How Much Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking App Like InDriver

How Much Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking App Like InDriver

InDriver like Taxi Booking App Development Cost

Today we are going to discuss about the most successful taxi app. Yes, it is no other than InDriver taxi app and according to the latest survey; the InDriver taxi app has collected $ 16 million in two rounds. This application aims to capture Africa because many cities and high populations do not have access to the ride-calling application. Before moving forward, let us look at How Much Does it Cost to Develop Taxi Booking App like InDriver, Bolt Taxify, Yango Ride, Little Driver, Maramoja in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania and how it works and its features.

This blog contains information for those entrepreneurs, who want to know How Much Does it Cost to Build Taxi Booking App like InDriver in South Africa. The universal popularity of mobile devices has helped several types of payments.

We at Fusion Informatics have created more than five app like InDriver and are striving for some innovative features to provide logistics businesses with more convenient mobile application solutions. Our Taxi App Developers in South Africa is very aware of current market trends and we assume, you will need someone like us for the development of InDriver taxi booking clone app Script.

So, if you have decided and want to know the Cost to Make Taxi Booking App Like InDriver in South Africa for your taxi startup, talk to us because we have a dedicated taxi application development team, which has successfully developed taxi applications for startups around the world. All the taxi apps have the approach to the market is the same thing: you order a taxi from their application on your mobile, and then the application sets the tariff that you give to the driver after the trip ends.

In case, if you still have questions or confusion about how to make a taxi-booking app like InDriver and worried about Cost of Creating Taxi Booking App like InDriver, Little Driver, Maramoja, Yango Ride then Hiring Fusion Informatics is best solution. Just fill out the details in our contact us form and one of our sales representatives will immediately consult with you..

Speaking of taxi app development, let us discuss further about InDriver like Taxi Booking App development cost, features and its model and working.

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Cost to Develop an App like InDriver in South Africa and its Business Model

Before we start with how much does, it Cost to Create Taxi Booking App like InDriver in South Africa, there is one thing we need to pay attention to – When you enter into developing a taxi ordering application on demand, and you do not invest in making a single application but three. As a result, the answer for the Cost to Making Taxi Booking Apps like InDriver has three-parts.

This is what we are talking about –

  • Passenger application
  • Driver application
  • Admin panel

The admin side of On Demand Taxi App is usually a web application, which is used to store, manage, and when reviewing all activities that occur on the application. It offers an overview of the process, shows the best navigation route, manages payroll, and even collects client data for marketing purposes.

Among the three application components there are a number of shared features, which help, answer to Cost of Developing a Taxi Booking Apps like InDriver, Bolt Taxify, Yango Ride, Little Driver, Maramoja app.

The next part of this article is about working, features and the estimated time needed to answer how to create apps like InDriver for Android, iOS and iPhone.

Working of Taxi Booking App like InDriver in South Africa

Returning to the question of Cost of App like InDriver and how the InDriver Taxi application works, this application allows passengers to set their own fares for the route they choose. The closest driver that receives a travel request notification has three options:

  • Accept rates offered
  • You can Ignore the offer or
  • Easily Bargain for higher fares

Therefore, when you place an order, you will get a driver who accepts your offer, or who has a partner. That will not be the usual direct booking process where you order and you are automatically assigned to the driver. A passenger must choose based on different categories and preferences from the counter fare offer, or driver rating, estimated time of arrival, or even the vehicle model.

Therefore, How Much Does an App like InDriver App Cost. Well, it depends on many factors especially the main features that must be implemented and there are certain features, which cannot be run by taxi applications.

Basic Features affecting the Cost to Create Taxi Booking App like InDriver

InDriver like Taxi Booking App Development Cost

Now, as an entrepreneur and have an offline car or taxi rental business, you should consider the features of the Indriver application when developing your own taxi booking application and remember the Development Cost of a Taxi Booking Apps like InDriver is dependent on these basic features too.

The growth rate of InDriver in the African region has made it quite popular for businesses to enter that space. A move that led to the question came to “How develop such apps and Cost to develop InDriver like apps “. Let us check the Basic feature –

Passenger Application

Core Features

  • List
  • Taxi reservations
  • Payment
  • Push notifications
  • Ride History
  • Fare Calculator
  • Driver review and ratings

Featured features

  • Split Payment
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Payment
  • Interactive Maps and Taxi Tracking
  • Messenger default
  • Discount
  • Voice recognition

Driver application

In addition to the features found in the passenger application, the following features are in the driver application.

  • Status
  • Order Alert
  • Navigation
  • Estimate
  • Report

Advance Features that affects the Making Taxi Booking App like InDriver

  • Negotiate prices with drivers

The Indriver application interferes with the genre of online taxi hailing apps with the negotiated tariff” option and users can easily book trips by simply entering points A and B in the application, then entering the rate they are willing to pay.

  • Travelers choose travel

After the driver bids the price, the driver has three choices to accept, reject, and bid for a higher price. The best taxi application has this feature, which allows drivers to voluntarily choose their vehicle. The taxi business works primarily on the behavior and skills of drivers, so the Indriver clone app gives them freedom.

  • Drivers can choose their drivers

This feature makes the user comfortable and chooses a driver who has agreed on the price. As such, there was no possibility of miscommunication between them. Here the application satisfies both parties equally and thus earn the trust of both.

  • Message / Push Notification

Passengers and drivers must connect with each other to find out about the status of the trip, find out the estimated arrival time, send updates if there is a delay or increase in ETA, etc.

If you are developing the taxi booking mobile app, make sure you make features that are beneficial to both parties. The InDriver like Taxi App Development Companies in South Africa can easily guide you in creating applications for rideshare services such as Uber.

  • In-app Payments

One of the bestselling points of the InDriver clone application is the ability to send and receive payments from within the mobile application along with the benefit of seeing estimated travel costs on the application screen.

  • Share real-time GPS location from the application

Indriver promotes driver safety with the “GPS location sharing” feature. Drivers can share their GPS location and travel details in real-time from the application with their trusted contacts. The ride hailing application has offered all the comfort sought through features and as such has proven to be the best among the top taxi applications and to achieve this one must Hire Taxi Booking App Developers in South Africa and Nigeria            .

Are you looking to Build Taxi Booking App like InDriver? Share your requirement to “Get a Free Quote

Fusion Informatics tends to create solutions for on demand taxi apps, which are in accordance with the requirements and help realize business goals.

Now the InDriver like Taxi Booking App Development Cost in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania will be based on development hours, place that will go into the process mentioned above, which in turn varies from one geographical location.

Developing a taxi application on demand requires the help of the application developer. You can hire a full stack developer from Fusion Informatics to create the Taxi application. We develop types of applications that work in real-time and have been integrated with payment gateways to make payments.

You can create customized applications if you at any time including all the features mentioned above if you Hire InDriver iOS/iPhone and Android app developers in South Africa. Fusion Informatics has made more than 3 successful taxi applications around the world with all the features tailored to suit their needs.

So what are you waiting for? Get your dream tap developed today by sending mail at and one of our sales representatives will be in touch with you to guide you.

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