How to Upgrade Your Business (with the Right Web-Based Strategies)

Many small businesses prefer to focus on their face-to-face customers and daily sales rather than digital spaces. And while you should concentrate on the consumer experience or product you offer in-house, there’s something to be said for a more digital focus in your business. Here are the strategies and support you need to take your venture to the next level.

Get Expert Help from a Web Developer

For non-technical business owners—or those who are overwhelmed with a long list of other tasks—hiring a PHP developer can help you create a functional and appealing website. Web developers are a crucial part of your team, especially since it seems 87 percent of consumers search online before committing to buy.

As Upwork explains, PHP code is the most common website coding language you’ll encounter, especially with platforms like WordPress. A PHP developer can help with back-end website creation and a customer-friendly interface. The best part is that a skilled developer can set up your site so that you can update it later without rehiring a specialist.

When hiring a developer, confirm their skills and background, and be sure to define the project scope clearly. Knowing how much to pay for freelance help is also smart. Rates range between $30 and $100 per hour, depending on the developer’s experience and expertise.

Consider Investing in a Mobile App

While many businesses understand the importance of a user-friendly website, staying competitive in your industry could involve other technical steps. For example, investing in the creation and maintenance of a mobile app for your business could be the boost you need to entice customers.

Forbes recommends that businesses of all sizes invest in mobile apps because they provide unparalleled benefits to both your customers and your bottom line. Promoting a consumer app helps you cultivate customer loyalty, boost engagement, and evolve your branding and industry recognition.

Hiring experts to handle mobile app development can prove cost-effective for your business, especially in terms of customer access and promoting return business. Whether your company sells a product or service, adding an app can help enhance your business model.

Don’t Forget About Content

Whatever your industry, a cohesive and functional website is a must. But what will you put on it? Content is king these days, and you’ll need to offer your audience valuable information to earn their trust and keep them coming back.

From website copy to blog posts for your business, hiring a freelance writer can help you get content that converts audiences. Whether you’re hoping to prompt consumers to buy a product, want them to engage with your brand online, or are upselling services, there’s a writer who can fulfill your vision.

Freelance writers can help you maintain a professional online presence, save you time on content creation, convert audiences, and enhance sales.

Depending on their niche and experience level, you can expect to pay a freelance writer anywhere from .10/word to over a dollar per word. In terms of hourly pay, writers typically charge between $21 and $100 per hour, Clear Voice found.

Protect Yourself When Hiring Contractors or Employees

Running an employee background check properly (read: within the law) is vital for growing your business. You must adhere to rules set by the FCRA, which can vary based on your state. Typically, you can look seven years into an employee’s history to see whether they have been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Some states limit both the type of information you can use to make a hiring decision, as well as when you can run background checks. In many instances, you can’t investigate a person’s background until you’ve offered them the job. Therefore, you must research what your rights are as an employer and follow the law to the letter.

Are you ready to take your venture to the next level? If your business isn’t online, you’re missing out on revenue and an opportunity to cultivate a dedicated customer base. Fortunately, taking these steps to grow your digital presence is straightforward and accessible, promising an excellent return on investment no matter how much you’re aiming to spend.

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