Blockchain as a service and how to choose the right BaaS platform


BaaS possesses a compelling role in the blockchain economy and establishing value towards developing the blockchain. Blockchain is considered as one of the disruptive technologies in the current market place. The eminent tech giants keen on incorporating blockchain technology to obtain quick and accurate results while experimenting with obsolete technologies

BaaS can be simply known as an entity used to set up all of the blockchain techs. Blockchain as a Service is a unique offering that allows the customers to influence cloud-based solutions to build, present and consume their own blockchain apps, smart contracts, and functions on the blockchain. Cloud-based service provider eases out all the necessary tasks and operations to keep the infrastructure mercurial.

Blockchain as a Service company coheres to both the enterprise companies and enterprise blockchain platforms. BaaS generally involves centralization where companies look to incorporate the same but the case is not ideal for everyone. By employing a BaaS model, the core competency can be improved rather being uncertain of other issues

Developers’ novice to the blockchain technology has the greater possibility of making security voids which leaves the company look hapless at the end. Companies might also seek for privacy while some do not. This involves shrewdness, acute operation and configuration skills which may strenuous for mass adoption of the technology.

BaaS features include cloud-storage, push notification, server code, user and file management, social media integration, location services, and backend support. These services possess their own API’s which ease the process of maintaining backend data. Building a proper user-interface is predominant in the BaaS platform as it connects directly with the users.

The working method of BaaS

The working flow pattern of BaaS is very simple. BaaS provider assigns all the blockchain technology and infrastructure necessary for the client by fixed fees. BaaS provider maintains all the blockchain related networks and manage tedious backend related work for the clients.

The Blockchain as a Service operator keeps an eye over the blockchain running process. Their work process also contains like managing bandwidth, suitable allocation of services, hosting requirements, and securing the backend process from malicious hackers.

The working model is more or less similar when compared to conventional web host providers. It allows the boundless luxury of focusing only on the core functionalities of a website that runs on an external web hosting platform rather than thinking about maintenance issues. It is possible for a Blockchain as a Service provider to host blockchain node on any blockchain platforms namely Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Bitcoin, Chain Core, BlockApps, or Quorum.

BaaS cannot be simply neglected which makes the blockchain technology to thrust the various business sectors in a more focused way. With the assured capability of outsourcing, top tech monsters looking to launch their own BaaS offerings. Amazon and Oracle have their private BaaS platform where Microsoft runs the model in the azure platform. Hyperledger Cello is a BaaS providing tool that allows easy configuration of Blockchain as a service solution.

Picking the right BaaS platform

Rapid provisioning

Rapid provisioning has the potential of positioning any blockchain networks quite promptly without any risk being involved. The BaaS companies are always in a position to enable, position and manage blockchain structure. Other hurdles come in the form of managing varied database, browsers, firewalls, application servers, and hardware. The service company needs to surmount some basic issues for the effective running of blockchain technology.

  • Network environments are too hard to maintain and monitor
  • Inflexible systems find it complicated to integrate blockchain
  • Enough support for the hardware system should be employed
  • Covering thousands of environments
  • Install varied features for production, testing, and development

Blockchain as a Service provider should make no room for errors in the blockchain environment which is possible by adopting few measures

  • Ensuring promptness while installing blockchain environment without any errors
  • Should offer an alternate solution in tricky situations
  • Adding extra techniques to the environment by taking care of server connection
  • Offer in-depth technical support
  • Should consume minimum time limit to install things

Backend services

Every company looks for a special need in the backend services. Creating Oracle for that integration becomes arduous for the companies. So blockchain enables the crucial factor of maintaining backend services such as incorporating popular mainstreams.

Data security

It is necessarily an obligation for the companies to ensure that the user stays within the margin of the blockchain platform.


The companies basically run on a network layering where the positioning of data sources, workflow and processes should take place. It is the duty of a BaaS provider to integrate multiple layers without altering the old stack of networks.


The customary SAAS platform can be availed only with a subscription instead of one time licensing. But the Blockchain as a Service includes cost-cutting solution model. Be ensure about the hidden expenses.

Process control

A scalable environment is pivotal in looking after the original mechanism all the time. Adding to the fact, it must ensure the placing of protection guards to have control over hackers, maintaining data flow, computing resources, monitoring tools, etc. This is the deciding factor of the companies to choose an apt blockchain environment.

Smart contracts

A smart contract mechanism necessitates the business logic to incorporate into the blockchain platform. It is not more of a standard contract and even it can enforce strict penalties if a company breaks the rules. The platforms never apply to any change in nature so the deployment may be challenging. Be ascertain about the BaaS providers offers smart contract integration with deployment.

IAM Frameworks

Identity access management is a framework intended for facilitating management of accessible digital identities. The authorized network has the potential of allowing users with certain access to layer. By enabling identity management, the system is totally protected and will be able to grant access to the individuals. Pick the right BaaS platform installed with the IAM framework so that it is possible to employ the sign-in method or multiple access layers.

Explorer tools and block monitoring

It is necessary for a company to know ins and outs of the blockchain platform in order to avoid risks. Therefore adopting the proper monitoring tools manage the blockchain structure effectively. Tools like explorer support in finding the number of errors in the ledger.

Reasons for adopting the BaaS environment

Efficient and adaptable

The desirable part of the blockchain technology lies in offering a unique range of compatible algorithms. In order to run the environment in a more flexible way, compatible algorithms are essential that enable 5000 transitions per second. Other capable tools such as dynamic joining, switching protocols, and physical resource management pave the flexibility in the platform.

Simple and unfolded

Blockchain as a service platform provides simple solutions for intricate tasks involved. Developing a blockchain technology is quite toilsome and it leads to catastrophic failure even if a minor issue is allowed. BaaS environment is potent in capturing this situation that permits the user to add tasks regularly and does not even acquire more than a minute to place the tasks.

Privacy and security

Blockchain as a Service framework enables the managing of permission levels, nodes and keys from a single control panel. BaaS provider furnishes the control panel for the user’s convenience. The cybersecurity in such a case is splendid as the platform provides no room for malicious intent.

Cost control

The Blockchain as a Service costs relatively lower when compared to building a blockchain technology from the rudimentary stage. It provides access to every feature and amount can be paid only for the consuming features, not for the entire framework. No hidden cost involved in the BaaS platform.


Due to the varied capability of the BaaS platform, it finds a ubiquitous place in different sectors such as transaction, healthcare, oil&gas, trading, food safety, real estate, supply chain, humanitarianism, retail, media and entertainment, travel, governmental services, intellectual property, and insurance. Tech pioneers are in a desperate need to adopt the blockchain but lack of adroitness costs them badly. This is the potent nature of the Blockchain as a Service platform.

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