Transforming the Construction Industry in 2020 on real estate business.

Now the point that needs to be remembering here is that given the prevalent tech & technology in construction, there are still some major issues that need to be tackled, such as tight margins, intense competition, skills shortage, and increased risk involvement.

Construction Mobile Apps with Ultimate-Solution

The cost generated by the paper is a lot right now, and 40 percent of construction companies are using paper plans on the job. Nevertheless, one can experience a high increase in productivity by simply replacing papers with mobile apps. Custom Mobile Apps are much less costly and less time-consuming to create today.

The importance of mobile applications in the construction arena discussed here:

  • Makes It More Productive

A research shows that 77 per cent of the world’s megaprojects are 40 per cent or more behind budget, which increases costs by 80 per cent. Now the prevalent trend in the construction arena of mobile applications helps investors to access documentation & other relevant information quickly without wasting time. These apps are thus seen as a great solution for this industry as it increases efficiency and therefore saves time.

There are about 80% of the professionals who handle projects from smart devices like mobile phones and tablets. Here, the supervisors must sign and upload all project information to their respective corporate systems. Therefore, on – the-field team members and the other office members can be on the same page and remain updated. Not only these, but these apps enable managers to assign different roles to employees and can immediately review the changes, they can make instant requests for equipment repair, and they can document the accidents easily. Precisely, these apps make the teams more active, warn and linked within the construction.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Business intelligence, Big Data and finally even the Blockchain Technology got Impact in Real Estate Industry, which took the construction business to next level. So this way in which managers now use real-time reporting tools on their smartphones and tablets to get feedback on field issues, project costs, and team performance earlier on documents generated only at the end of the day. Therefore, project managers can anticipate, if any, the required changes and take the right actions.

  • Time for Mobility

According to KPMG’s 2016 Global Construction Survey, 78% of contractors and 66% of owners use mobile technology to support the completion of the construction project. Most construction companies manage a team at the office, but the numbers here are very small compared to those in the field. Nevertheless, all team members can access the files by having complete information on the cloud, uploading the changes and accessing data on any of the computers–even while on construction sites.

  • Enhanced Communication

For the construction industry, efficient communication is crucial as the lack of it can mess things up. Misunderstanding can often be caused by communication differences between project managers, owners, and supervisors. Nevertheless, one can ensure that all heads involved with the system remain unified together by ensuring smooth contact. A Real Estate Mobile Apps allows these three to get a complete view of the project, thereby enhancing the overall communication process.

This even helps the openness and influence interaction mechanism to be preserved in the construction industry as the project participants become more visible and more involved in the process. This strengthens the interaction between investors and other involved parties.

  • Allow To Run Projects On Time

Completion of the plan is a major challenge for the construction industry. Often due to rework, delays occur, as in the case of a construction site, some parts may need to be redesigned according to customer requirements, which increase overall project costs as well as the time taken to complete the project. Using rendering tools & technology, however, allows the 2D & 3D rendering to be produced, removing these kinds of hassles. Many companies today use these tools to create digital tools & renderings before starting the process to identify construction issues.

In addition, the use of Custom Construction App Development allows administrators to synchronize and coordinate organizational activities. Tasks can be prepared, ensuring construction work takes place at the scheduled time. This enables energy to be controlled.

  • Ensure Security

With the aid of mobile apps, it is also possible to mitigate hazards and risks associated with the construction industry operations. It is understood that in the construction industry, the error rate is quite higher than in the other industries.

Nevertheless, the project managers concerned would be able to keep track of the training sessions by using these tools. Definitely, by maintaining compliance with legislation, improve workers health. In addition, it can be reported immediately via the app in the event of any injury or safety concerns. Things can be taken care of immediately and in a better way by the authorities.

  • Enter in the Future with Robots & Drones

Okay, the growing time & cost constraints, rising consumer demands, and increased construction project complexity have added a lot of stress to the construction businesses. That is why most of them find comfort in virtual approaches to boost levels of productivity and keep these issues at bay. Likewise, 3D Laser Technology is used by the number of top construction companies to map land & construction, which also detects sewers, water pipes, fiber optic cables and telephone lines. In the construction arena, even drones are used to survey land, monitor huge construction sites, and track the progress of the project.

  • Digital Sales Assist in Direct Service

The construction industry is involved in a lot of competition, and one has to think ahead of their rivals to win the race. Through learning about the projects in front of your rivals that your potential customers will have in the pipeline and their specifications, you are sure to stay ahead. In addition, this can be achieved by digital technologies that help businesses develop the CRM (customer relationship management) systems that allow customer data to be analyzed.

Like these devices, to add value & cement customer loyalty, they help generate many data for regular updating. It would be of great help to an app that illustrates the possibility of saving immediately when you enter data on construction and current energy prices. This type of service has the power to persuade consumers quickly and cause spontaneous purchase decisions.

  • Great For Stability

It is obvious that you are not going to enter the construction business for just one project and you are going to have to stay, right? Therefore, construction an important healthy relationship with customers to run a successful business, and it depends on some factors. In the same way, there is greater coordination during the works, while there are long gaps between the projects at other times. Here we call this time’ Down Time,’ which we recommend to invest wisely in construction long-term and stable customer relationships.

There are mobile after-sales apps that are perfect for this reason and give the construction companies a vital opportunity to invest in construction better customer relationships. For example, CEMEX, a Construction Material Provider, has launched innovative software, which monitors and communicates how much cement remains in containers. This software is crucial to streamlining the supply line and ensuring shipments arrive when necessary.


In the global construction sector, 80 percent of megaprojects run about 48 percent behind the budget, resulting in an 88 percent increase in construction costs. With the introduction of custom construction software, however, this scenario can be strengthened in the construction arena. This will allow stakeholders to access documentation and other relevant data quickly and will speed up the overall process while wasting time can be mitigated. Because of this, more and more developers of real estate and construction business owners today support mobile design applications.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Construction Mobile App Development Company for construction solution for your company, it is suggested to go for reputable mobile app development firms with great experience and amazing app development team like Fusion Informatics. In addition, the Asian, particularly Indian app development firms are more on the fair side compared to the app development firms in other regions, with no implicates on the performance front.

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