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When it comes to communicating and enriching the knowledge of learners about the competitive exams, smartly designed applications comes as one of the best options that offers its users with the strategies that can enhance their preparation and empower them with the huge collection of tests, classes, e-books and much more that are essential to crack the competitive exams. Our Competitive exams solution is designed to address all the issues of learners and provide the aspirants with the smart learning tools that are easily accessible.







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Secure login

Students can log in using the student ID and password provided by the institute.


An interactive dashboard with details of trending exams, popular tests, ongoing offers, etc.

Set your preferred language

The app allows you to set your preferred language from the menu on the app. The entire written text on the app will now be shown in the language of your choice.

Set your preferred currency

The app allows you to set your choice of currency based on the country the app is launched in.


The app allows bookmarking favorite classes of the particular subject to enable easy access in the future.


Under this section, the learner can access and attempt the tests in various categories like a mock test, sectional tests, GK tests. The tests are also categorized as per topics.

Premium subscription

The learner can opt for a premium subscription to access videos and classes by top faculties.


The learner can watch free videos on various subjects and topics.


The learner can view, like, comment, share and attempt the posts or questions posted by admin under various categories.

Current affairs

Under this section, the learner can access and share the top news for any particular day

Live classes

The learner can access the list of free and paid live classes of various subjects under this section along with the time date, duration of the class, and the facility to reserve the same.


This feature will allow the learners to memorize easily with the help of flashcards.


The learners can access the free e-books under this section for various subjects and topics.

Exam strategy

Under this section, the learner can learn about various exam strategies.


Unique referral program code for each user to share with others for advantages and credits

Promo code

Learners can simply apply applicable deals when choosing to subscribe.


Learners can offer their rankings and reviews to assist you in improving your services. Also, they can see the ratings provided by teachers.

Invite friends and earn referrals

It allows learners to Invite their friends and earn good referrals defined by the company.


The learner can log out of the application whenever he/she wish with the help of this feature.

View available webinar/classrooms/courses with their rates

The learner can subscribe to various webinars/classrooms/courses and get access to the course details, fees, and duration of course under this section.

View active courses, time table, and duration

The learners can view active courses, time table, and duration of each course.

View events and news

It allows learners to get access to the latest news and events.

View received files

The learners can view the files received form tutor under this section.

Subscribe offline courses.

Allows learners to subscribe for offline courses and get access to the course details, fees, and duration of course under this section

Take notes

The learners can take notes during the class using this feature.

Course confirmation

As soon as the learner confirms the subscription, the application will show the confirmation screen including the course details.

Video/text chat

The learners can connect with tutors with the help of video & text chat.

Course certificates

Under this feature, the learners can view and get access to the course certificates.

Cancel subscriptions

Allow the learner to cancel the subscriptions easily with relevant charges in line with the company?s policies.

Change courses

The learner can change the course at any time during or before the subscription based on your company policies.

Secure Payments

Learners can pay securely from the range of easy payment methods and gateways.

View invoice and notification when the subscription is complete

When the subscription is completed, the learner will receive an invoice with details regarding the course.


Allow users to contact the company in case of any queries.

Instant support

The learner can avail of support instantly without calling the support team.

About the company

The users can avail of the detailed information of your company information and its purpose.

User Guide/FAQs

A guide that helps users to understand various situations and the way of addressing it efficiently.

Privacy policy

This feature empowers the learners with the privacy guidelines in regards to the e-learning App.


Tutors can easily add the required details and submit signup.


The tutor has to authenticate its details to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access.


Allow the tutor to login using Facebook, email, twitter, phone number, etc.

Splash screen

One can add its favorite splash screen.


An interactive dashboard to help tutors in having a glance and monitoring student activities at a single screen.

Attendance chart

The dashboard will show the attendance chart and ratio.

Active classes

The tutors can view all active classes along with their details under this section.

Test history

The tutor can view test results history along with submitted results assigned under particular courses. They can search the result either by entering the title, class name, or exam date.

