How did we helped clients?

By delivering robust solutions for challenging problems

Search for your favorite homes across city!


Fusion Informatics designed a real estate application that allows its users to search for a home within specific cities, areas, or proximities by using geographical location mapping.


While looking for a home, one doesn’t know all the houses that are on sale. There isn’t one single platform that allows prospective buyers to look at all the options there are. Physically hunting for these houses can be quite a task.

Real Estate Portal


  • Ensuring that the application has an apt geographical location sensor
  • Making sure that only people with an intent to sell homes put up offers on the application
  • Differentiating prospective buyers from the dummy users
B2C Portal


We successfully made an application that allows users to browse all the homes that are on sale, specific to their geographical location. They are also offered pick up and drop facilities to make their journey easier. The sellers are allowed to put up their offers on the application. They then receive data regarding who viewed their houses, hence collecting a useful database. We were able to bring buyers and sellers on one platform.

property portal


  • Accurate geographical sensing hence providing relevant options
  • Useful for sellers as they can see how popular their offer is
  • Provision of door to door service