Should I Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development?

Should I Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development

Several tools have been developing in recent years to facilitate cross-platform app development. You must be familiar with Microsoft-developed web-based tools like Xamarin, Adobe-developed PhoneGap, and Facebook-developed React Native.

The most popular platforms for developing mobile apps are Android and iOS. The popularity of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development has increased. It catered to the needs of next level-thinking businesses as an app development platform.

Developers have different views as to whether Flutter should be used to develop cross-platform apps. However, the question now is-is this the right time for Mobile App Development to implement flutter? Here you will find out about its apps, pros and cons.

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What is Flutter and why did Google Develop Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile app software development kit (SDK), created by Google for both Android and iOS operating systems to build apps. Since the Google I / O 2018 preview release and its recent stable release has generated a lot of buzz among developers and businesses alike, Flutter growth.

Flutter is available as an open-source platform and offers a full range of development tools, widgets and frameworks. This allows developers of apps to gain a better experience, making the process easier.

While Flutter is a relatively new tool, where companies including Tencent and Alibaba have already adopted this tool. In addition, Google is using Flutter in the Google Ads as well.

Therefore, by using the same code base, Flutter has already demonstrated its value in creating native-looking applications on Android and iOS.

Major Features of Flutter Development

  • The development of flutter is totally open-source and comes at no cost.
  • It is based on the new language of Dart programming, but it is easy to learn and begin with.
  • Flutter provides material design widgets for the development of android apps and Cupertino widgets for iOS app development.
  • Flutter is also similar to that in React Native as an auto reload feature, allowing developers to simultaneously display changes in performance in real time while modifying the code itself.
  • The Flutter UI components make it easier for both Android & iOS operating systems to create visually attractive applications.
  • The creation of the React Native App development turns out to be Flutter’s main competitor.

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Here is the List of Popular Apps Developed in Flutter

  • Google Adwords
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • AppTree
  • Birch Finance
  • Reflectly
  • Hamilton Musical

How much does Flutter Mobile App Development Cost?

The best formula for estimating the cost to build Flutter app is to calculate the number of hours that a Flutter App Development company takes.

Cost to develop Flutter app in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram, India, San Francisco, USA, Dubai, UAE, South Africa will depend on the features you need. Normally, creating an average app in Flutter will take 250-450 hours. Because this platform is new, the price of Flutter Mobile App Development Services is relatively high, varying from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on your developer or the services you have hired for flutter app development. For your next project, you can hire dedicated Flutter developers to build apps for both iOS and Android platforms. You will be able to save money while using Flutter to develop a cross-platform app.

Advantages and Why Choose Flutter for Your Next Mobile App Development

Compared to another cross-platform system such as Xamarin, flutter has many advantages for companies. It has its share of drawbacks, however. The first major drawback is its lack of support within the developer community, which is a relatively new platform. Certain drawbacks include lack of support for OpenGL, Audio, Maps and Accessibility.

  • Single Codebase For Multiple Platforms

For both iOS and Android applications, Flutter works with a single codebase. Because Flutter is a cross-platform framework, Dart-based codebase will help you build both iOS and Android mobile apps at once. In addition, you essentially have a single app with flutter creation that can be used effectively on multiple platforms. Furthermore, if you are trying to make one app different from the other, you can do that as well.

  • Faster Coding with Hot Reload

As described above, when making changes to it, Hot Reload in flutter creation enables developers to see the real-time changes in their software performance. This eliminates the need for reloading for developers. This ensures flexibility in the development process and ability to make improvements on – the spot for executives, developers and companies.

  • Dart as a Programming Language

Using Dart as the programming language by Flutter provides developers with certain advantages. First, Dart is the in-house development of Google, and is therefore more suitable for Flutter. Second, Dart uses a reactive system, which manages the front end as well as the back end alone.

  • A Cross-Development Platform Built For Design

Flutter has developed giving more important to app and its design. Therefore, many widgets are available to make something appealing. There are also options for customizing widgets and designing them according to your preferences.

  • Use Of Customizable Widgets

The widgets included with Flutter implement descriptions of the Human Interface Design for iOS that enable a natural experience of use on iPhones and iPads. These widgets provide animations, effects, gestures, etc. with layouts and flexible APIs.

  • Flutter Development is Suitable For Quick-Paced Projects

Would you like to show an MVP with a little time to your business investors? If you are looking to produce an appealing MVP, flutter design is the best option. Creating it’s simple and versatile by nature, so anything you’re planning to do goes well as long as you hire good flutter developers at their work.

