How Much Does it Cost to develop an AI app like ELSA Speak?
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Want to develop an AI app like ELSA and to know the cost of development then you are in right place.

How Much Does it Cost to develop an AI app like ELSA?

About ELSA

ELSA Speak founded in San Francisco with the intention to help users speak and pronounce foreign English language easily. The ELSA app becomes one of the famous apps in Google play store where 4,462,000 downloads, and rated 4.2 for the app performance. The company involved and integrated Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the voice of users and to show the relative content for them.

The ELSA has ranked at 5th place among other Artificial Intelligence Apps. This is packed with many advanced features to assist the user for places, financial, Reminders, weather, and news. It utilizes the geolocation method for your device, Cortana can recommend nearby displays or the quickest way to reach a specific place. It helps user, looking for all sorts of places and information

Key Feature of the ELSA

Tailored curriculum for speaking level

2000 most popular English words

Helping users from sticking on a specific word

Social sign up

User account

Voice recognition



Tracking progress

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Factors that decide the voice recognition app like ELSA Speak

The Cost to develop an AI app like ELSA relates to a database app segment and its value is around higher than the non-database app. How much does it cost to develop an app like ELSA? In addition, it all analyzed below factors.

  • The Development cost of an AI app like ELSA differs depending on various platforms. Developing an app in Android platform cost relatively higher that iOS platform. Due to the iOS platform, need various testing methods.
  • The English-speaking app development cost like ELSA depends on the size and complexity of the app. The larger the size the more cost requires. An app like ELSA connected to save countless volumes of data in forms of topics such as Real life stories, videos for Vietnamese and holiday words etc.
  • The Voice recognition mobile app like ELSA cost depends on Essential features like user accounts, payment for pro, favorites, QR codes, voice recognition and advanced features like data synchronization, push notifications, and lips and tongue movement assistant etc.
  • The cost of app development like ELSA depends and varies on performing and effectiveness of social sign up, Dictionary and progress tracking etc, influence the cost of building an app like this.
  • It is of ultimate concern that the app created in a way that it attracts and supports its learners while being user-friendly. Finally, a good and experienced developer is important as his location and expertise affects the development of the app.

How much does it cost to develop an AI app like ELSA Speak?

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