How AI-fueled Smart Mobile Apps Became Face of Mobility Industry

How AI-fueled Smart Mobile Apps Became Face of Mobility Industry

What is Intelligent Mobile Apps?

Intelligent mobile applications are essentially AI compatible applications offering a user experience that is adaptive, personalized and rich. These applications combine the authority of predictive analytics and standards, latest technologies, customer information and operational information with the latest design tools and application user-centric development technology to create an experience high-end user.

AI trends have allowed developers to automate Mobile App Development and relish the benefits of the acquisition of a multitude enforcement of AI powered apps and benefiting from the technical characteristics of problem solving, custom content, productivity application, automated reasoning, image recognition, etc. AI in mobile development has allowed companies to drive their customers to the brand and offer services never before implementation.

The advent of technology has been a breakthrough for advancing the human race in all possible ways. Humans have long dreamed of a world where everything is automated and require less human effort. While advanced technology and technology have evolved, humans were able to develop artificial intelligence that replaced human effort with automated machines to some extent. Artificial intelligence has dominated almost every sector; the business sector is the most affected area.

AI and Mobile App Development

From marketing to human resources management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development has deployed its functions to manage the company even more efficient, without any human help. As we know all websites and mobile applications are the brand faces. It creates a channel between the customer and the brand and let them connect with the company a few clicks. While the site remains an identity, online, mobile applications are remote solution for customer needs. The mobile application development has undergone several changes regarding new and innovative technological advances. In the coming years, mobile application development has the potential to introduce promising trends in the industry.

Due to increasing customer demands, access in real time to the brand and the management of the infinite amount of data, artificial intelligence has also been integrated into the mobile application development in order to boost commitment customers with the brand. Intelligent voice recognition intelligent chatbot, IA mobile applications have people of all would be looking for a seamless experience that turn them into a loyal customer of a particular brand.

Discover the Best AI Smart Apps 2019 and Future

  • Cortana
  • SwiftKey Board
  • ESLA Speak
  • FaceApp
  • Youper
  • Flo
  • Socratic
  • Hound
  • IRIS
  • Cortana

Microsoft’s Cortana is one of the best smart applications that changed our lives. This personal assistant application offers different features and functionality to users, such as monitoring of files and important documents, setting reminders, preview forecasts etc.

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  • Swift key keyboard

Swift Key Keyboard is a keyboard powered by AI that automatically corrects your bad text. In addition, the application also provides features such as font color change, design, theme and style, and adding fun to your conversation with emotion.

  • Elsa Speak

ELSA Speak another popular artificial intelligence application that helps users learn English quickly and effectively. The application has listed down test designed by experts that allows users to learn and speak English fluently in a very less time. In addition, the Android and iOS app encourages them to continue further by keeping track of their progress.

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  • Socratic

Presented by Google, Socratic is an intelligent application-based AI that simplifies the learning process. The application allows students to ask questions by taking a photo of questions or request verbally. The application comes with optimum Q & A sections, blog links and YouTube videos, making study process faster and simpler.

  • Hound

The Development of AI Virtual Assistant App like Hound is yet another perfect example of how artificial intelligence in mobile applications can simplify your life. The app takes voice commands to perform various operations such as are acquainted with the best hotel, restaurant or doctors.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it translates speech to text and vice versa.

  • IRIS

Another example of implementation of artificial intelligence in mobile applications for better services is IRIS.

Developed by Paint Tech Solutions is an intelligent reporting android and iOS app for managers, team leaders and colleagues of any particular project. The application allows them to have access to the report of a team member. In addition, the best part is that multiple users can access the same document simultaneously and that too in different synchronizing devices.

  • FaceApp

The AI based Photo Editing App like Faceapp Development is yet another application that uses AI and neural network technology to create transformations Freaky face, hilarious, even more realistic.

  • Youper

Available on Android and iOS, Youper is an application of the friendly artificial intelligence that meets the health and fitness. The application is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, encourages users to share their social phobia and get real-time motivational tips. In addition, in this way, improve their social interactions and effectively lifestyle.

  • Flo

Flo is also i-app that is mainly used in the assembly process photo and video. The application comes with an integrated voice assistant that allows users to give a voice command about which images to choose and on what basis (based on the location, date or tags). Finally, merge optimally with high quality music.

The application also uses machine learning algorithms that offers options like choosing the best times, detection of faces, places, and more.

Features that made these intelligent apps popular

  • Action-oriented

The first feature of the i-apps is that these applications do not expect users to each movement. , Instead, they study user behavior and provide personalized results and an action using the power of predictive analytics.

This way they cut the hassle of users and encourage them to take appropriate action.

The best example to understand this trait of intelligent Hound is the application. It shows the best restaurants, hotels, and more in real time. This gives users a push to make reservations, which could not have been possible if they were asked to do a manual search.