Manage Leaves

Tutors can apply for leave and get access to the application status under this section.

To-do checklist

The tutors can set, access, and edit their to-do checklist.

Save files

This feature allows the tutors to save important files.

Messaging and file sharing

Allows tutors to message the learners and share files with them instantly


The tutors can view the notifications under this section.


This feature allows tutors to provide feedback.

In-app chat

The tutor can chat with learners or admin using this feature.


Tutors can change/add their profile details like name, profile picture, preferred currency, password, preferred language, gender, qualification details, etc.

Set bank detail to receive payments from Administrator

It allows the tutor to add important information related to the bank to start receiving their payments from the Administrator.

Track earnings

Tutors can take care of their account facts; get a report on income, and more.

Learner ratings

Tutors also obtain the option to flag undesirable learners and conduct classes based on ratings.

View ratings and reviews

The tutors can view the ratings and reviews given by learners.

View assigned classes

Tutors can get access to assigned classes along with details of class title, number of students, class status, etc. Also, the teacher can mark, view, submit, and edit attendance and test grades.

View assigned courses

Tutors can get access to assigned courses along with details of the course title, students, duration, start time, end time.

Mark attendance and grades

Under this feature, the tutor can mark attendance submit and edit exam grades.

Real-time request

Tutors can avail notifications on the latest demands with course specifications.

View learner's profile picture and name

This feature helps the tutor to take a glance at the profile of the learner.

Option to contact the learner

Tutors can contact learners for just about any clarification either by clicking the option to the call button, or option to chat button.

View upcoming class

The View Upcoming class allows the tutor to take a look at those classes that have been scheduled.


The tutor can assign homework or assessment by selecting the course title.

View learner?s queries

The tutor can view and answer the learner's queries using this feature.

View assignment history

The tutors can view the assignment history under this section.

Connect with learners

The tutors can connect with the learners using either video, chat, or audio mode.

About the company

The tutor can get the details of the company under this section.


It is the manual that will help the tutor to understand the system and address his/her queries.

Terms and conditions

This section provides tutors with the terms and conditions related to the operation of the application.

View Privacy Policy Page

It allows the tutor to get a glance through the Privacy Policy related to the E-learning app.

Contact Admin Page

It helps the tutor to contact the admin directly if in case they require the assistance of any kind.

Secure login

Your staff can securely access the admin console through a two-factor verification.

User access control

Allow your staff to allocate and control access levels to different users of the admin panel.

Attractive Admin Dashboard

It allows the admin to manage the overall functioning of the App including the statistics of the learners, courses, guests, and tutors.

Account settings

The admin can configure its system and change the settings related to it.

Last login

The admin can see the last login date and time to ensure the unauthorized system access.

Live tracking

This feature allows your staff to keep a watch on the entire network with real-time status on a system.

Billing Administrator

The Billing Administrator takes care of all the accounts related information of the E-learning app including the earnings, commissions, etc.

SEO Settings in Website

The SEO Settings assists the admin to add the words that can help rank their E-learning app on the top.

Manage Categories

The admin can specify the name of the category, assign an image, edit its status, and export the category data.

Manage classroom

Under this section, the admin can organize and assign names to the virtual classrooms. Also, it can create, modify, delete, activate, or deactivate the virtual classrooms, view assigned tutor details, number of students enrolled, and number of courses assigned to that particular classroom.

Manage Location

The admin can manage location according to country, state, and city.

Manage learners

The admin can add, view, edit, delete the learners from its end. Also, it can view learners' names, enrollment numbers, email addresses, parents' details, phone, email, course list, enrollment date, referral code, etc of the learner along with their attendance history and exam results.

Manage tutors

The admin can distribute the tutors over the course schedule and create timetables for different courses to assign tutors appropriately. Under this section, the admin can also identify tutor details, tutor load, number of courses and classes assigned, tutor?s record, etc.

Manage modules

The admin can manage the modules along with the name and active/inactive status.

Manage Streams

This feature allows admin to view, edit, and set the status of available streams.