  • Easier and Smooth Animations

2-Dimension Flare, revealed at Flutter Live 2018, is an interactive tool that makes making amazing animations very fast. With a shallow developer learning curve, it helps to reduce the time required to implement animation-requiring changes.

  • Option to Create apps for all mobile, web and desktop

Hummingbird, also announced at Flutter Live 2018, allows developers to concurrently use the same software to build apps for smartphone, desktop and web.

  • Native Themes For Both Android/iOS

For both operating systems, Flutter includes different native themes. It helps the client to be shown the UI based on their OS for quicker run-time decisions. Flutter has different theme elements (such as icons, fonts, patterns, etc.) to ensure that both platforms provide the user with a native user experience.

  • Broad Community & Innumerable Packages

There are plenty of open-source packages for Flutter (for example, opening files, sharing media, etc.) that helps developers create apps much more quickly and easily. With the aid of the rising developer community, this library, which supports both Android and iOS, is growing exponentially.

  • Powerful Design Experience

Flutter makes it easy to create powerful UI experiences out of the box thanks to its immaculate implementation of the design specifications. This is a huge benefit, particularly considering how difficult it is to mimic experience at the native level through the creation of cross-platforms.

  • Backing for a Variety of IDEs

Flutter supports different IDEs like Android Studio, VS Code, etc. This makes it easy for the large number of developers who are confident with any of the IDEs to work with and usable.

Disadvantages of Flutter Development

In this universe, nothing is perfect, as Flutter is still young and growing, so it has some drawbacks as shown below:

  • Size of the Apps

The Flutter devices are larger than 4 MB each. While the Google team is working to reduce the scale, this may be a problem for some business houses in pursuit of small apps. The built-in widgets make their size larger in Flutter-made applications.

  • Mobile-only Use

Only mobile applications can be catered by Flutter. From now on, only mobile apps can be done by Flutter; it does not support web browsers. If you’re looking for optimal flexibility in your device, Flutter might not be the right choice for you.

  • Unbalanced Tool

Flutter is a new, and thus unstable, device. Developers are facing new issues, such as failure to address improvements in the Android and iOS user interface. In addition, some developers have claimed that it is important to update Flutter further so that it can handle large ecommerce applications.

  • Limited libraries

The architecture on the market is quite new, so you might not get all the valuable libraries you might need. Flutter developers may need to build libraries from scratch, which can take a great deal of time and effort.

  • Restricted TV Support

If you’re looking for a mobile app that can run on Apple TV or Android TV, it may not be a good option for Flutter. For such applications, you can search for other frameworks.

Flutter for iOS App Development

  • Single Tech Stack

Flutter has all it takes to build iOS apps. Because it uses Dart language, it is simple and smooth to create iOS apps.

  • Testing

Apple offers an integration, reliability and evaluation platform known as XCTest for iOS apps. It comes with a wide range of device review components. Although most developers use it, a lot of coding is needed and native support is missing.

The above problem can be addressed when using Flutter. iOS developers can write tests at various levels to ensure that the app is bug-free. Flutter Driver can be used to test iOS apps better.

  • UI Elements

Apple now uses the native system with an event-driven interface. The platform provides a complete kit for paper drawing, printing, animation, and support. Flutter’s UI components work differently. For the development of iOS apps, there are plenty of widgets available for pixel perfect quality of UI elements.

  • Productivity

Developers need to rebuild the entire app while making native apps. We must use third-party libraries to display system updates. This process must be repeated whenever changes are made in the app.

Flutter for Android App Development

The design of the native Android app is currently in a fascinating state. Google recently announced Kotlin as Java’s official language. Google is also working on a new Chrome and phone operating system, which is Fuchsia.

There is no doubt that Android Studio-developed native apps are good in functionality and sleek. On the other hand, it is easy to spot apps developed with cross-platform solutions and it feels like something is missing. However, there is no way to say that the apps were built with Flutter since Flutter apps landed in app stores. The apps are so slick, smooth and local.

Key Takeaway

In fact, a company like Google supported Flutter, so you are not going to have to worry about lack of support. It is clear that it is time for developers to consider switching to flutter for all their requirements for mobile app growth. If you are a startup or a small business looking to quickly release apps for multiple platforms, it can be the right choice for Flutter mobile app development.

Given Flutter’s importance for the future development of the Android app, Flutter is a great choice for the development of android. Its hot reload and easy writing features make it better than most cross-platform frameworks, maybe even better than React Native.

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