  • Data-Driven

Delivering an output signal controlled by the data is also a key feature of smart applications.

Intelligent applications collect data from different sources – whether IoT sensors, mobile applications, websites, tags or user interactions – and analyze in real time. A result is that you get the right results for almost everything, when asked.

  • Context

Since smart mobile application studies the behavior and user wishes, they can easily differentiate between which information is relevant and which are not. For this reason, these applications provide information and contextual and relevant suggestions to users.

In addition, they inform users about the problems they might face in terms of their current situation.

  • Adaptive in nature

Backed by machine learning algorithms, these applications are adaptive in nature. Meaning, they can easily update their knowledge by their environment.

  • Exclusion of key inputs

Since the practical delivery is a main objective of i-apps, these apps also facilitate the ability to give orders without using the keyboard. This means that these applications meet orders data in the form of speech, movement, gesture, or image also.

  • Omni

Finally yet importantly, offering Omni experience is also one of the main characteristics of intelligence applications.

These applications include users expect a common experience, regardless of the platform they interact with. Therefore, ensure that they get the same experience across all communication channels.

With all these features, smart mobile applications lead the way to do business more efficiently and profitably. They improve the efficiency of labor, accelerated decision-making, collecting the best ideas, and thus, providing long-term benefits. Something that we will cover in detail in the next section of this article, related to the use of smart applications in different fields.

Use Cases of AI Apps in Different Business Domains

  • Health care

Intelligent applications based on AI are transforming health care applications. These applications provide better opportunities for patients and practitioners and to simplify their interactions.

These applications relieve the way to find the best nearest doctor, book a consultation, keep medicines recall, to get a basic knowledge of each drug, and more. Therefore, he helps doctors with the rest updates with real-time status of the consultations, assign staff functions; ensure the availability of equipment, maintaining proper temperature for drugs, and more.

  • Fintech

Another industry benefit from better use of intelligent applications is Fintech

The Fintech industry uses intelligent applications based on AI, along with futuristic opportunities for all. These applications analyze past and current spending users and providing better advice management budget.

They also provide insight into the history “all actions helping each person to decide to make an investment or not.

  • Education

Smart mobile applications provide the closest learners sources of knowledge. These applications empower students to take notes in the form of words and images, and the text format. They also provide assistance to determine formula / principle to consider solving a problem.

  • Restaurant

Smart applications also open new opportunities for the food industry. These applications not only help users find the nearest restaurant, book a table and repeating a command but also data based on user behavior to restaurant owners and help them to give a personalized experience for customers.

One effect of this is that many entrepreneurs put efforts to make their restaurants more intelligent applications with the help of AI.

  • Hospitality

Hospitality is another industry that makes profits with intelligent right applications.

Hotel’s staff uses AI-enabled intelligent applications to improve their customer experience strategy. They use these applications to know their customers better, provide a predictive personalized experience, give a self-service option, using sentiment analysis to better marketing, and more.

  • Enterprise

As for now, smart mobile applications turn out to be a revolutionary addition.

These applications help emergency detection labor of any task and the distribution of work to people accordingly. They are also helping for decision-making process and ensure value creation before our competitors.

Steps to Create Intelligent Mobile Apps

As for how to develop an intelligent application, the process begins with understanding the decisions that the fundamental business people should take into account in support of their business objectives of the company.

Once done, it is necessary to focus on adopting the key technology of the application and potential of the architecture while developing next-gen applications: –

  1. Data lake that supports
  • Collecting real-time data, indexing and management
  • The increased availability of data on the ecosystem
  • Safe and Secure Data Management Services
  • Delivery options of flexible data
  1. Data-as-a-service that promotes
  • Opportunities like user self-service discover
  • Quick and easy data exploration and mechanism
  • Accelerated data management, monitoring and tracking options
  • Alignment of integrated services data and transition
  1. Analytics-as-a-service that encourages
  • Analysis and integrated visualization and shareable
  • Real-time maintenance of data records for smarter decisions
  1. The intelligent app development process that comes with
  • Agile Development opportunities with modern techniques like Devops and Paas
  • Availability of analytical knowledge at the time of the decision
  • Constant relevance of information
  • Delivery ideas in a Omni channel environment


You can find an app for everything today. It is like more than Websites, custom mobile applications that make it easier for customers to stay in touch with the brand and establish a sense of brand loyalty. As the tech advanced, many innovative changes witnessed in the Development of Mobile Apps. AI has mobile applications such modification reformer that bridges the gap between efficiency and power.

Now that we have discussed the development of a prototype of intelligent mobile applications, the process is much more advanced and difficult. It is always best to Hire A Mobile App Development Company or expert in mobility technology to taste the future of mobile applications with AI.

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