Solution Introduction

Enhancing clinical communication and workflow is the need of an hour. Interoperability and secure care coordination are essential to improve the healthcare ecosystem, our solution, therefore, is powered by new generation systems & integration capabilities and is designed to facilitate patient-provider interaction. With the aim to support the healthcare organizations and accelerate the accessibility in the healthcare ecosystem the solution is all set to take your innovation agenda at new heights.










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Effortless Registration and Authentication

The patients can register by following simple steps and with a multi-factor authentication system.

Secure login

Users can log in using their social accounts like Facebook, twitter, google account, email, phone number, etc.

Set location

One can enter the location by putting a pin on the map, or selecting from the drop-down list, to see the most relevant results and find the nearby doctors.

Profile setup

Allows patients to change their profile details like name, phone number, email address, gender, DOB, height, weight, password, etc.

Medical details

Under this section, the patient can add details related to allergies, current medications, past medications, chronic diseases, injuries, and surgeries.

Lifestyle details

Under this section, the patient can add details related to smoking habits alcohol consumption habits, activity level, food preferences, and occupation that will help doctors in deciding the treatment.

Set emergency contacts

This feature allows patients to set emergency contact details to form communication in case of emergencies.

Set preferred Language

The app allows the patient to set their preferred language from the menu on the app. The entire written text on the app will now be shown in the language of their choice.

Set preferred currency

The app allows the patient to set their choice of currency based on the country the app is launched in.

Appointment history

Allow users to easily deal with all their appointments - upcoming and recent

Treatment history

The patient treatment history is uploaded in the app for further treatment and reference.

Medical records

The patient can add their medical records along with detailed health history to allow the doctor to diagnose them better.


The patient can view the invoices with all the details under this section.

Family members profile

The user can upload the health details of family members.


This feature allows the patient to set reminders of medicines, drinking water, or taking the break at the workplace.


All the payment history will appear in this section. Also, if the company provides welcome cash, it is reflected in this section. The patient can save cards or other favourite modes of payments to enable instant transactions.


Unique referral program code for each patient to share with others for advantages and credits

Promo code

Patients can simply get access to offers and apply applicable deals when choosing a doctor.


Patients can offer their rankings and reviews to assist you in improving your services. Also, they can see the ratings provided by doctors.

Push notifications

Notification for patients to help them understand the status of their appointments, promotional activities, etc.

Invite friends and earn referrals

It allows patients to invite their friends and earn good referrals defined by the company.

Share appointment detail on social media

The patients can share appointment details like exact location through social media.

Advanced settings

The patients can turn on the health tips, adjust app settings and permissions, set reminder settings including vibration and volume.

Search doctors

The patient can find doctors near him/her from the doctor directory along with the specialty, and find doctors who are online to book appointments. The doctor directory will show all the details of the doctor along with the consultation fees.

User-centric Bookings

A seamless circulation with a few taps to get a validated doctor booking, and search options with the help of GPS and detailed map.

Book for others

Option to request an appointment for others that sends appointment details to them via SMS.

Video consultation

It allows the patient to consult with the doctor through video.


Under this feature, the patient can view upcoming, ongoing, and free consultation details. One can also start new chat consultation by selecting the health problem/symptom or choosing from the list of specialties, make payments, and avail online consultation with doctors. The patient can consult the doctor either through a phone call, video call, or in-app chat.

Order medicines

The patient can order prescribed medicines by searching them and uploading the prescription wherever necessary. They can add multiple medicines in the cart, add/remove medicines from cart, view substitutes, prices, and composition details of medicine and checkout. One has to set the delivery location, make payment through available multiple gateways and the medicine will get delivered on specified delivery date.

Diagnostic tests bookings

One can book tests online and get e-reports with a doctor follow-up using this feature.


The patients bookmark their favorite doctors to easily access them whenever in need.

Appointment confirmation

As soon as the patient confirms the appointment, the application will show the confirmation screen including the appointment details like the name of the doctor, contact details, and address of the clinic.

Schedule appointment

This feature provides booking flexibility to its users by allowing them to schedule their appointments in advance.

Schedule for a house call

The patient can schedule to call a doctor at the house in case of emergencies.

Cancel appointments

Allow the patient to cancel the appointment or booking easily with relevant charges in line with the appointment policies.

Secure Payments

Patients can pay securely either in advance or once the appointment is complete from the range of easy payment methods and gateways.

View invoice and notification when the appointment ends

When the appointment is completed, the patient and the doctor both receive an invoice with details regarding the charges split up.

Block consultant

The patient can block the consultant in case he/she is unsatisfied with his/her services.

