How Mobility is Transforming the Construction Industry in 2020

How Mobility is Transforming the Construction Industry in 2020

The construction industry is constantly changing, but the one thing that remains the same that construction projects demand a serious amount of collaboration of people and resources in the field.

Today, most companies in all arenas have taken the plunge with technology and a Web presence. Whether it is the food delivery sector, taxis- booking, e-commerce, they leave every effort to allure their audience with something attractive and practical. Even real estate and the construction industry are not intact with this massive change and there are number of construction company owners out there who want a website or Development of Real Estate App like Zillow, Magic Bricks that are giving web presence a serious consideration because of the many benefits it offers them and for users.

Did you know that at present, it is among the major construction markets in the world? In fact, its construction spending reached more than US $ 1160 billion, and now several new construction projects are coming up, who heads the list of construction spending in many cities. Despite this high rate of growth, the construction industry is still in a huge financial loss and time. So you must be wondering how and why?

Well, do you know that the average value per employee paper is $ 70? Now, these high expenses lead to a significant loss. Due to this reason that more and more entrepreneurs in building companies, take solace in the technology solutions that are pretty revolutionizing the construction industry. These business owners prioritize technology on everything else, however, there are still a lot of entrepreneurs who are still in the technology adoption process or have yet to realize the impact technology can have on their activity.

Now the fact to be noticed here is that despite the technology and software existing in construction, there are still major problems that need to be treated as tight margins, intense competition, the labor shortage of skilled labor, and the involvement of the increased risk. Mobile technology that allows real-time information to collect and sent to the office is changing the face of the construction companies.

As of now the majority of construction professionals have smartphones or tablets, there is a great opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate time projects with mobile solutions.

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The Final solution: Construction Mobile Apps

Increasing productivity is the only solution to all the problems mentioned above. The traditional construction of software used by companies cannot solve this problem of productivity, which is why nothing works better mobile solution.

Yes, Mobile Construction Apps are the need of the hour, as they take care of common problems present in the arena and works to encourage the construction industry up. This was also identified that there is a significant difference between the presence of mobile applications for the construction and use of these applications. Thus, not only the intention of developing new software and but also aim to use them in their entirety.

Now imagine the benefits you can have by replacing the paper with mobile. Not only can you save tons of money, as also accelerates the research process recordings on the fly, while preserves the safety data on the cloud server. According to a survey among more than 600 construction companies’ owners, about 85% believe that the mobile app solution much more needed.

How Mobile Apps Are Useful For The Construction Business?

At this point, the load created by the paper is much, yet 42 percent of Construction Company’s use paper plans to work. However, by simply replacing documents with mobile applications, one can witness sharp rise in productivity. Today, the development of custom mobile applications is much cheaper and much less time.

Research indicates that 78 percent of mega projects all over the world are 42% or more behind the Schedule and this increases costs by 85%. Today, the trend of mobile broadcast widely in the arena construction allow stakeholders to access documents and other relevant information fairly quickly without wasting time. In this way, these applications are considered an excellent solution for this industry because it increases the efficiency and thus saves time as well.

There are about 85 percent of the professionals who manage projects via smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Here, all project data can be saved and loaded their respective business systems by supervisors. This way, the team members on the ground and the other board members can be on the same page and stay updated. Not only these, but these applications allow managers to delegate roles to workers and can update the changes then and there, they can instantly make requests for equipment and repairs can also quickly report incidents. Specifically, these applications make the most productive teams in construction, alert and connected.

  • Reduced construction delays

The collection of real-time information on the job site such as trades or contractors present, progress, gaps or incidents can reduce overall project timelines. When collected in mobile forms and subject for everyone to access right away, the critical information helps bring to light problems that could put projects on hold and keep the construction on schedule.

  • Real-time Analytics

Big Data & Business Intelligenceare finally reaching the construction company, so this way where earlier reports created only at the end of the day, today’s managers use real-time reporting tools on their smartphones and tablets to get updates on field issues, project costs and team performance. Thus, project managers are able to predict the necessary improvements, if any, and turn right actions. Many construction companies manage a team in the office, but the numbers here are very low compared to those in the field. However, having the entire data on a cloud, all team members are able to access files, upload the changes and view data on one of the devices – even while being on construction sites of construction.

  • Ensure Security

With the help of mobile applications, the dangers and risks associated with operations in the construction industry can also be mitigated. We know that the injury rate is quite high in the construction industry compared to other sectors. However using these applications, the relevant construction managers would be able to attend training sessions. Ensuring compliance with the regulations, they are certainly improving worker safety. Furthermore, in case of injury problems or safety, it may be immediately reported via the application. This way, things can be taken care by the authorities immediately and in a better way.

  • Enter in the Future with Robots & Drones

Well, time and increasing pressures, rising customer expectations costs, and the increased complexity of construction projects have added a lot of stress for the construction companies. That is why most of them find comfort in digital solutions to increase productivity levels and keep those issues at bay. Since many large construction companies use 3D laser technology for surveying and construction and identifies the sewers, water pipes, fiber optic cables and telephone lines. Even the drones are used in the construction field, to survey the land, monitor huge construction sites and track the progress of projects.

  • Enhanced Communication

Robust communication is an integral part of the construction industry that the lack of it can mess things up even more. Very often, gaps in communication between project managers, owners and supervisors can cause misunderstandings. However, having a transparent communication, we can ensure that all the leaders who are involved in the process are synchronized together. Mobile construction applications allow the three to get a whole view of the project, which will improve the communication process as a whole.

It even keeps the communication process and leverages the transparency in the construction industry, stakeholders of the project greater visibility and feel involved in the process. It improves relationships between stakeholders and other interested parties.

  • Allow to run projects on time

Completion of the project is a great challenge in the construction industry. Often, due to re-work, delays occur, as in the case of a construction site, the parts may require redesigning according to customer requirements, increasing the overall cost of the project and the time taken for completion. However, the use of rendering and software tools to create 2D and 3D renderings, eliminating this kind of hassle. Most companies today use these tools to create virtual tools and reports to detect construction problems before beginning the process.

In addition, the use of custom mobile applications for construction, allow managers to organize and synchronize operational activities. Tasks can be scheduled and ensures that construction work is taking place at the scheduled time.

  • Digital Sales Assist in Direct business

There is a lot of contest involved in the construction industry and to win the race, you have to think ahead of their competitors. By knowing the projects that your potential customers will have pipelined and their needs before your competitors, you are sure to stay ahead. In addition, this can be done by digital solutions that help companies improve CRM programs for analyzing customer data.

As these applications help generate a lot of information for the daily update to add customer loyalty and value of cement. An application that highlights the possibility to instantly record once you enter data construction and current energy prices would be a great help. This type of service has the potential to immediately convince customers and trigger spontaneous purchase decisions.

  • Great for stability

It is obvious that you will not enter the construction sector for a single project and you should aim to stay, right? Thus, building healthy relationships with integral clients run a successful business, and there are some factors, depend. Similarly, during the projects, there is increased cooperation, while at other times they are long intervals between projects. Here, we call this period “Down Time” that we propose to invest wisely in the long term and create strong relationships with your customers.

  • Better project management

Construction management application can reduce the inefficiency of the project implementation, delays and adverse events resulting from inaccurate data. The images, trackers time, GPS taken on site provide seamless and reliable view of the progress of each task. This can be very useful in providing accountability to clients or with evidence in legal disputes.


The management of construction operations has always involved a high level of coordination between different teams of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Thank you to the progress of mobile technologies and the development of the construction management app, reduce costs, save time and enhance workflow.

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