How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web Streaming App like Hotstar?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web Streaming App like Hotstar?

Sreenivas T
July 22, 2019

cost to develop a web-streaming app like Hotstar

About Web broadcasting App like Hotstar Cost

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned television-broadcasting medium and embrace the compelling web broadcasting platform like Hotstar. Modernization of today’s world fairly bridging the gap between the people and the internet. People lost themselves in the journey of hustle and bustle and so allotting specific time for their favorite TV shows.

People feel tired of listening to mundane Television shows. The appealing nature of Hotstar has a greater affinity towards the users as they can access shows in the able time. Their victory lies behind covering content for all age groups and then the people adhering to the faster pace growth of web medium. With the responsive design enabled, customers, catch their hit shows, movies, sports, etc. in a galactic set of the framework.

Hotstar ensures that its users greeted with shows from international to local content. The variety in approach and delivery of distinctive genre making them rule the web world in the country. Hotstar possesses an inbound market value of $300 million and reaching more than 100 million Indian subscribers. Economical availability of data prices results in increasing online video consumers.

Live streaming applications like Hotstar curated professionally to leverage the user experience. More than 300 million downloads in India rocketed them to defend the No .1 spot. The fame for Hotstar has been enormous because of the eccentric audience base and it is among the first choice of stopping-place for the video streamers.

Fusion Informatics accomplished the development of various apps according to the need of our clients and made them unparalleled in their approach. To thrive in the volatile competitive market, online video streaming apps like Hotstar employing new strategies to amuse the users and support themselves.

Every web broadcasting business is seeking for developing a live streaming app like Hotstar and some attain success by creating their own Hotstar clone, Hotstar script thinking to operate a business just like of Hotstar.

Fusion Informatics is the leading mobile development app company in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune offer the best services with 24*7 support maintenance. Developing the cost of online broadcasting applications like Hotstar involves many factors and features based on market needs as discussed below.

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How Does an on-demand video streaming app like Hotstar Work?

hotstar app development cost

It is an ample statement to say that web broadcasting apps like Hotstar revolutionized the online streaming medium in India. Star India officially introduced Hotstar in 2014 after the 15-month arduous development with a broad scope of the spectrum to contribute towards web streaming values.

It offers varieties of local TV shows in a multilingual manner and premium members have the comfort of enjoying the program earlier than the television. Non-premium members can catch some movies, watch the local programs with one day delay. Sports pack should be active to stream cricket, football, hockey, etc.

Star India acquired the 5 years digital contract of IPL with a whopping amount of Rs. 16,347 and it has managed to attract a huge board of sports fans even scripted history in views. Hotstar VIP members can access all premium content except American/International TV programs. The purpose of launching a VIP pack is to multiply the conversion rate of sports shows.

VIP pack is always going to be a piece of good news for sports lovers across the country as they can grab their favorite leagues in the world. Pro kabaddi league, Bundesliga, Grand Slams, English premier league, F1, Indian premier league acquires a huge fan base across the world. People love watching their sports league in an effortless way without any disruption.

Hotstar Specials offer viewers the engaging and thrilling experience, which is designed in a lucrative manner to entice users. It is available in different local languages and with the updated show of MSD, it has reached its peak. Lauded wholly by the customers for the collaborative approach with famous cricketer MSD.

Key benefits and features of web streaming app like Hotstar

General features
  • Access to local and international TV shows
  • User-friendly design approach
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Provides favorite sports league
Customer aspects
  • Login
  • Free trial
  • Subscription services
  • User reviews, comments, and other materials
  • Termination of services
  • Push notification
Show director aspects
  • Third party content
  • Advertising
  • Content management
  • Login
  • Social media integration
Admin aspects
  • Admin login
  • Application management
  • Payment management
  • Package subscription offers
  • Technical assistance

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Is making a live streaming app like Hotstar cost expensive?

The cost to create a web broadcasting app like Hotstar fluctuates depending on the prerequisites. Developing in the platform of android or iOS may be quite exorbitant and never in the reach of your financial limit. It also relies on the factor of the live streaming mobile app development company that you recruit.

The cost of developing Hotstar lies in the proximity of $10000 to $50000 based on time and budget constraints. The hourly charge is being employed by the developers is common around the world and the price can charge up if the backend process included.

In Europe or America: $150- 200 per hour

In India: The cost of building a web broadcasting app like Hotstar is very cheap somewhere around $80-$130 with the exact replica of Hotstar app features

Key factors to be considered

App platform- The cost of live streaming applications like Hotstar changes according to the platform. Android costs relatively higher than the iOS platform because of testing functionalities.

App design- The restaurant finder app like Hotstar thinks of responsive design to stand solid in the market. The unprecedented design pattern can allure the customers to engage with the content.

App size- Hotstar android or iOS platform development cost depends on the overall size of its attributes and appearance.

App developer- The cost to make Hotstar iOS or android solely rely upon the basis of the developer. The geography and prowess of a developer play a huge part in determining the cost.

Advance and External Features-The features of Hotstar mobile app cost vary like data sync, hosting, design disintegration, push notification alongside OTP evaluation, etc.

Looking to hire Hotstar like web streaming app development companies for Hotstar App Script?

By figuring out and discerning what exactly advances in the web broadcasting app market future, you will be a pioneer when talking with your favored on mobile app development company about measuring your application such that it is established for the live streaming in the evident future

Need to know what to do next? It is Simple! Connect with Fusion Informatics, as we are the leading Hotstar like web streaming app Development Companies in India, USA, UAE, Europe, and Africa and begin with your very own web streaming app development.

Do you want to build your own Hotstar alike web broadcasting application that could propel outcomes for new companies? Getting ready for the change, then send us a reply at

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