How Much Does it Cost to develop a Home Service app like UrbanClap?

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About home service provider App like UrbanClap

Everything comes handy within your fingertip as mobile applications have established an empire in the ever-burgeoning technological period. The new-fangled homes filled with a myriad of home appliances like Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners, Microwave oven, Heaters, and varied kitchen appliances require caution to deal with it effectively.

In the animated way of living, maintaining all the household chores and keep in track of the appliances may be purely frustrating. There is always a huge demand for carrying out home-based services and this is the situation where people feel exhausted of finding the perfect professional for their needs.

This is the all-in-one platform that the users can hire any professionals, from sofa cleaners and carpenters to real-estate lawyers, architects, bartenders, and home chef, etc. Missed the body shape in a long-hauled weekend, having a concern about your beauty. Just chill! UrbanClap provides the necessary service in a scrutinized manner by landing the experts at your doorstep.

Clasp the intriguing home service provider apps like UrbanClap which is the comprehensive solution platform for all lifestyle-related services. UrbanClap is curated in such a way that you can hire local professionals for getting the things done with a simple tap.

People overwhelmed by an online home-based service app like UrbanClap because it provides the comfort of post the required service in the app where the service provider responds with an appropriate budget and the timeline for finishing the job. People can hire professionals from the neighborhood or from any choice of location.

Fusion Informatics accomplished the development of various apps according to the need of our clients and made them peculiar in their approach. To thrive in the mutable competitive market, online service provider apps like UrbanClap employing new strategies to amuse the users and support themselves.

Every web service business is seeking for developing a home-based service application like UrbanClap and some attain success by creating their own UrbanClap clone, UrbanClap script thinking to operate a business just like of UrbanClap.


Fusion Informatics is the leading mobile development application companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune offer the best services with 24*7 support maintenance. Developing the cost of online service provider app like UrbanClap involves many factors and features based on market needs as discussed below.

List of service categories offered by UrbanClap

app-like-urbanclap features

Home cleaning and repair

  • Geyser repair
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Washing machine
  • Carpenter
  • TV and fridge
  • Home deep cleaning

Tutors and lessons

  • Commerce tutor
  • English tutor
  • Home tutor
  • Mathematics tutor

Shifting homes

  • Packers and movers
  • Pest control
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Sofa
  • Carpet
  • Water tank

Home design and construction

  • Interior
  • Modular kitchen
  • CCTV camera installation
  • Painters
  • Architect

Party and event services

  • Birthday party
  • Event photography
  • Party make-up artist

Health and wellness

  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietician
  • Yoga trainer
  • Fitness trainer
  • massage

Wedding services

  • Wedding photography
  • Bridal makeup
  • Wedding planner
  • Pre wedding photoshoot


  • Web designer & developer
  • Lawyer
  • CA for tax registration


  • Home tutor
  • Drum classes
  • Guitar classes
  • Baby photographer

How a service provider app like UrbanClap helps professionals?

In the conventional service sites, experts will be paid based only on the commission where the sites swindle a larger amount. The work case scenario is entirely different in on-demand home service provider apps like UrbanClap where there is no work for middleman involved and only 5-25% will be cut off from the earnings depending on service they offer.

About 15,000 people quit their daily job and made them available in UrbanClap platform. Suppose a beautician can earn around 60,000 per month in the app who were in the position of earning 10,000 on their own. Lawyers feel that they get many as 5 cases in a week with this platform. Likewise the photographers, event planners, other experts really enjoying the greater phase of their life in UrbanClap.

Key features of home-based service provider app like UrbanClap

Customer app features
  • Quick and undemanding registration
  • Social media login
  • Eye-popping user interface
  • Search filter
  • Service feedbacks
  • Quote & chat history
  • Payment history
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Data security
Local vendors & features
  • Fast login
  • Profile analysis
  • Real-time data
  • Different rate plans
  • Full charity maintenance
  • Reply to clients feedback
  • GPS navigation system
  • Service rating & charged listing- hourly, fixed, etc.
Admin panel
  • Full admin control panel
  • Advanced CMS & CRM
  • Cloud hosting
  • Global access
  • Backup and restore feature
  • Records bill & payment history
  • Notification control from backend
  • Subscription plan management
Advanced features
  • Cloud environment
  • Promo/offer
  • Predictive search
  • Purchase package
  • Membership
  • Push-notification
  • In-app wallet


The special aspect of home-based service apps like UrbanClap

Sitting comfortably on the cozy sofa, you can finish all your household chores in a single flick. Interesting! Isn’t it? This really comes true with the adoption of an online home service app like UrbanClap. The delay caused in the work can be neglected and it ensures safety by listing all the service details.

UrbanClap technology supports developing an interface between experts and customers. Simply sign-in to the app, look for the services you require and book them with prior approval of costs. A trusted service expert will be placed at your home. Refer to the complete details and reviews of all the experts in which you can pick the best person for your needs.

It provides the necessary value for a professional to foster their business by partnering with the UrbanClap platform. The seamless process includes downloading the application and creating a better profile. The interview process for the experts is poignant that only one out of ten will be qualified.

Conversion rates reach nearly up to 50% with the installment of the UrbanClap matchmaking algorithm. The customer can search their need with a variety of constraints such as budget, time, event, location, etc. The algorithm finds the relevant details in the database and sends experts of the customer choice.  The professionals can enroll here for better business growth rather than surviving hard on their own. However, the cost of developing an app like UrbanClap solely depends on various factors.

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Cost to develop a Home Service app like UrbanClap

Is creating a service provider app like UrbanClap cost expensive?

The cost to create an online service provider app like UrbanClap fluctuates depending on the prerequisites. Developing in the platform of android or iOS may be quite exorbitant and never in the reach of your financial limit. It also relies on the factor of the service provider app development company that you recruit.

The cost to make UrbanClap lies in the proximity of $10000 to $50000 based on time and budget constraints. The hourly charge is being employed by the developers is common around the world and the price can charge up if the backend process included.

In Europe or America: $150- 200 per hour

In India: The cost of building a home-based service app like UrbanClap is very cheap somewhere around $80-$130 with the exact replica of UrbanClap app features

Key factors determining the cost of making an application like UrbanClap

App platform- The cost to build a service provider apps like UrbanClap changes according to the platform. Android costs relatively higher than the iOS platform because of testing functionalities.

Theme design: a wide range of themes available over the internet that perfectly fits into service provider application. Enabling proper UI makes the application compatible with other devices

Content inclusion: content is a king in the digital platform. Add a different variety of content including blog posts, infographics, galleries for the ornate display of the application.

Application launch screen: no matter the service provider app build in an iOS or Android medium, ensure that the home-based service application fits well into all sizes of the screen.

App developer- The cost to make UrbanClap iOS or android solely rely upon the basis of the developer. The demographic and prowess of a developer play a huge part in determining the cost.

Advance and External Features-The features of UrbanClap mobile app cost vary like data sync, hosting, design disintegration, push notification alongside OTP evaluation, etc.

Looking to hire UrbanClap like service provider mobile app development companies for creating UrbanClap App Script?

By figuring out and discerning what exactly advances in the home-based service provider market future, you will be a pioneer when talking with your favored on mobile app development company about measuring your application such that it is established for the service in the evident future

Need to know what to do next? It is Simple! Connect with Fusion Informatics, as we are the leading UrbanClap like service provider app Development Companies in India, USA, UAE, Europe, and Africa and begin with your very own service providing app development.

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