How Much Does it Cost to Develop Shopping App like Wish?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Shopping App like Wish?

Sreenivas T
July 12, 2019

shopping mobile app like wish cost

About – How much does a mobile shopping App like Wish Cost?

‘WISH’ is an idea from Peter Szulczewski (CEO) and Danny Zhang (CTO) from ContextLogic Inc. Wish was was founded in 2010 in San Francisco. It began as a coupon bidding service and later developed into an online market.

Online market ideas like Wish or AliExpress are simple but functional – shop for anything anywhere in a few clicks on your device; no need to spend hours in the locker room queue or wait for a shop assistant to carry your size – create a Wish-like app to save you from everything.

You might not be surprised to know that Wish is one of the real e-commerce stars in the ecommerce mobile market segment. Whatever we are looking for, there is a mobile application specifically for online shopping that changes the way we find things, choose them, and make the decision to buy.

Here we will find important points that will help you find out about developing e-Commerce Marketplace app development Like Wish and we will try to calculate the cost to Build Marketplace app like Wish.

Today’s online shopping is a surely a growing market. An estimated 1.66 billion people worldwide buy goods online in 2017. Online retail revenue in 2017 is US $ 2.3 trillion, while it is expected to reach US $ 4.48 trillion by 2021.

If you plan to make your own mark in this market with your online shopping apps like Wish clone app, the time will not be better! The prevailing technological ecosystem is a clear enabler. In this article, I will explain about the Cost of Marketplace App like Wish and its important features.

How eCommerce Marketplace Apps like Wish benefit your Retail business?

mobile shopping App like Wish Cost

The opportunities offered by mobile trading or ecommerce are difficult to overestimate. Alternatively, developers think they decide to estimate the interactive wish list property with a clear monetization mechanism for applications based on the purchase of real goods. Here comes the Wish application!

The idea behind Peter’s product is simple but efficient – it offers low-priced offers for everything from shoelaces to winter earphones & jackets, shipped directly from China. At the Wish, set price for all those who shop there it really feels like a bargain – $ 1 Dio, $ 15 smart watch and a $ 115 laptop roughly. The perfect target audience of these purchases is what is called impulse buyers or classic shopaholic – those that can be triggered with handsome images and cost almost no knick-knacks

Wish is one of the most popular e-commerce market place that has garnered all of the recent attention from local and global buyers. Given the entire buzz, let us check whether it is legitimate to create an eCommerce Shopping Apps like Wish and how it works:

  • Register for accounts using Google or Facebook
  • Find available transactions and categories. This includes adjustable parts according to choice.
  • Add items to cart
  • Complete the payment


Wish Model and its Cost to create mobile Shopping App like Wish

Wish has a business model marketplace, so it is an intermediary between traders and buyers. This is not responsible or liable for any content published by the merchant. Traders are directly responsible for providing e-commerce services to their clients. In other words, the Wish application only connects buyers and sellers but is not directly involved in transactions between them.

The idea behind Peter’s product is simple but efficient – it offers low-priced offers for everything from shoelaces to winter earphones & jackets, shipped directly from China. The perfect target audience of these purchases is what is called impulse buyers or classic shoppers – those who can be triggered with handsome images and the price is almost no knick-knacks.

They take responsibility for estimating approximately iOS Script for Wish-like apps clones. All feature coverage for Cost to make mobile Shopping App like Wish can be divided into several blocks that we will provide for you below.

All you need to know about How Wish Marketplace app work

As mentioned earlier, 81% of purchases made online are spontaneous. This shows that consumers are very likely to buy a product even though they do not need it. You must expose your product well. This is the power of Wish-impulsive buyers.

Apart from low prices, bonuses, and tons of goods, Wish depends on impulsive buyers. That is why it seems that the list of articles is endless, grouped into categories.

The application itself includes the Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, the developers created six projects related to wish. How does the Wish application work and Wish App development cost? Fragmentation according to certain topics simplifies the search process and makes the user experience more personal. For example, they take Facebook with its Messenger, which excludes all unnecessary features. It’s time to find out what these projects are:

This is the main Wish website, where you can find various kinds of cosmetics, clothing, gadgets and decoration items.

  • Wish – This is the main and most visited website that consists of various products, such as clothing, gadgets cosmetics, etc
  • Geek Wish – This application mostly sells electronic and technical devices
  • Mama shopping – This application is dedicated to pregnant women and young mothers everything to mothers, prospective mothers and their children, all the best from China
  • Cute Wish – This is a paradise for girls. Mascara, eyelashes, liners ,lipsticks and brushes
  • Home decoration – Whether you like a modern, baroque or shabby style, this platform will help you turn all bold ideas into reality
  • Hoping for traders – It is a platform for traders who want to start their business with Wish. Here they can send their items, track orders from Wish, promote articles, and get all the analysis on their offers.

In this way, to ensure that each user can find exactly what they need, the Wish Marketplace app uses many personal filters based on questionnaires that should be filled in at registration. However, regardless of which category you choose, you will always see some extra category items that are not even mentioned by you. Therefore, that is another advertising trick from Szulczewski and it seems to work.

What should be Included While Making Shopping Apps like Wish?

