360 Degree Multi-Store E-commerce Solution

Filling the needs of niche markets has become a way to survive in the E-commerce industry. With changing competition and customer eclectic tastes, it is now crucial for brands to invest in digital technologies and integrate their capabilities into it. Our multi-store E-commerce solution lets the businesses to create a personalized online shopping experience for its customers and serve the untapped markets besides other benefits. It comes with three distinct panels to engage your customer, company, and vendor in the best possible way and manage the entire E-commerce ecosystem.



Grocery Business


Fashion /Apparal Business


Furniture Business


Hardware Business


Jewelary Business


Sports Business


Electronics Business


Other Business

Explore our Solution Features

Seamless signup

TThis feature allows your customers to register seamlessly using a few simple steps and multi-factor authentication.

Secure login

TIt allows the user to login using social media accounts and email. In case the user forgets the password, he/she can reset it following the simple method and authentication process.

Reset password

TIf the customer forgets the password, he/she can reset it by entering the registered email id and following a link sent on the email address.

Account settings

The customer can make changes to its personal details like name, address, email id, password, etc.

Set preferred language

The app allows to set the preferred language from the menu on the app. The entire written text on the app will now be shown in the language of your choice.

Location setup

By pointing a pin on the map, the customer can set its location with absolute ease and high accuracy.

Add favorite home and work address

The app will allow customers to set favorite addresses such as home or work addresses

Find store

The customer can search your store using this feature.

Favorite location

It allows customers to save their favorite location in order to save time and facilitate instant orders placing.

Order history

It allows the customers to search for orders, filter orders, view order details, view invoices, delivery details, replace orders, cancel orders, and print invoices.

View credit balance

In the case of refunds, the amount can be either directly added to the source account or as a credit, which can be used to pay for the bill.

Order cancellation and return requests

Under this section, the customer can search cancellation requests and check the status. Also, it can search its return requests and check its status.

Browse products

The customers can modify their searches depending on their preferences and can add filters to get particular results without having to browse the unnecessary options.

Shop by category

This feature organizes the products in particular categories to allow the users to search them effortlessly and quickly. The customer can also check if he/she is missing out on something from the available list.

Product details

The customers can check the item description, ingredients, brand, option, offers, nutritional values, price, and other essential information of the particular product along with interactive pictures.

Similar product display

The customer can get access to the products that are of similar specifications to select the one that best suits its needs.

Mark as favorite

The customer can mark specific products as their favorite, which may help them later to add such products in the cart instantly.

Wallet summary

This feature allows the user to get access to its wallet transaction, billing history, mode of payment, wallet credit details, add bank details, request a withdrawal, adding credits, etc

Third-party payment wallets

This section provides information about the saved cards and linking details of various wallets.

Track order

It enables real-time tracking and alerts to know the exact status of an order along with its current location and ETA.

Push notifications

This feature provides deal alerts, price drops, order alerts, and other important updates.

Offers/Promo codes

The users can have access to ongoing offers and the right deals under this section.


Frequent buyers can avail of membership details, terms, and validity under this section.

Ratings & Reviews

This feature allows the customers to rate and review the products or get access to other?s reviews and ratings in making a buying decision.

Gift card

One can buy or send the gift card of different amounts to their loved one by following a simple process.

Adding/removing products or quantity

The buyer can add or remove the products or quantities of the products added in their cart.

Product stock out

This feature will provide the details of items (if any) added in the cart is out of stock.

Order placing

Once all the required products are added in the cart, the customer can place an order.

Delivery address selection

The customer can select the delivery address in case multiple addresses were provided by him/her.

View/Edit order details

The customer can edit the order details before placing an order or post order placing depending on your company?s policies.


The customer can save on delivery charges by availing an option to self-pickup the products from your store.

Apply coupon

The customer can apply coupon code in order to get a discount on their order.

Secure payments

Customers can make payments using multiple payment options like cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, etc securely.

Order confirmation

On placing the order, the customer will get order confirmation details on his/ her screen.

