Is React Native App Development a Smart choice for startups?

Since the number of smartphone users in 2020 will hit 2.8 billion, Mobile App Development will be one of the most profitable industries. Industries, in particular start-up companies, look to the rising trend of smartphones for a massive potential.

We covered much of the subject relating to the early stages of the Facebook platform in our further article on React Native vs. Ionic vs. Flutter in the race of app development. You will know it if you have any other questions as to how to decide between these solutions after reading my article.

Most consumers want quick information in this digital age, and most businesses want to give their customers a better mobile app experience. Due to the huge competition, we can find multiple type of frameworks available for mobile app development, including React Native.

Most concepts and proposals for applications are pop-up and begin to develop, but these are exciting, as it is important to pick the one compelling solutions from the flood of choices. This is where the problem starts as many people are still stuck, especially those with a fairly sound knowledge of stacks of technology, seeking the best possible options.

In this article, we will discuss what React Native is and why this react Native App Development a Smart choice for startups.

What is React Native and How It Enables You to Grow Your Business Better?

React Native has been launched by Facebook and is an open source frame for mobile application development. Entrepreneurs are able to show there soft side over react native. When I say native, it means that React Native gives the platform a native feeling by means of native components. However, React Native lowers the development costs and lets developers speed up the process.

There’s a question now: why should start-ups go to React Native? There have been many different reasons why the word Start-ups and React Natives is used together, but these reasons eventually serve the same goal-help start-ups transform ideas into business success. I would guarantee that adapting React Natives could in many ways benefit you if you are a start-up company.

Let us dig deeper into what React Native is and how this allows you to grow your business better before exploring other things.

  • Start-ups prefer cost effective solutions

This is why entrepreneurs have to choose React Native for many reasons. The system encourages rapid development and thus allows entrepreneurs to finalize the plan in relatively smaller time.

  • Look for budget friendly MVP Application

You will accomplish a successful MVP project in record time with React Native. It reduces production costs and time considerably. When the MVP app is built and the most desired features integrated, your potential investors will be most appealing to you. The MVP must be built up with an interest in stakeholders and consumers. The minimum viable products must be created. React Native can provide faster solutions with advanced technologies.

  • React Native is the Solutions for What a Start-up fight for

Being a start-up will easily accomplish your business goals. Efficient approaches and budget strategies are main issues. The answer to all problems is React Native.

As a Startup Why You Should Consider React Native?

As we stated, React Native is a comparably new software and mobile app development tool, but many businesses and start-ups are able to work with it already. We will help you decide if your business is a good choice.

  • Save Plenty of Cost and Time

Cost of development depends on how long the software will take. Native apps do not typically support cable portability, so separate apps for different platforms may have to be developed. Additional development time and human resources are definitely required. React Native, on the other hand, cuts development time by 30-35%, lowering development costs significantly.

  • React Native is fast

React Native is relatively quick and offers quick solutions for your venture. Yet faster design will depend on how many variables you use together, such as the number of stacks; the types of apps you create, and much more.

  • Support Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

React Native is the only application that produces native apps for multiplatform like Android, iOS and Windows. At the same time, developers can create and run a single app across all platforms. There are no longer any specifications for various languages such as JAVA, Swift, C++ or any other. Everything you need is a JavaScript developer with a native library of UIs, APIs and mobile hybrid app development.

  • More Outcomes And Suppleness Under One Undemanding Solution

Depending on the ideas, react native app development permits one to perform tasks that are very complex using basic codes. This system uses the Facebook UI Library to simplify software for ReactJS implementation and execution. At the heart of it, the native mobile app developer has the feature called Live Reload. It lets us work on changes in real-time code and correct the loading of the app.

  • The Goal Is Stick On UI And Access To Native API

React Native will primarily help you to deliver a much faster version of the MVP to your app that will help you and your future investors with useful information. In addition, you are likely to be far more prepared to invest in an app with good UX. This allows user interface to look exactly like a JavaScript and not so much a framework. It is a technique used to simplify the operating process and make the user interface work smoothly to achieve fast results. Create a mobile app without any complexity for your business.

  • Transforming A Web Page Into Mobile App Quick

React native overlays are simply and correctly interfaced with inconsistent module and intuitive code. It means that every developer is able to understand the software sequence of codes. A core developer group is not necessary to maintain access to the app. For times where you change workers and are searching for external borders, the software can easily be adapted and the production of the product does not stop.

  • Minimal Usage Of Memory

It is compliant with third-party plugins and React Native Tools. With its well-diversified modules, the lucrative system encourages the involvement of the third parties greatly. You can link the module to the plugin easily via the native module without using Web View. This step is linked directly to the results of the test and gives it a faster response. The responsive native for iOS and Android platforms uses less of the storage of the memory, as cross-bridge connections are not needed.

