The in-Depth Guide to Outsource Mobile App Development

There are about the 19 million software engineers around the world where, more than half of them are dedicated for mobile app development. In fact, finding an application developer that is perfect for your needs takes a lot of time and energy in this way.

If you have come up with an idea of a million dollars for a mobile application and you are lost on the development path. You will spend 10 minutes next considering all the choices you have to outsource your large billion app idea.

By outsourcing mobile app development, you can cut marketing time, reduce project costs and improve product quality. For this reason, at least once software and app development has been outsourced by around 52.5% of all IT firms. In this article, we’ll provide you with a handy guide to choose a mobile application development company for outsourcing. They also clarify the traditional outsourcing models of working and paying so that you can choose the best.

With your thorough information about finding a good mobile app developer, you will take your app from normal to exceptional.

Questions related to mobile development like:

  • Should I choose App Development Agencies or Freelancers?
  • What criteria should be considered to select an application development partner?
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing an app idea?
  • How are you going to get a cost-effective option?
  • What is the ultimate cost-effective option?

Should I Go For Freelance or Agency For App Development Outsourcing?

Hire a Top App Development Agency

An agency can be your single-stop solution for all requirements for application development. For fact, a mobile app development company is more professional and convincing. It is more organized as far as customers are concerned and supervised. They give adaptable time plans and guarantee that as far as administrations are concerned, the cost you are paying will wind up worth every penny. For your next project, you cannot avoid hiring an agency.


It’s your one-stop solution to all the requirements of your application development. From development to implementation to coding it’s all done under one roof.

  • You get an expert approach to your needs as a client
  • You are involved as a client in the entire decision
  • Possible to sign an NDA and secure your app idea

Fusion Informatics is one of the best companies to go for if you decide to outsource the production of iOS apps or Android apps that meet your every requirement. In reality, it is one of Top mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India, Dubai, and San Francisco.  Keeping the use budget our mobile app development cost will be budget friendly.


  • The biggest drawback is the time zone disparity. It becomes difficult to manage the plan from various time zones.
  • Cost to Develop mobile app is higher when compared to what freelancer quote

 Hiring a Freelancer

The freelance developer appears to be a great choice for all your application development needs when it comes to a clever response. As it may be, much the same as some other situations, this situation has its upside and downside as well.


  • The Cost to build or create app or software is less which is greatest benefit
  • The freelance designer is primarily a professional


  • In dealing with a freelancer, lack of communication results in the biggest hurdle
  • There is no confirmation of the dates of transportation due. Consumer reviews and sneak peeks will follow the due dates
  • You can’t guarantee your app idea’s safety. You cannot make sure that there’s no misuse of the application you’ve created
  • It is not written to deal with freelancers and it is not done with a method

Important Factors While Hiring Outsourcing App Development Company

Developing a mobile app is a huge investment for any company and finding a suitable agency to make the device flawless as you expected in a difficult task. But this process can be out a lot after a set of pointers.

Below we share your steps to find perfect specialists among today’s outsourcing app development firms.

Phase 1:  Know the criteria you need a clear description of your mobile app or a plan that you want to achieve the result.

Phase 2:  You need to pick the type of mobile application development team that is outsourced. Onshore, near shore, and offshore styles are included.

Phase 3: Check the portfolio and connect to previous customers before emailing all application developers or completing forms of contact on their websites.

Phase 4: Pick the service model you need to choose between dedicated project teams or employees to recruit app developers outsourcing.

Phase 5: Pick a payment model for a dedicated team or project based work model that you choose between fixed price or time and material payment models.

You need to have a detailed definition of your mobile app or a project you want at the outcome before hiring outsource app developers. See our report on usable and non-functional specifications to achieve this.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

  • This increases the pace of production of your app without waiting for the entire hiring process. Many startups believe that they are quick to hire new talents, while companies are slow to adapt to changes in the market and instead drag the standard on-paper routines.
  • This helps to broaden the stacks of technological without having to re-hire talent. These days, Technologies are fluctuating wildly.
  • It boosts the pace of development of your app without waiting to be determined by the entire development team. Languages and frameworks for iOS and Android are relatively new platforms for Swift and Firebase, respectively, and recruiting developers to meet these new requirements is critical.
  • Outsourcing’s cost-effectiveness is another major point in its favor that attracts businesses to it.
  • This improves the pace of production of your application without being tight for the entire hiring process.
  • This helps to expand the creative stacks without the need for the opportunity to re-hire.