Appointment timer

The timer will show the time when the consultation began and the charges will be based on the time such consultation finished.


Allow user to ensure their safety by asking safety queries and concerns on a real-time basis.

Instant support

The patient can avail of support instantly without calling the support team.


Allow patients to select membership and share them with their friends.

About the company

The users can avail of the detailed information of your company information and its purpose.

User Guide/FAQs

A guide that helps users to understand various situations and the way of addressing it efficiently.

Privacy policy

This feature empowers the patients with the privacy guidelines in regard to the application.


Users can contact the authorities or set emergency numbers in case of emergencies.


A doctor can register using phone numbers, set password using OTP, enter a name, email address, and save account details.


The doctors have to authenticate their details to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access.


Allows doctors to log in securely using the credentials used to register.

Share app

The doctors can share the app by sending an invite through multiple modes using this feature.


The doctors can add favorites to facilitate easy and instant access.

Invite friends and family

This feature will synchronize the phonebook and allow the user to send an invite to his friends or family by selecting directly from the list.

Profile details

By using the name, city, and specialty from the drop-down box the profile details are required to be completed. One can search the city and specialty by its name. while creating a profile it also prompts to enter gender details, qualification, and registration details. Under the qualification, one has to select the name of a degree from the drop-down box and one can add more than one qualification. It also prompts to enter registration details like registration number, name of council issued registration certificate, and year of registration. Years of experience is required to be mentioned

Adding clinic

Doctors can add a visiting and owned clinic details. Under owned clinic details the name of the clinic, city, and locality from the drop-down box with the feature to search by entering details directly. Under visiting, clinic doctors cannot edit the information about the clinic and have to select from the available list.

Uploading documents

Doctors have to upload the valid registration documents to begin the services.

Profile issue

Doctors can send profile issues through a registered email address to the company along with attachments using this instant emailing feature.

Premium services

The practitioners can reach million of patients and enhance their visibility using paid services of the company by choosing the available subscription plans.

Patient experience

The doctors can see the patient?s experiences and recommendations under this section

View invoices

Under this ection, the doctor can view the invoices along with details.

Online consultation

This feature allows doctors to open up their online consultation practice through chat by paying a minimal amount to the company.

Health news and feed

It is a community of medical practitioners, using the feature, the doctor can post articles, view articles posted by other practitioners, view likes, and get access to trending articles to keep themselves updated.

Set bank detail to receive payments from patient and Administrator

It allows the doctors to add important information related to the bank to start receiving their payments from the patients and Administrators.

Track earnings

Doctors can take care of their account facts; get a report on income, and more.


The doctor can see the latest notification

Splash screen

One can add its favorite splash screen.

Clinic details

Under this, the doctor has to enter clinic details, specialty, city, and clinic phone number, the platform for managing practice either through web or mobile, and if the doctor owns the practice or not. After verifying email address, it will prompt to enter profile picture, name, phone number, email address, gender, DOB, blood group, timezone, address, and language preferred.


This feature allows doctors to view calendar including appointment details to view the booked and available time slots. One can add an appointment using patient details like name, phone number, date, time, category, procedure, add notes, and the facility to get notified and notify the patient when the appointment date is approaching.


The doctors can view patient details under this section along with the prescriptions, next appointment dates, treatment history, and other such details to avail of patient history and decide the treatment plan.

Send reminders

The doctor can send treatment reminders to the patient using this feature.

Online prescriptions

The doctor can share the online prescription with patients in case of emergencies.

View appointment request

Doctors can get access to appointment requests received by the patients even though they are in a different window or their screen is turned off.

Real-time request

Doctors can avail notifications on the latest appointments booked with specifications.

View the patient?s profile picture and name

This feature helps the doctors to take a glance at the profile of the patient.

View the patient?s rating

It allows the doctor to see the rating of the patient on their app in order to get an understanding of the past ratings of the patient and make a choice if they want to accept/reject the appointment.

Accept/Reject appointment

Intuitive interface to simply accept/reject the appointment within a limited timeframe.

Option to contact the patient

Doctors can contact patients for just about any clarification by either clicking the option to the call button, or option to chat button.

Option to cancel the appointment

Doctors can cancel the appointment from their end whenever it is required by clicking on the option to cancel.

Set availability

Doctors can tag him or her available anytime and remain flexible.


Under this section, the doctor can get reports of appointments booked, patients attended, etc for a particular time period.


It allows doctors to analyze the practice through the platform, patient behavior, and other data analytics capabilities.

About the company

The doctor can get the details of the company under this section.