  • Hot Reload

If the source code changes a little in React Native Framework, you do not need to recreate the entire project. You can see whether the changes are mirrored and test them live. The React Native hot reload feature allows you to lively track the changes.

  • Adaptable & Futuristic Approach Towards Projects

A single code is sufficient to remove bugs and create them more and more each day by creating a framework that interface with iOS and Android. Although the operations are straightforward, this has long been on the market. All major heads use this module and it is therefore evident to be reliable and responsive.

React native app development offers you a forum for maintaining memory spacing tabs and making the application more functional. It is like the cherry on top, developing on iOS and platforms under the same codes. The main question for every entrepreneur is to hire the app developer of the project. If the person leaves the venture, his heart and soul will by any way be lost.

Most projects were left incomplete for the sole purpose of providing developer support. Okay, do not worry! The native React comes with an accessible manual. The developer may fall, but you will not stop applying to your schedule. For time and money, this is an all-in – one solution. Turn to a native and enjoy life-long service of simple and intelligent engineering.

  • Supportive with a Strong Community Base

This is the main benefit of adopting a React Native. The scope has a large group of a number of as developers. If there is a problem, you get quick solutions.

Businesses That Have Already Adopted React Native

Tech Giants who have already adopted react native:

  • Uber Eats

Perhaps the Uber Eats app was already in use if you had to order food from a restaurant. The Uber Eats app allows its users to order and supply food as a food platform.

While React Native has little to add to this app, it provides its food-ordering customers with a significant UI and UX experience. The software required a dashboard for restaurants with features such as sound alerts, push notifications. Despite their previous experience with React, their team developed the app with React Native in an insightful, efficient manner.

  • Walmart

Since Walmart concentrated on the best customer experience, it was market leaders. Walmart has used React Native to improve the performance of its app and to allow developers to publish changes on both iOS and Android platforms.

The developers shared 96% of the codebase between the two projects so Walmart could make better use of its expertise. The developers now focus on developing new software versions and adding features for consumers. The developed mobile app React Native is both powerful and usable in any native app.

  • AirBnB

Another common application with a top system known as React is AirBnB. In its development, team 60 people work on React technology weekly, according to a software engineer at AirBnB. For React, reusable software can be generated and simple to refactor.

Airbnb helped with React Native’s use of its mobile app to reduce advertising time, to a fraction of the cost. The condensed development life cycle has allowed developers to launch versions quickly. They used an animation library to create animations free of interaction and interaction within the interface.

Startups who have recently adopted react native:

The names below are enough to explain what the technologies are worth and what they can do for your future tasks. We will without a doubt be seeing a lot of React Native applications that emerge sooner rather than later with a special networking and improved oversight.

  • Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a highly complex application. This includes different types of data and offers multiple integrations, software and hardware (e.g. FitBand). The Gyroscope design team was able to greatly improve the development process and produce a wonderful product for Android and iOS.

Gyroscope, which is an outstanding software for health-conscious personalities, co-ordinates superbly with HealthKit in order to allow customers to see the full wellness profile of their lives.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an economic and financial market-focused media company. We also provide financial sector and business software services such as big data analyzes or industry reports.

The purpose of the mobile app is to give users the same level of access to data as if they had used the web version of the website.

  • Discord App

Discord is your computer and smartphone’s voice and text chat App that works as a mobile application. It is extremely popular among gamers but many millennia use Discord as a social media platform for non-gaming purposes.

Discord app was among the first in React Native’s market. Still before the formal premier of this platform in 2016, they planned to use this software for iOS app.

  • Discovery VR

Discovery is another brand that does not have to be introduced further. Their mission is to bring people closer to the world and to explain to them things beyond our control. Users can fly to the most remote and beautiful areas of our world through the easy VR package. App offers a wide range of environments and various activities, such as hiking, skiing or base-jumping.

  • SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud is the largest music, sound gushing stage in the world, with 150 million tracks being developed, and an artist’s ‘humming network always transferring new music. The React Native application from SoundCloud Pulse gives you the opportunity to handle your record, check your details, and React to remarks, whether you’re in the studio, on the transportation of visits, or just away from your work area.

SoundCloud is a wonderful platform for creative producers where they can make and manage their records and keep their position alive. React came as the organization struggled with the absence of sufficient developers to structure the second native application arrangement. They challenged the plausibility of a huge gap between iOS and Android discharge due to an insufficient number of iOS developers.


We assume that all has the answer to your React Native App Development queries now. Hope you have a crystal-clear picture of what React Native is all about and why your mobile apps should be built on it.

In terms of developing cross-platform native applications, React Native dominates. You can hire React Native Developers from your choice as an entrepreneur or start-up. In addition, you get plenty of other benefits to help you achieve your business goal in a timely manner.

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