Checkout Features Of walmart iPhone Apps

WalMart is the world’ largest retailer store and their stores have spread everywhere all over the world, Now they are testing one iphone app that will let shoppers to scan items using their iphones isn’t it sounds amazing. After that you can pay at a checkout counter, the big advantage of that app is you can save your time and cost.

If the this test go successful for that world’s largest retailer store. On other word you can say walmart is a king of retailers, it has good potential to change the way people buy products and pay making the whole process faster and personal.

Recently walmart has invited employees with Apple Inc iphones to participate in a test at a walmart super center in arkansas, that is near company’s headquarters, as per the survey of it. All of the effort is to make your buying process more quicker, safe to make better your shopping experience at walmart store. After the test walmart said that it may add more self checkout lanes at its walmart stores as they are trying to make costs more lower for its shoppers.

If this apps works successful then walmart can save their millions of dollars as currently they are spending more money on scan items and make payment. Even sometimes shopper complain on twitter and in other forums that it takes long to pay at walmart, where sometimes only a few of the several checkout lanes are open and staffed with cashiers so that creates a little negative point of walmart stores.

So to make the whole process faster walmart is continually testing new and innovative different ways to serve customers and increase shopping experience in their stores. The team of iphone application development includes functions like create a lists and seeing that items in stock for shoppers. In the future they may also try other mobile application development such as blackberry app development, android app development etc.

This is the fourth technology that walmart is going to use for better shopping experience, the handheld scanners, RFID chips, and this time its smartphnes, as per the Weitzel retail industry. We are looking to find some ways to make better experience as an industry.

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