Cancel order

The customer can cancel the order by specifying the reason for cancellation.

Return & exchange

This feature allows the customer to return or exchange the product depending on its terms and conditions.


The customer can cancel the order and get a refund either to the original source of payment or in the wallet depending on the company?s terms and conditions.

Order support

In case, the customer is having any query regarding the order, he/she can contact the customer care with the phone or in-app chat.

Return policy and process

This section provides the customer with all the details of the return policy and process.


Under this section, the customer can access the information related to shipping schedules and applicable delivery charges.

Payment support

The customers can avail support regarding its payment issues under this section

Account support

The account related queries will be addressed in the account section

Reporting issue

In case, of any bad experience, the customer can report the issue and avail support.


The general queries of the customer will be addressed in this section.

Privacy policy

This feature empowers the customer with the privacy guidelines in regards to the grocery app.

About store

Under this section, the user can get information about the company

Suggestions and Comments

The customers can provide their suggestions and comments about the store, products and the services can leave a comment.


This feature will allow the app user to display the vacant positions, the interested candidate can reach you.

Vendor details

Allows the vendor to add its details, type of product supplied, and other such details.


Vendors can easily add the required details and submit signup.


The vendor has to authenticate its details to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access.


Allow the vendor to login using Facebook, email, twitter, phone number, etc.

Splash screen

One can add its favorite splash screen.


Interactive dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of credit amounts, lifetime sales, average orders, and total products along with membership information and recently added product details.


Vendors can change/add their profile details like name, profile picture, preferred currency, password, preferred language, gender, product details, business license details, etc, and get valuable stats and insights on their products, effectiveness, and feedback.

Set bank detail to receive payments from Administrator

It allows the vendor to add important information related to the bank to start receiving their payments from the Administrator.

Track earnings

Vendors can take care of their account facts; get a report on income, and more.

Manage catalog/products

The vendor can add, delete, or view product along with its ID, thumbnail, name, type, attribute set, price, quantity, visibility, approval status, and other such details. It can also feature its products using this feature.

Manage orders

The vendor can view, filter, and export the product details like product ID, Purchase date, billing details, status, and action.

Tax management

The vendor can manage the tax on various products it supplies using this feature.

View Invoices

The vendor can view the invoices pending and processed for a particular time period.

Manage shipments

This feature allows the vendor to view, edit, and add the shipment details.

Credit memos

Under this section, the vendor can access the details of the credit memo.

Sales overview

The vendor can access the sales analytics as per months, years, or days.

Import/export product ../images

The vendor can import/export the product image using this feature.

About the company

The vendor can get the details of the company under this section.


It is the manual that will help the vendor to understand the system and address his/her queries.

Terms and conditions

This section provides vendors with the terms and conditions related to the operation of the e-commerce app.

View Privacy Policy Page

It allows the vendor to get a glance through the Privacy Policy related to the e-commerce app.

Contact Admin Page

It helps the vendor to contact the admin directly if in case they require the assistance of any kind.

About the company

The vendor can get the details of the company under this section.


It is the manual that will help the vendor to understand the system and address his/her queries.

Terms and conditions

This section provides vendors with the terms and conditions related to the operation of the e-commerce app.

View Privacy Policy Page

It allows the vendor to get a glance through the Privacy Policy related to the e-commerce app.

Contact Admin Page

It helps the vendor to contact the admin directly if in case they require the assistance of any kind.

Secure login

This feature allows secure login to the designated person using a few simple steps. The user can also generate a password by following a simple process in case he/she forgets the password.


The admin can facilitate various activities like sales, earnings, buyer signups, affiliate sign-ups, direct referrals, visitor statistics, top product details, etc.

Access control

Allow your staff to allocate and control access levels to different users of the e-commerce application admin panel.

Profile setup

The admin can set profile details like a profile picture, email account, and password and make changes to it under this section.

Manage catalog

Admin can manage the product and categories with the help of this feature. It can add/edit or delete the categories, products, inventory, store reviews, brands, options, and custom products under this section.