How Can I Find To Outsource For My Project?

Check out the most popular options:

  • B2B Directories

These websites list outsourcing companies for application development, grouped by location, ranking, and expertise. Clutch, the most popular B2B platform to find developers of apps, provides advanced search, categories, classification, and even reviews of previous clients of the team.

  • Freelance Websites

If you need to outsource a professional with a particular set of skills, freelance platforms may be useful. One example is Upwork, where for a fixed-price or hourly rate you can recruit a freelancer or outsourcing team. Dealing with freelancers could be risky and validating a developer’s experience and finding out if the developer is not reliable is difficult.

  • Dev blogs

Development teams like us run Tech blogs that demonstrate their app development experience with tips and case studies. If the experience of the company suits your project proposal, you may without hesitation, contact such companies.

  • Design Networks

Many businesses in app development are full-cycle, creating both code and design. Designing communities like Behance or Dribble also work great to find a team to outsource for this reason.

How Can Outsource Result in Reducing App Development Cost?

  • Mobile application outsourcing significantly reduces costs particularly when you are a startup. Outsourcing, on the other hand, often broadens the horizons as to the degree to which we can access innovation. There are also countries that provide much cheaper services for mobile app development than the US and UK.
  • If you find a cost-effective alternative and the initial push may be a comprehensive MVP, you must start pushing it for any startup in that situation. For Outsourcing countries like India will be budget compared to other countries. Another very important benefit of outsourcing a start-up venture is Idea-Validation. There will be a whole pool of experienced people and developers handling your project, and you can gain critical insights into what the app idea you are proposing can and cannot work with.
  • This can also be because these companies can give you a certain level of competitive analysis, as they were responsible for managing a project from your domain previously. In addition, this is all at a much lower cost than you would have employed experts to develop an app in-house.
  • More often than not, a wide backdrop of startups fall prey to the services provided by novice developers at a cheaper price. That is why it’s very important to follow the list of documents and questions you have to ask before hiring anyone. At the beginning of this article, we have already mentioned the questions. You can end up stuck with a bad quality application in the appeal of a cheaper price that does not produce results, as you like.
  • When recruiting a company, it needs a series of reservations that have been resolved when jumping into the decision to hire them immediately based simply on reduced cost of developing apps.
  • Most startups are running on an “app-only” mentality and it brings the best out of the whole team when operating, as they do not have to think about any other platform.

Give Important On Choosing the Most Suitable Payment Model

Under the out-staff model, when you outsource app developers, you pay them a monthly salary like regular employees. You can choose from the following options for a dedicated team or a project-based working model.

  • Fixed Price

Such a working model works only in the integration of the criteria:

  • A project that was relatively small.
  • A budget that is tight.
  • The scope of the research is obvious.
  • It is easy to estimate the amount of time needed.

This payment model is suitable for MVP development by newborn start-ups. However, it is difficult to initially evaluate the scope of the project due to the human factor. That is why most development firms prefer to work on the next model.

  • Time and Material

This payment model is popular among businesses using agile methodology, also known as Pay as You Go. First, you and the team will decide on each developer’s hourly rate, and then you will pay based on the actual development time. Companies use time and material when:

  • It is difficult to determine in advance the nature of the project.
  • During the work process, the customer must change the requirements without modifying the agreement.

The Time and Material model has proven to be true for projects of any scale, having become very popular among outsourcing mobile application development companies.


Organizations have grasped the outsourcing of mobile application production, as it is the main expansion agent. Design of outsourcing apps is a decision that needs to be driven by the organizational priorities and project requirements.

Design of outsourcing software reduces costs, improves team engagement, and allows the project to be completed on time. This style of partnership suits all forms of business–start-ups, mid-sized and large-scale companies. Nevertheless, in order to receive all the benefits from the development of the outsourcing app, you need to select the team with which you will work carefully.

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