Developing Effective Android Applications

 With the fast paced development of Android, it has become imperative to keep in consideration the performance of an application. The application which is error free can only function well. To ensure that Android developers can test their application before it is launched, Android Software Development Kit or SDK offers a number of tools for debugging the top notch applications. It can easily help recognize performance problems in Android applications.

 Android apps are made for laptops and portable devices including smart phones. However they have limitations when coming to loading and storage. This enforces Android apps developers to develop applications that lay emphasis on reliability and effectiveness. There are many parameters on which the performance of an application is measured. One of most well known measures of apps performance is the battery life. If the application you have developed is not powerful or impactful then battery life of your Android mobile will get shortened easily. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you should optimize the performance of your application to ensure better battery life.

You can optimize the performance of your android application by avoiding other things that are not required for your application. Many amateur Android developers usually do not consider these things related to the application and in the end they have an application that is not so good. You should not create something only because you have to create something. Your application idea should be something unique and meaningful. Whenever Android application development is done just to build an application then the end result is disastrous and may not be able to impact any users.

Android apps developers should bear in mind that when they are using C / C++ it is a good idea to use some setter or getter methods as directly using the fields may invite some restrictions on accessing the application. However, when it comes to Android it is not good to call virtual methods within the class. Instead you should ensure that you use the virtual method calls to the public and not the class.

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