Manage store

This feature allows the management of your store on a single platform.

Manage promotions and listings

The admin can manage its promotional activities, plans, and listing details through this feature.

Manage CMS

The admin can view the content pages and blocks, manage navigation, policy points, empty cart items, social platform, cancellation reasons, manage testimonials, discount coupons, and language labels under this section.

Order tracking

The admin can review the orders placed and their fulfillment details.

Manage customers

The admin can add, view, delete, activate/deactivate, login, debit/credit, edit the profile of registered customers through its end.

Payment management

This feature allows the admin to manage the payment details of the company by enabling/disabling the payment gateways, updating API keys, currency management, and taxation management.

Promotions management

Allows the admin to set up and run promo codes, discount offers, and track their performance.

Manage feedback and reviews

Admin can view the customer?s feedback and reviews to initiate changes if any are required.

Manage in-app notifications

The admin can push, email, and SMS alerts for customers as well as store managers.

Set working hours

The admin can set the opening and closing hours of stores.

Manage recommendations

The admin can manage weightage and recommend tag product weightage.

Store management

The store manager can make store discoverable to a large number of audiences through navigating on the map, manage its details, return address, etc.

Delivery management

The store manager can set the working days and time, define the delivery radius, delivery terms, and ETA.

Pickup option

This feature enables the store manager to provide the option for ordering items online and pick up from the store.

Online order management

The store manager can provide an option for buyers to make purchases online. Manage order listings, search orders, view order details, cancellation requests, and refund requests.

Logistics management

By integrating with third parties, the store manager can manage the logistics function efficiently.

Inventory management

By integrating with inventory management systems, the store manager can manage inventory levels of a particular store.

Product management

It allows the store manager to adds products from the admin product library, send requests to add custom products, and search products.

Manage subscription

Under this section, the store manager can provide auto-renewal options, check plan details, make changes in plans and listings, etc.

Import/export data

The store manager can import and export the data to get valuable insights.

Manage content

The admin can manage meta tags FAQs, rewrite URL, and set theme settings.

Live tracking

Allows admin to track customer orders and other order details in real-time.

Email Templates

It provides the admin with a list of all the email templates that they can use to communicate with the customer and market their services.

SEO Settings in Website

The SEO Settings assists the admin to add the words that can help rank their e-commerce app on the top.

Create sub-users

The admin can create and set sub-user permissions.


With the help of data analytics capabilities, the admin can analyze the data, access sales reports, traffic source, visitor statistics, top searched products, conversion statistics, top-selling products, non-performing products and provide the decision-makers with valuable insights.


Once the data analysis is done, the admin can report the same in a visually appealing way by using this feature.

Watch Solution Capabilities in Action

Customer Android App
Customer iOS App
Customer Web Panel
Vendor Android App
Vendor iOS App
Vendor web panel
Admin Web panel
Landing page
Manage multiple stores

The solution allows the business to manage the order processing based on each store's shipping policies and preferred carriers along with custom shopping carts and proprietory checkout processes that differentiates each store.

Drive traffic

By taking the business online, one can drive high traffic and expect a higher geographical reach.

Centralized control

The solution can be controlled centrally to avoid potential frauds and such issues.


You can update the app with changing demands and customer behavior, to ensure your store go with time.


One can drive efficiency in its business by automating all operational processes and facilitating sound communication between customers, vendors, and the business.

Voice search

Allows the customers to search for products with voice.

Social sharing

The customer can easily share your app on social media using this feature.


Introduce the new lifestyle feature which provides the retailers with a platform, where they can avail lifestyle tips, videos, address their lifestyle-related queries, and discuss on the forum.

Heat Map

It allows the business owner to identify the users that more frequently make use of its services.

Global solution

The solution can be customized to integrate multi-lingual and multi-currency support to ensure its use globally.

Newsletter subscribe

This feature allows the user to subscribe to the newsletters of the app and get information related to the app.

SEO Settings

One can avail premium SEO service to ensure that the app can be marketed well and can become more and more accessible to customers.

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