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How Much Does an app development cost like Flipkart/Amazon Cost?

Peoples in the society well known about Flipkart the biggest e-commerce app selling products like clothes to machines. Everything we can buy from Flipkart. They are becoming one of the largest among e-commerce online companies. Founded in 2007, in Bangalore, India, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company offering a wide range of products. The company which began by selling books, eventually moved to selling every other product making e-commerce popular in India. Their products range from electronics to books, home-ware to fashion products. Flipkart is said to be the very first e-commerce store to implement the much-appreciated ‘cash-on-delivery’ facility.

And at Flipkart has advanced mobile-app with the growth of mobility, the group has never watched behind. As of the knowledge of the analytics firm, Flipkart was commanding more than 60% of visitors who came to his website. The resolution of Flipkart has been unique and, of course, it has shifted the incentive for lots of other India-commerce chance.

Key Feature of the Flipkart App

Adding products to carts to save items people like.

Product images by seller and customer to for easier shopping.

Information division to monitor the fresh notifications that the user has accepted about the newest offers, and distribution status etc.

The menu list covers all product sections and sub-sections available in the stocks

Notifications about offers and deals.

My Cart, which is in the direct right to notification region, enables customers to inspect products and continue to buy products that they continued to the cart before

Image research to perform the ordering method gently

Help center and User-friendly interface.

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Factors that Decide the E-commerce app Development cost like Flipkart

The Cost to develop app like Flipkart belongs to database app section and its cost is almost bigger than the non-database app or simplistic app. How expensive it Develop an app like Flipkart Cost? And it all considered below factors. You need to keep in mind the below mentioned dynamics.

  • The development cost for apps like Flipkart varies based on the different platforms; Android costs relatively higher than the iOS platform because it mainly has more devices to be tested against. (Amongst other reasons)
  • The online app develoment cost like flipkart depends on the choice of size of the app. The bigger the size the more it costs. An app like Flipkart is bound to store innumerable amounts of data in forms of images, texts and numerals.
  • The e-commerce mobile app development like flipkart depends on Basic features like user accounts, purchase history, favorites, QR codes, image manipulation and advance features like data syncing, push notifications, geolocations etc..
  • The cost of app development like flipkart depends and varies on implementing and use of social media sharing, usage of OTP’s etc also affect the cost of creating an app like this.
  • The flipkart like App development cost varies on admin panel, where administration sections of an app i.e. add/block feature, reporting, data control
  • It is of extreme importance that the app is designed in a way that it attracts and maintains its customers while being user-friendly.
  • Lastly, a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influence the development of the app.
  • Including mobile wallet feature incurs extra costs but, definitely comes with its advantages.
  • Advanced technologies and resources are needed, which usually come with a higher price.

How much we charge to E-commerce app Development cost like Flipkart?

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