Top 10 Popular Mobile Apps Built Using React Native Framework

React Native technology’s evolution is quite interesting. So for the first time, some of you might learn about React Native. Well, top mobile development framework – React has built by Facebook using JavaScript.

They contributed 11,415 times with 205 releases on Github in 65 branches. It is also Github’s 14th most starred repository. Such figures explain React Native’s acceptance and ability among mobile app developers worldwide.

The idea of creating apps for all devices using only one model sounds a bit crazy. Nevertheless, despite its immaturity, React Native allows the cycle of making apps across different platforms to be accelerated due to the likelihood that most of the software between them will be reused.

With React Native’s ever-increasing popularity, developers are adopting this powerful iOS platform and Android app growth. We could notice, building on this technology, a number of amazing and popular apps in the app stores. From all startups to Fortune 500 companies React Native has become the favorite and recommended choice for their mobile app development services and solutions.

So, what is this React Native all about?

Before knowing the top apps built by React Native, let us know that react native is a native version of the same name’s popular web library and its main motto was to bring Reacts power and change in native mobile app development.

React Native also uses a JavaScript UI kit developed by Facebook to lay out the interface of the application.  With React Native framework, by encoding in JavaScript it is easy to create mobile apps across all platforms. One no needs to learn about the use of Java and swift / objective-c for Android and iOS. It works on both Android and iOS, saving a lot of money instead of developing separate iOS (swift) and Android (Java) apps.

Using this React framework technology there are about hundreds of applications built. Therefore, we have mentioned the very trendy apps. In addition, as time goes by, more companies will take in consideration of React Native to build their mobile apps.

Here is a list of the top 10 native apps built with the help of React Native.

  • Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager is Facebook’s first full React Native and cross-platform based app. The JavaScript framework manages the difference perfectly in ad formats, date formats, currencies, time zones, etc. It has a clean interface, intuitive UX, and simple navigation that provide users with an incredible experience. The animation and transitions are flawless if you notice them.

The framework seemed to be perfectly suited to the lot of complex business logic needed to handle differences accurately in ad formats, time zones, currencies, date formats, currency conventions, and so on, particularly as a large chunk of it was already drafted in JavaScript.

  • Instagram

Just like the Facebook mobile app, with React Native, Instagram is not fully developed. By porting the Push Notifications interface, which was initially introduced as a Web View, they began using React Native in their app. So making using of React Native framework, they gradually started implementing some other parts of the app.

It is certainly a big challenge to switch an established device to a new technology. Since the Instagram app has simple UI, it has been relatively easier for them to adopt a new technology. React Native has introduced one of the major effects for both Android and iOS devices, which is a simple maintenance.

  • Tesla

Tesla, the most trending topic of 2020 and the biggest name in the electric motor industry, has also adopted the React Native. The mobile app from Tesla helps its customers to remotely control their vehicles. You can monitor your Tesla’s charging progress, start, and stop charging, all from the app.

The app has a lovely dark-themed user interface that gives it a game appearance. In both the Google Play Store and the App Store, you can find the app.

  • Discord

Discord provides another bright example of React Native’s cross-platform application development. The app is specially designed keep the gamers in mind for voice and chat applications for smooth gaming experience.

Discord is a free app for gamers to talk and speech. It allows the team to chat, check the status of availability, catch up on text conversations, and more. Their iOS and Android apps share 98% of the code, which is a wonderful example of how React Native can help with the development of cross-platform apps.

  • Walmart

Walmart was the market leader because it has focused on the best customer experience. To highlight this aim, its e-commerce app has been created. Walmart used React Native to improve its app’s performance and allow developers to release frequent changes on both Android and iOS platforms.

The developers were able to share 96% of codebase between the two projects, enabling Walmart to make better use of their expertise. The developers are now focusing on developing new versions of the software and adding features that would appeal to users. React Native’s developed mobile app performs as well as any native app and boasts a great record of success.

  • Bloomberg

The Bloomberg app provides users a global business and finance news. Before team Bloomberg adopted React technology for the mobile app development process, they had to spend considerable time individually developing and updating the iOS and Android app versions.

The business used a special mobile application design platform to develop the software. The app was developed by an engineering team at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York City using React Native software technology, the primary tool that delivers on the promise of cross-platform native app development.

  • AirBnB

AirBnB is another popular app built with a top framework called React. According to a software engineer at AirBnB, in their development team there are 60 members working daily on React technology. With React, it is possible to build reusable code and it is also easy to refactor it.

Using React Native has helped Airbnb to reduce advertising time for its mobile app, at a fraction of the cost as well. The simplified life cycle of development has made it possible for developers to quickly release versions. They also used an animation library to build into the interface junk-free and interaction-driven animations.

  • Uber Eats

If you ever had to order food from a restaurant, the Uber Eats app might already have been used. Uber’s Uber Eats app allows its users to order and deliver food as a food platform.

Although React Native holds a small part of this food delivery app, it adds a significant UI and UX experience for their food ordering users. For restaurants with functions such as sound notifications, push notifications, the app needed a dashboard. As their team had previous experience with React, it was a smart and successful approach to develop the app using React Native.

  • Gyroscope

Gyroscope integrates with the HealthKit and allows its users to see your entire life story. Users will monitor their steps, heart rate, relaxation habits, performance, weight loss, and much more.

When you think about it, you will know that the Gyroscope software will have to show vast amounts of varied information whenever the user requests it. Using React Native, which provides a clean and attractive way of displaying this data, this is easily achieved. The resulting streamlined but well-designed UI / UX allows users to view their information as regular, weekly, monthly e-statements where the user can tap on any item in order to obtain a more detailed report.

  • Skype

This is undoubtedly a surprising addition because it is well known that Microsoft owns Skype, which has its own cross-platform mobile app development framework called Xamarin, which are as good as other frameworks. This shows, if anything, that React Native is an excellent, favorite and recommended choice of developers for building cross-platforms.

It is a telecommunications app which by wide audience all over the world and mostly used for video chat and voice calls over the internet between devices such as phones, PCs, and smart watches for those who do not know what Skype is. It also provides instant messaging services where users can send multimedia messages and receive them.

Are You Looking to Hire React Native App Development Company?

With React Native gaining significant momentum in mobile app development’s most dynamic area, there is no doubt we will see more custom applications developed using this framework.

The examples discussed above show that React Native has the potential to develop mobile apps with any scale, concept, and idea of any kind. If you also have an app that can do justice to this amazing technology, find out more about our React Native App development services at Fusion Informatics.

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