How Much Does it Cost to develop Question and Answer app like Quora?

Question and Answer mobile app like Quora Cost

How much does a Question and Answer like Quora Cost?

No doubt that we are totally moving towards future and humans are depended on Gadgets and Mobile application, what is the first name that comes to mind when you think of a Q & A website or web app? Obviously, it is Quora!

If you are wondering how much it Cost to develop Question and Answer app like Quora.  Then for the question above, each individual will give a different answer. Most of the answers – Depends!

Well, Quora is a Question and Answer platform, founded by Adam D ‘Angelo, in 2009. People can use this platform to ask questions to others to clear their queries.

The main purpose of this platform such as Quora is to share knowledge, so that people can be sure that the need for this service will never end. However, it is not easy to stay on top, and that is why even big giants like Reddit,, Askville Amazon, Yahoo and Stuck Overflow find it difficult to secure their users.

The quality of user-created content offered by Question and Answer Web App like Quora makes it very popular in large numbers. In the initial phase, Quora concentrated on a niche market mostly on topics related to marketing and entrepreneurship. Then slowly it developed rapidly and began to involve fields such as software development, fashion, etc.

So what does Quora have, which no one else has? What made him prosper at any time even when his colleagues struggled to stay on the market? This and many more, we will find here on this blog. So, let us start by understanding Quora.

Quora Model and its Cost to Create Question and Answer Web App like Quora

Quora is a Q&A web app platform, where it allows clients to make questions, and different clients can answer them. Here, an investigation can find many different solutions, appearances and perspectives of individuals. Here, clients cannot only react to questions they have the ability to do, but can also mastermind and change them. What distinguishes Quora from others is Quality. Really, the nature of the content that the client makes provides this platform, which makes it famous among the majority. This also comes from the way in which clients asked to use their unique / recognizable proof / name when registering because this reduces a number of bots. One of the most talked about questions is what makes Quora important, making the crowd returns to the platform constantly.

The Cost to Create Question and Answer App like Quora purely depends on the features. Quora, in a few months began, made their own content for the platform. They ask and answer questions from their respective accounts so that different people use that platform. Then people started using it and it turned out to be successful and gained more users before they stopped publishing their own posts.

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Various factors affects the Cost to Build Question and Answer App like Quora, for example, features, areas of multipurpose application enhancements, progress stages (iOS / Android or both), time required, structure, backend, and other different factors. Likewise, if the Q & A application must appear, usually, the formation of applications such as Q and A Web Apps like Quora is a tedious procedure, the Cost to develop a Question and Answer app like Quora is also high, and the most important thing is to hire iOS/Android Question and Answer Quora app developer for the activity.

Know about How Question and Answer App like Quora Work

Cost to develop Question and Answer app like Quora

In short, Quora is a web platform, where it allows users to ask questions, and other users can answer them, here, one question might get many answers, show opinions and views from different people. Here, users cannot only respond to questions they have, but can also manage & edit them.

Before knowing the Quora App development cost let us know what Developers of this platform took over themselves, and starting a few months after launch, they themselves made content for the platform. They ask and answer questions from their own account. They do not use their own account, but instead make many fake accounts, so as if a different person published the post. The author now reveals that sometimes they get users and before they stop publishing their own posts.

What distinguishes question and answers application like Quora is its Quality. Yes, the quality of user-created content provides this platform, which makes it popular among the masses. This also comes from the fact that here users are required to use their real identity/name when registering because this reduces the number of bots. Now this is one of the great features, but what makes Quora extraordinary, makes the audience return to the platform at any time.

Main Features, which affects the Cost to Build Question and Answer App like Quora

  • Some of the Important Features in Admin panel:
  • Login
  • Manage users
  • Manage posts
  • View Stats
  • Personalization
  • Real-time Rep
  • Manage topics
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Manage Ads

Some of the Important Features in User Panel:

  • Register
  • Search
  • Hide Identity
  • Request Answers
  • Manage Post
  • Feeds
  • Forum
  • Answers for questions
  • Push-Notifications

As you can see, Cost of Q&A Web App like Quora and building a Q&A website app like Quora is not that difficult, but managing it right is the key to success.

