Can GoLang be the Best Programming Language for Business in 2019?

Can GoLang be the Best Programming Language for Business in 2019?

Sreenivas T
June 21, 2019

Can GoLang be the best programming language for business 2019

About – Golang an Open-Source Programming Language

GoLang has released in the year 2009, which is Google’s individual open-source programming language.  Today, they have made its place among the various other programming languages following the years of expansion and advancements.

With the increasing demands of this Mobile App Developers to provide a breathtaking end user experience for the users with instinctive and user-friendly interface leads to fresh advancements in technology as time passes.

It affects every industry of technology from development of apps to software and resources or programming languages. GoLang is one particular language whose graph is certainly going up about growth and development that soon it will considered as among the top 10 programming languages on the planet.

It has seen the fact that language could applied to authentic products and its own procedure 50 million logs with an increase of than 200GB of information processed every day.

The thing with this technology is that it is constantly progressing. Every day there is a new intro or improvement of features that could make an excellent change from what you do technology-wise, whether it’s the development of mobile apps, web sites, or in the arena of programming languages.

Like, one particular introduction was by means of Golang, also called Go, which really is a programming language introduced in the entire year 2009. Since that time it’s been growing constantly now has found a location of it’s among the some other programming languages.

Why Could It Be Best Choice To Learn Golang In 2019?

To begin with, did you know this Google’s individual open-source program language has rated as the utmost prominent among the year in TIOBE index? In fact, it will not be astonishing if soon it breaks or cracks into top set of most-used languages.

In only the period of 1 year, GoLang features witnessed great prominence, which is only going increased inside the graph. The most notable reasons why businesses like making use of GoLang is due to the following causes:

  • They love this particular hands-on experience with applying Go directly to the real products.
  • A prominent organization that makes use of GoLang boasts that their support processes a lot more than 50 million logs per day.
  • With GoLang, it really is easier to take care of a lot more than 200GB with the incoming data every day.

Below we have discussed positive & negative aspects of using GoLang program programming language along with its features:

Attributes of Go or GoLang

  • Easy to Learn & Understand

When compared with the other languages, Go’s syntax will be a lot smaller and is simpler to learn. Hear a lot of the stuff could easily feed in to the brain, this means it is that simple, and hence it generally does not need you to spend plenty of time finding out about for factors. The programmers that are aware of the C-language syntax can study and have an understanding of the GoLanguage independently.

  • Go is certainly blazing fast

The language is not any doubt extremely fast and compiles to machine code rapidly. The language will not execute any interpretation and contains no virtual run time before compiling; therefore, it is quick when compared with other programming language. Therefore, it programs compile at an easy pace and therefore makes an executable record of hardly 11 to 12 MB.

  • Basic Concurrent GoRoutine

Even though the concurrent development is tough, even now with GoLang this is a lot easier when compared with the other languages. The language generates lightweight thread known as goroutine and communicates utilizing the same channel.

  • Garbage Collection & Memory management

In GoLand, the memory management has done easier than C & C++. Below the dynamically allocated objects are garbage collected, and with Go it becomes easier to use pointers that are substantially safer as below it does not enable pointer arithmetic. Below one can possibly utilize value types.

  • GoLang Static Analysis Tools

The static analysis resources in GoLang are usually huge in numbers and they are very robust. There’s this specific one referred to as gofmt that forms your code according to style advised by GoLang. It could efficiency normalize many of the opinions over a project also it allows your staff to focus what is being done with the code.

  • Testing Help in GoLang

GoLang’s library includes inbuilt testing assistance. You do not have to be determined by the external texting medium. The test.go document must be authored on accompanied by running the ‘go test’.  This enables executing the evaluation without taking a lot longer.

  • GoLang Standard Library

GoLang includes a central library with inbuilt functions to utilize primitive types that may utilize a web server, cryptography, deal with the raw bytes, and look after I/O. Applying ‘tags’, it becomes easier to designate JSON field names very close to the struct fields.

  • GoLang Interfaces

With more than a few structs to carry out several interfaces in GoLang makes it simpler to cope with dependencies within the code. Interfaces ensure it is easier to produce modular codes for any test, along with the availability of capabilities allows the language to write codes in an functional style. At exactly the same time, GoLang also offers the first-class functions that provide this chance for writing the codes in an operating manner.

  • Static data types

GoLang is really a statically typed language. They have primitive data types like byte, strong, and int. Subsequently you can find structs as well, and like any firmly typed language, this kind system permit the compiler easily catch entire classes of bugs. In addition, it offers structs, and like additional strongly typed languages, GoLang can get hold of a variety of bugs inside the code. In addition, it has simple to use lists and maps built-in the language.

What will be the Factors that set GoLang in Darness?

Well, GoLang is definitely a good programming language, since it includes a clean syntax, faster execution time and you can find so many things good about this. However, there is lot more programming language than its syntax. Below we have mentioned things that we usually do not really appreciate about GoLang.

  • Problematic Community

With GoLang community is the fact that it could be non-receptive towards the suggestions. Like, there is a predicament when it had discovered that golint could not fail to create despite their warnings.

Not only this but Go community even appear to dislike web frameworks. Though Go’s HTTP library is covering a whole lot, nonetheless it does not offer help for the path parameters, validation and suggestions sanitization, or even to many other problems that are typically faced in a very web app.

In case of Python developers, they will have Django, Java developers have Spring MVC, and Ruby builders have Rails. Nevertheless, in case there are GoLang coders, they have a tendency to avoid the frameworks. Still there are many frameworks available on the market, but it can be somewhat unattainable to find the one that will not left behind once you have begun a task with it.

  • Implicit Interfaces

Even though it really is great to have interfaces, but structs put into action the interfaces implicitly rather than explicitly. It really regarded as the effectiveness of GoLang, but it has discovered that it is unquestionably difficult to grasp by considering a struct if it implements a user interface. The only path to know would be to compile an application, and if this program is small, it really is fine, but if it is a method to large sizing, then it is not.

  • No Generics

This is a big downer, actually! You can find no generics in GoLang. That is really a drawback and it obviously means reduction of reuse in the code. Despite the fact that Go has superb functions, however when one writes features, such as for example map, reduce or filter that happen to be operating on an accumulation of just one functions, then these identical functions cannot be reused because of this collection of various type. Though there are many ways to cope with this, however they ultimately involve creating more codes. This may highly affect output and maintainability.

Should we utilize GoLang or no?

There were times when you periodically require thinking about the machine, as you send & acquire bytes, manage tons of concurrent threads, could possibly be writing an operation system or possibly a container system or say a Blockchain node.

It’s possible in such problem you do not consider generics. However, in that case periodically you need to take into account squishy and carbon-based human beings and require dealing with the business area data comprising employees, customers, purchases and products.

It requires you to write the business reasoning that is working on the choices of all of the domain entities and in addition need you to maintain business logic for a long period. Like you would need to manage and cope with the shifting demands and it has to be achieved priory. For circumstances like these, developer experience matters probably the most.

With it comes to GoLang, well this is a kind of programming language which values machine time moreover the human times. Frequently your domain is very much indeed a machine or your program’s overall performance is crucial.

In Such cases, GoLangserves can be a great choice as C or C++ alternative. However, when you write an average n-tier app, then your performance logjams seems in database and in addition, in the manner you model your data.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, basically, once you use Bytes, GoLang could be a good option, whereas if you are working with data, GoLang may be a bad alternative. Hence, you will need to help make the final choice according to your requirements.

GoLang is really a language that manages the machine time in an easier way than dialects like C or C++. The language is advancing at the pace like none of them. Soon it will be in the very best list of programming languages.

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