Manage courses

Under this section, an admin can assign courses based on the specialty and manage the fees of each course. One can also access and edit the details of courses like course category, name, duration, type, publish status, and completion status along with course suggest an option.

Manage digital magazine

The admin can view, edit, and download the digital magazine along with its month of issue, title, type, date, thumbnail, publish status, and active/inactive status along with its plans.

Manage assessment

This section allows admin to manage the assessments along with their course names, modules, number of questions, etc.

Manage subjects

The admin can manage the subjects, assigned classes, tutor name, course duration, and perform tutor reassignment in case of absence.

Set timetable

As soon as the admin defines the entries, the system will automatically generate time-table wherein it will define class timings, grade subjects weekly class details, class periods, and the assigned tutor.

Course schedule inquiry management

Your staff can have access to all the course schedule inquiries along with the details of lessons taught, tutor name, and duration of the lesson.

Manage timetable

The admin can create and distribute the timetable according to the time frame.

Manage tasks

The admin can distribute work tasks to tutors and assess their progress, define the importance level of tasks, deadlines, and attach supporting documents.

Manage tests

The admin can view the saved test records, search test results, approve/disapprove the test results submitted by tutors, and distribute them.

Manage subscription packages

The admin can manage the subscription packages and make changes to it using this feature.

Manage job

Under this section, the admin can manage job listings and job requests.

Manage offline courses

The admin can manage the offline requests along with the center result.

Audit log

The admin can view the login log along with all details like URL, time, IP address, etc.

Manage templates

It provides the admin with a list of all the email templates that they can use to communicate with the learner or tutor and market their services with the help of CMS management.

Manage badges

The admin can view, edit, and provide the badges to motivate learners based on the company?s rules and regulations of managing badges.

Send in-app Notifications

Admin can send notification of any news or promotion, which it wants the learners and tutors to know.

Promotions management

Allows the admin to set up and run promo codes, discount offers, and track their performance.

Revenue & Payroll management

It allows the admin to get an overview of the revenues they have earned along with the amount that has been paid to the tutors, the details of their leaves, the pending leave approvals, the list of rejected leave approvals along with history and statistics for payroll management.

Manage content

The Content Management System allows the admin to manage, edit, and update the content present in its app like FAQs, push notifications, etc.

Manage banners

The admin view and edit the screen name, banner position, media type, image, and status of the banner.

Manage festivals

The admin can view and edit the festival details, country name, festival name, date, and set active/inactive status.


Its visually appealing reporting system, allows your staff to facilitate easy and quick reporting and analyze learner?s feedbacks, guest reports, digital magazine reports, faculty, visitor, course completion reports, and various other statistics. Not just that one can export the relevant data to tutors and learners if required.


Keep an eye on tutors and learner?s activities, number of classes taken, a commission earned, know-how learners prefer to pay - cash or by credit card, which area location has the most learners, etc.

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While offline classes fail to satisfy every need of students due to their time limit and the limited number of classes, online competitive exam app can help students to prepare for their exam at any time.

Unified Platform

It forms the bridge between the tutor, learners, and company to enable high-quality education and knowledge dissertation.

Monetization opportunity

The app owner can earn through subscriptions and in-app advertisements.


By tracking the performance of application and user search patterns, the business can get insights on popular courses and design the learner engagement strategies.


By delivering the lessons online quickly and easily saves the cost of physical classrooms, stationery, and much more.

Bulletin board

Bulletin boards are essential to keep learners motivated.

Open-Discussion forums

The app can possess an advanced feature to facilitate discussion for both learners and tutors and share their knowledge

Heat Map

It allows the E-learning business owners to identify the users that more frequently make use of its services.

Global solution

The solution can be customized to integrate multi-lingual and multi-currency support to ensure its use globally.


Allows learners and tutors to communicate within the application without requiring to disclose their contact details; thereby ensuring complete privacy.

SEO Settings

One can avail premium SEO service to ensure that the app can be marketed well and can become more and more accessible to customers.

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