Advance Features, which affects the Cost to develop a Question and Answer app like Quora

If you decide to create a question and answer platform, you should look at the main competitors, for example, Quora. The first thing you see is a simple but intuitive design. Opening the website for the first time, users can see the latest questions from random categories and read the answers if they are interested. After creating an account, users can select categories and receive questions about these topics via email or directly in the feed.

  • Social Media API Integration: For your users to be able to share content with others, integrate social media APIs into websites and web applications, because that will allow your app users to connect to their social media related accounts.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: To store information and data safely, Google cloud storage and Amazon data servers can be used
  • Applications, PWA, & Websites: This really works very well for implementing systems on websites, PWA & mobile applications, so they can be accessed on any device
  • CMS Integration: To manage website content and web applications, you need to integrate it with a Content Management System (CMS)

Once you have decided and ready to develop the Q&A platform, then it is time to look deeper into your main competitors, where Question and Answer App like Reddit & Quora. The most important thing you will notice is that they have this simple but very intuitive design. When users open a web page for the first time, they can see the latest questions from random categories and they will read the answers if they are interested. After an account created, users can also choose a category and then they will receive questions about the chosen topic withered by email or directly in their feed.

Why it will be beneficial to create a Q&A Web app like Quora?

Below is the answer. Yes! Just have a look at these User Statistics and as well as Data Analytics by showing the success of Quora Web page. These numbers itself are motivation to create an app like Quora.

  • Daily Page views are 3,431,990
  • Daily Website Visitors are 1,425,828
  • Daily Website Revenue is $12834 USD
  • Daily Bandwidth is 66.74 GB (1.99 TB/month)
  • The Website is worth $4,693,477 USD
  • IP Address is

In case, you are now thinking about the investment to develop Question and Answer Apps Platform like Quora then this concern will be answered in the later part of this blog. Next, let us find ways to manage a Q&A website.

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How much does it Cost to make Question and Answer App like Quora

In case if you have a thought of creating a Question & Answer website like Quora is in your mind, then you first must create have to create community. This strategy will absolutely work for you and everyone. After all, no one wants to continue or lead discussing on empty web app based platform. Therefore, fill the content on yourself before the users can join them. You can even pick the strategy, whether Reddit or Quora, as per your wish and liking, as both approaches are beneficial. When you create profiles, your platform will not look like numerous people manage it, whereas content added from the personal profiles, it will make promotion a lot faster & easier.

Nevertheless, the question is how much does a Question and Answer like Quora Cost? Well! It all depends on who is designing and building the app. More the number of features more it will take time. Several things go in making a Quora-like app like its features, design, the time is taken, backend, a region where Android/iOS App Development Company is located, the time is taken, backend and many more features.

To make an app like Reddit or Quora or to Develop Quora Clone app Script, you need to hire a good Quora app developers or Question and Answer app developers or company that should contain a set of professionals who can easily understand your needs. The company should have a capable structure of team having project managers, UX/UI experts, and Android developer.

Casting Model for Quora-like Question and Answer App

To create Question and Answer Web Application like Quora, you must hire a question and Answer Mobile App Development company. The team must consist of a series of the following dedicated professionals, who work to understand your requirements better and provide the desired results:

  • Project manager
  • UX / UI expert
  • Android / iOS developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA analyst
  • Delivery manager

How to choose Question and Answer Mobile App Development Company

Usually, creating an application like Quora is definitely a time-consuming process and the most important part is that you pick the right and experienced web app developer for this task. Choose organizations based on their past performance. Cost of Question and Answer Web Apps like Quora need $ 25,000 – $ 35000 to create. However, if you want to add features that are more sophisticated and stack of technology, the cost can be around $ 50,000 – $ 60000

Choose any organization based on their past execution and portfolio. Including all costs where the Cost to make Question and Answer App like Quora, Reddit might cost $ 20,000- $ 30000. However, if one needs to include increasingly advanced features and the cost of developing applications like Quora can reach around $ 50,000 – $ 70000.


Various factors impacts and go into the making of a your own Quora like app, such as features, region of mobile app Development Company, web app development platforms like Android and iOS or even both, total time taken, design part, backend, and few other factors too. Also in case of developing the Q&A app, it will also involve the technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, Natural Language Processing), & finally the Algorithms

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