How AI is used in the Beer Brewing industry

How AI is used in the Beer Brewing industry

The biological process involved in the food industry especially the beer brewing may be strenuous because of certain nuances to be considered in matching delicate flavors. The consumption of complex raw material and living organisms such as yeast may bewilder the brewers at times. Therefore, this is the time for Artificial intelligence development to act as a game-changer.

Artificial intelligence proved to be a strong contender in shifting the course of modern technologies. The situation is still overwhelming and mind-boggling on hearing the fact that AI can be employed in beer brewing industries for multipurpose. It can transmit data to the brewers to make a decision to craft an alluring AI-brewed beer.

Artificial intelligence leveraging the various aspects of beer brewing industries from production, to marketing and sales in a coordinated fashion. IntelligentX is the world’s frontier in using Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to alter the beer recipe of its four main beers namely Black AI, Amber AI, Pale AI, and Golden AI.

The entire process completely relies on the customers who are requested to follow the URL to answer easy questions delivering their own opinion. The customer feedback is processed and fed into the Artificial intelligence algorithm. Different opinions are taken into consideration which is certainly helpful in making important brewing decisions. Instead of replacing the brewmaster, AI delivers certain acumen to the master regarding the recipe and flavor of the beer.

Carlsberg beer fingerprinting project

Artificial intelligence expands its availability throughout the process from start to finish. This makes a strong case and to drench further with the luxury of Artificial intelligence, beer giants like Carlsberg galloping into this modern field by setting a new project named perfectly as “The Beer Fingerprinting Project”.

Each day, they experiment with more than 1000 beer samples which simply reversed the way of crafting the beer. The project uses sensors that not only aids in determining the flavor of each sample and analyze yeast proportions but also ensure the quality of beer.

Optimizing beer brewing process

Kirin, the most familiar beer brewing industry in japan making a way for the disruption of Artificial intelligence after Asahi, the famous sake brewing industry in japan. The experiment process clearly indicates that AI is the perfect contender for making decisions during the brewing process such as regulating the temperature in the fermentation process, maintaining weight and proportions of the ingredients.

In 2017, the company first implemented an Artificial intelligence program for discerning the subtleness in picking suitable flavor, texture, aroma, and alcohol content. The company owned by Mitsubishi group accomplice with the Mitsubishi research institute for curating the brewing process. Years of data can be easily processed and take into account for crafting a fine beer. Honing that skills manually eventually requires more time.

Adopting the impeccable IPA

Champion brewing company collaborates with a machine learning company called Metis Machine to develop the perfect IPA. The initial phase in the process involves feeding the information about the top ten best-selling and worst-selling beer IPA recognized across the country. Now algorithm picks the suitable combination to prepare the best beer IPA recipe.

Data may be also inclined with other beer brewing giants. The test combined with universally available Brewdog beer recipes and beer ratings from Untapped to create and develop an artificial neural beer network. The network closely articulates the various facts in crafting a beer that would receive high accolades. Optimize the process with the aid of Artificial intelligence instead of thinking of superseding the human brewer.

How highly likely you could use AI in beer brewing?

Using Artificial intelligence is becoming a paradigm in the beer brewing industry to regulate the food safety standards and to find the award-winning flavors. The recent survey made by a Data Analytics Company called GlobalData, 38% of the consumers in the Asian-Pacific region conveyed that they were enjoying the unparalleled recipe and stay always influenced.

Despite all the current trends surging the value of AI, the brewer should be aware of an exorbitant trend. Brewers must consider the fact of hardships arise from incorporating Artificial intelligence into a brewery. They must be ready to pay astronomical value for using AI and avoid mismatch regarding the selection of in-built house technology or buy it. Integrating Artificial intelligence with the existing technology may be way daunting in the competitive market.

Robotic barkeep

Foam is the predominant factor in supplying the unique flavor in the freshly poured beer. To examine the foam factor, the Australian Researchers team come up with a RoboBEER, a robot who can pour the beer with immaculate fashion to maintain the foam consistency in the beer. The researchers filmed their reaction to watching the robot pouring the beer.

The researchers made a video based on RoboBEER pouring a beer and analyzed the bubble size, beer color, and other attributes. They then showed the video to the consumers and demand feedback about the clarity and quality of the beer. There were 28 pieces of RoboBEER and biometric data for each participant that can be input to analyze various opinions. The accuracy of over 80% achieved with the help of neural networks if anyone likes the foam.

DIY dog and Untappd

Brewdog recipes have a peculiar style. Brewdog is said to brew hoppy beers with 33% comes under the list of IPA while 20% comes under the list of stout/porter. They consume 67 different hops, 93 distinctive malts, 6 varieties of yeast that are more or less brewed under the same temperatures.

Untappd is a beer rating application where the rating available on the scale of 0-5 based on the consumer taste. The beer ratings can be mainly coupled with factors such as alcohol percentage, beer flavor, and the brewing industry. Bitterness, the difference between the certain style of beer recipes, and many factors come into consideration for brewing best beer.


The rising demand in the food and beverage industry urges the industries in employing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence to normally have an edge over its brewery counterparts. It gives the brewmaster, the luxury of developing new recipes in the market with updated crowd ratings and feedbacks. Every brewmaster is seeking for a rating app developed with a QR code to post the consumer opinion. The proper collaboration of conventional and modern tools similar to Artificial Intelligence can deliver the assurance of good quality beer and leads to rapid advancements in the brewery sectors.

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