How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Trulia

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Trulia

Sreenivas T
July 4, 2019

Cost to develop a Real Estate app like Trulia

Do you want to build a Real Estate app like Trulia within Budget?

About – mProperty /Real Estate app like Trulia

There is no one who does not want to utilize app, right? Well, there was a time when people who wanted to buy or sell their house or any property needed to be influenced by the option of the real estate agent’s time and energy to visit properties to lease, acquire, or get potential customers to visit their properties.

However, the development of real estate apps has put a pull stop to this whole offline process. That is nothing but a Trulia the real estate app that assessed to function as pacesetters in the field of property. Though they’re not into offering homes however they have earned plenty of value for the domain by causing the process of buying and selling properties far more translucent and insightful making use of their online advertising solutions.

Because of this reason now Real Estate business looking for Real Estate app development and eager to know the Cost to develop an app like Trulia to have their own Mproperty app. This demand in place has brought a rise in the property market leaders that are in turn attempting to fill the gap between demand and offer. Which are all you start with one concern – what is the Cost of Real Estate Mobile App like Trulia?

Before we continue any more into considering the factors that help providing solution on How Much Does an App like Trulia Costs. let us very first look at the way the modern property marketplace stakeholders have already been reacting to the thought of dealing with property transaction procedure on mobiles – a thing that has given birth to the query How much does it cost to make an app like Trulia.

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Cost To Make a Real Estate App Like Trulia with the Entire Tech behind It

Cost To Make a Real Estate App Like Trulia

The Real Estate Mobile App development Cost may vary based on several components – like total time, the range of features you have, whether it’s going to get an MVP or an MMVP that you will be willing to build, but if we had been to generalize – you must have several products created.

We will take iOS-based platform as an example, but when there is a dependence on Android app – then your estimates will probably rise. The next, but the important one as well is a Real Estate web development cost, where in fact the Real Estate website page plus server element combo must be developed.

The purpose of mobile apps engages in the complete property buying, selling and renting, as we simply just saw and have not just changed the complete formula of how a property or home transactions happen. In addition, it has resulted in an influx of industry players, not limited to how to create an app like Trulia nowadays entering the area for attending the changed need of the present day property potential buyers and sellers.

Now that we’ve looked into the marketplace players which are presently ruling the property search mobile app agency, it’s time to go through the real estate app features behind which they have already been able to produce this place in the market and also have had the opportunity to define the Cost to Build an app like Trulia.

Features affecting Trulia like Real Estate App Development Cost

  • Database

Everything linked to the success and even the mere performing with the app depends upon the integration from the database in the real estate mobile app development procedure.

Search and Filter

Property id and filtration is certainly another most significant feature that must definitely be present in real estate app design like Trulia.

  • Map

Proper map integration is really a very important section of any property research mobile application. It really is your only solution to ensure that the house seekers reach the proper location at the proper time. Your just way to end up being the best residence app

  • Calendars

The feature will come in handy specifically for the real estate agent side with the stakeholders. They are able to easily keep an eye on the open residence and property buyer/seller meetings.

  • Virtual Tours

Now that we’ve seen the functions set which have found themselves getting must-have in a whole range of residence search apps functioning on the market today, it’s time to check out the technology stack that could make the real estate mobile app design and style and development feasible.

How Trulia Stands Unique Among Rest as a Best Real Estate Apps

Trulia provides very unique and beneficial features compared to other Trulia like clone app.  In order to develop a genuine real estate app like Trulia, begin with it is important for you yourself to know the significant features that use building a property mobile app such as this. This is one way you will be able to help keep a focused technique in conceptualizing and creating the real estate application and can achieve probably the most than it and within an assured way. To grasp the solution much better, we have to focus on probably the most followed selling and renting apps made by the endeavor, which apparently is one and only Trulia Real Estate.

Real Estate agency like Trulia to accomplish all the goals much like the agent but by their very own Because of this, people are keeping their money. Focusing on how to be far better or simply having a very competitive edge well enough to endure atop the developing crowd of lively real estate people coming into the app portion has turned into a prerequisite response to the Cost to create an app like Trulia.

There are varieties of things that you can think bettering an individual experience and several features that you could add to help to make the experience considerably more value wise moneymaking.

Behind our connection with creating, plenty of real estate apps like Trulia as the leading real estate mobile app development company; we have recognized the functionalities whose improvement in the mobile app can provide your app brand the demanding edge it requires to survive.

  • Low list Fees
  • Gives Complete Info
  • Implement Blockchain
  • Updated MLS integration
Make and Earn from your own Real Estate Trulia App Clone with Innovative Features

You can earn if you hire Real Estate ioS Mobile App Developers in several ways. Having a Trulia app script or developing a genuine Real Estate App like Trulia can list your property for sale on Trulia free of charge. You can even write-up your proprietary for lease same, free of fee. The revenue-generating structure completely predicated on advertisement and runs in several methods:

Below is a few which we advices our client:
  • Compensated Advertisement for the house management companies
  • Sell Ad Slot to Property Operations Companies
  • Premier Service Supplying to the Real Estate Agents
  • Sell Ad Slot to Mortgage brokers and Equivalent Businesses

The amount of money you allocated to answering the Trulia App Development Cost and the amount of money you have the capacity to earn will not reach a stage where in fact the development cost can be cover with the gains until you set up a place on your own within the slowly crowding mobile phone space.

How much Cost to develop Real Estate App like Trulia

While the response to Cost of Trulia Property search app development is hard to specify ‘It Depends. Let us dig more to know in-depth details.

If your property search app may also operate exactly the same set of characteristics like those in the above list combined with high-level technology stack, in that case your cost of Trulia like app development would come around somewhere USD 45,000 to USD 50,000.

Knowing the methods for you to make money after expending a figure because the answer of the cost of real estate app development like Trulia like the one we observed above is really a necessity you will want to answer. Moreover, knowing its importance, it really is what we will look at upcoming days.

The real estate market is flourishing at an encounter pace sufficient reason for the real estate apps that is further intensifying the procedure. People forget about have to re-locate for availing the info as these apps supply all of them at one spot. If you want to make profit and shine in this industry then we recommend you to Hire Real Estate Android Mobile App Developers.

So, whether it’s searching a perfect home for residing or letting out, or getting in touch with the broker, you’re sure to obtain the best-in-class solutions.


Well, we have explained on how much it cost to develop a Real Estate App like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and Realtor exactly.  However, to create this app with just a single hand is not a simple task for this we are in need of skilled team of developers and designers.  Therefore, we at Fusion Informatics can take your organization to the superior levels by using an exceedingly engaging and successful Android and ios mobile application.

If you are looking for leading, top and best real estate mobile app Development Company in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon in India to build a mobile phone app for your real estate industry, then speak to our expert at to streamline your real estate organization prospects.

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