HTC to Fight Apple Legally

Disagrees with Apple’s patent infringement lawsuit and says will use all legal tools in defense

After Apple slammed 20 patent infringement lawsuit on HTC, the smartphone maker barely got back to Apple. Now, HTC has decided to defend itself against Apple’s accusations and has issued an official statement to show its disagreement to Apple’s actions. Plus, HTC is planning to fight the battle legally.

"We strongly disagree with Apple’s (AAPL – news – people) actions and plan to use all the legal tools available to defend ourselves," said Jason Mackenzie, vice president of sales and marketing of HTC America, to Forbes. He, in an official statement, said, "HTC has always taken a partnership-oriented, collaborative approach to business. This has led to long-standing strategic partnerships with the top software, Internet and wireless technology companies in the industry as well as the top U.S., European and Asian mobile operators"

This hints at the fact that HTC will make the best out of the support Google has shown to it against Apple’s accusation.

Apple’s lawsuit of 20 iPhone related patent infringement against HTC has shaken up many. This action is also looked upon as Apple’s indirect attack to the budding Android-HTC partnership by some.

However, HTC has ensured that the legal battle won’t disrupt that operations and mobile handset business. The consumer’s best interested is being considered here. HTC hasn’t hinted that it will counter-sue Apple but Mackenzie’s approach to the issue indicates that some legal action would sure be taken.


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