Few things must be considered when you want to make a mobile Shopping Apps like Wish:

  • Shipping times might vary according to locations and postal codes. This must be kept in mind while creating the app and must be mentioned clearly.
  • Details of the products must be introspected while ordering the products
  • The user’s real name must not get displayed once the order is placed or viewed. This can be a threat to a person’s security

Shipping apps like Wish, Geek, and AliExpress connects merchants with global customers. With over 100 million customer accounts and 100000 merchants that are selling around 40 million goods – almost everything is at a discounted price (featuring everything from garments to smartphones to fitness related gadgets etc.

In terms of strategies, well there were quite a few and we have mentioned them all here.

  • Offering large discounts;
  • Balancing between the low prices and satisfying quality;
  • Customization and personalization of goods’ categories in various applications;
  • Showing the goods in a correct manner; Hence targeting on impulsive buyers
  • Connecting the buyers & sellers without giving them permission to communicate directly with each other;
  • Concentrating on the mobile platforms;
  • Placing stakes upon the gazillions of unknown, but productive Asian providers;

What are The Basic features of a Wish-like Shopping App?

The online shopping mobile application is a native application so you can use all device functions. Every eCommerce entrepreneur can launch this category application to get an increase in attractiveness in an era when smartphones are everywhere. Anyone interested in shopping online can become a user of this application.

As it comes to the feature panels, there are three users:

Wish App Features - Fusion InformaticsMain Features, which affects the Cost to Build Shopping app like Wish

The most successful shopping application on the Wish product line is the application with the tagline “Shopping Made Fun. It has a simple and user-friendly interface with a menu that looks very similar to a social networking mobile application (Facebook, in particular). Let us look at the main features of Shopping Made Fun.

  • Manage Login Sessions – In this section, Admin manages login bonuses for users. People who use the system actively will get a bonus in the account wallet. The system captures login sessions for each application user.
  • Personalization – This feature allows users to get specific results based on the following factors (with integrated API needed to retrieve data), such as Exploring Behavior, Culture, Location, Previous order history.
  • Manage Warehouse – Here, Admin manages the warehouse where merchant inventory managed. In this section, Merchants send their own inventory to manage shipments. After the order is complete, the remaining tasks will be handled from the warehouse.
  • Shipping – Here the system integrates the shipping API to track shipments from source to destination.
  • Google Map Integration-Here the entire store is displayed on a map, where users can search for shops and maps will navigate them.
  • Multi-currency support – In this function, when making payments, users are facilitated to convert currencies, so that the currency converter API is integrated to convert the value of payments according to a particular currency through the Google currency API.
  • Cloud storage – functionality is useful in storing data in the cloud. Thus, the system can access and manage data anytime, anywhere.
  • CRM Integration -This function is useful in increasing marketing via SMS, e-mail, etc. Admin dealing with user analysis, promotions, email communication templates
  • CMS Integration – With content is also the core of this platform, so this functionality helps application users to read the correct information from the system & find out about the system.
  • SMS Gateway API – This feature is useful for communicating with clients via SMS.

Are you looking to Develop a Mobile Shopping app like Wish? Share your requirement to “Get a Free Quote

develop a Mobile Shopping app like Wish

How much does it Cost to make mobile Shopping App like Wish

The Cost to develop mobile Shopping app like Wish depends on a number of factors:

  • App size and complexity:
  • Number of platforms you wish to develop the app for
  • The geographical location of the app development company

As a rough estimate, you can expect to shell out around $10000-$20000. This is the estimated Cost to Create mobile Shopping App like Wish if you choose to develop for a single platform, either Android or iOS. Otherwise, if you opt to build your app for both of these platforms, the cost can go up to $25000 or even higher.

We took the responsibility of estimating roughly an Android clone for a Wish-like app. The whole scope of features for the cost to develop E-Commerce Marketplace Apps Like Wish could be divided into a few blocks we’ll provide for you below.

  • U.S.A Based Development Company: $40-$260/hour
  • Eastern-Europe Based Development Company: $33-$145/hour
  • India-Based Development Company: $12-$70/hour

After adding up the overhead expenses, home decor mobile app development cost will be somewhere near $10000-$20000 for one platform which can be either iOS or Android. Meanwhile, if you are keen on adding more features to the app, then the cost of e-Commerce Marketplace app development like Wish will shoot up to $25000 when you get an app developed in India, thus it is still a reasonable amount.

How to choose e-Commerce Marketplace Mobile App Development Company

Hire iOS/Android Wish like shopping app developer if you want to start your own eCommerce company like Wish, you have to serve all segments of your target audience. Cyber market apps like Wish Mobile App Development Services must try to provide personalized content to users. At the same time, it must tempt the user.

The Team Structure Required:

  • Project manager
  • Application Developer (Android & iOS)
  • UX UI designer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Database Expert
  • QA expert

We believe that you were cleared with the query about how much does a mobile shopping App like Wish, Geek, AliExpress Cost.


If you succeed in finding the right e-Commerce Marketplace Mobile App Development Company, then you will be able to successfully create sophisticated and feature-rich at a reasonable cost. We are the top e-Commerce Marketplace Shopping Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon out there offer great services throughout the world. You just need to make sure that the mobile app development team that will work on your application is highly experienced and well qualified and then you are ready to use it.

Before you start developing your application, choose what platform you want to use for iOS or Android. Prices can change according to the function you set. The more features you wish to develop, the higher the cost will be. However, do not forget about the minimal registration that guarantees the app’s feasibility. Contact at to get real time insights about e-commerce application development!

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