It is the manual that will help the doctor to understand the system and address his/her queries.

Terms and conditions

This section provides doctors with the terms and conditions related to the operation of their services.

View Privacy Policy Page

It allows the doctor to get a glance through the Privacy Policy related to the doctor-patient app.

Contact Admin Page

It helps the doctor to contact the admin directly if in case they require the assistance of any kind.

Secure login

Your staff can securely access the admin console through a two-factor verification.

User access control

Allow your staff to allocate and control access levels to different users of the taxi application admin panel.

Attractive Admin Dashboard

It allows the admin to manage the overall functioning of the App including the profile of the patients and doctors.

Advanced Back-end System / Complete CRM

This feature assists the admin with a system that would help them offer their services in a smooth and flawless manner.


Allows admin to put geo-fencing around the service.

Manage patients

Admin can manage the user-base of the app, their queries, booking data, feedback, and other such aspects.

Manage doctors/consultants

It allows admin to add and manage the doctor/consultant network, their payments, experience, feedback, registration details, payable amounts, settlement amount, and much more.

Manage cities

The admin can view, edit, and add city details using this feature.

Manage booking options

It allows managing the booking options that the company wants to offer directly through the application.

Manage charges

It helps in configuring the calculation of charges, price surge, generate a bill, etc, for the booking.

Booking cancellation fees (Optional ? can be made on/off as per your company?s policy)

It helps the owner of the App to set cancellation charges on the patient if in case they cancel the booking a few minutes before the appointment.

Promotions management

Allows the admin to set up and run promo codes, discount offers, and track their performance.

Service module

Admin can update the service module from its end and ensure the seamless app functioning.

Create sub-admin

The admin can create sub-admins to manage its functions.

Approve/disapprove doctor profile

The admin can approve/disapprove the doctor's profile based on the terms and conditions.

Revenue & Payroll management

It allows the admin to get an overview of the revenues they have earned along with the amount that has been paid to the doctors.

Zone management

Allows admin to define their area of operations from an easy to use UI with geolocation tracking support.

Send in-app Notifications

Admin can send notification of any news or promotion, which it wants the doctors and patients to know.

Billing Administrator

The billing administrator takes care of all the accounts related information of the booking software including the earnings, commissions, etc.

Manage Templates

It provides the admin with a list of all the templates that they can use to communicate with the patient or the doctor and market their services.

SEO Settings in Website

The SEO Settings assists the admin to add the words that can help rank their app on the top.

Manage content

The Content Management System allows the admin to manage, edit, and update the content present in its app including FAQs, specialization categories, profession categories, etc.


Its visually appealing reporting system, allows your staff to facilitate easy and quick reporting and analyze earnings and commissions. Not just that one can export the relevant data to doctors and patients if required.


Keep an eye on doctors and patient?s activities, number of appointments, a commission earned, know-how patients prefer to pay - cash or by credit card, which area location has most users, etc.

Watch Solution Capabilities in Action

Customer Android App
Customer iOS App
Customer Web panel
Doctor Android App
Doctor iOS App
Doctor Web panel
Admin Web panel
Landing Page

The businesses can approach the maximum number of patients in all possible ways, which increases the branding of the business and drive more revenue.


By deploying top-notch technology, the business can streamline its processes and bring efficiency in its business operations, unlike the manual system.


The app facilitates real-time communication between healthcare providers and patients, thereby contributes to tech health promotion and increases the quality of care.


The healthcare industry is more vulnerable to errors and lack of interoperability that may cost the life of a human, it is, therefore, essential to ensure accuracy with the help of an application.


The solution ensures compliance with the legislation applicable, so the owner of the app does not need to worry about this aspect.

Heat Map

It allows the business owners to identify the users that more frequently make use of its services.

Global solution

The solution can be customized to integrate multi-lingual and multi-currency support to ensure its use globally.

Corporate tie-ups

This feature allows the business to serve corporates by enabling them to control all the appointment bookings of their employees.

Call Masking

It allows patients and doctors to communicate within the application without requiring to disclose their contact details; thereby ensuring complete privacy.

Block Doctor

It provides the list of doctors who more frequently cancel taking appointments and accepting too, which further helps in blocking such doctors.

Wallet to Wallet money transfer

Using this feature the users, doctors registered on the platform can transact between two different wallets.

Newsletter subscribe

This feature allows the user to subscribe to the newsletters of the app and get information related to the app.

Health community

Patients can get health tips, healthy habits, diet charts, and other such information about the health community.

SEO Settings

One can avail premium SEO service to ensure that the app can be marketed well and can become more and more accessible to customers..

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