Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Manama, Bahrain


Today, the mobile app is essential to achieve great business heights and it is crucial to choose the right Top Mobile App Development Companies in Manama, Bahrain that are really helping to achieve our goals. Tools and technologies for the creation of mobile apps have created a huge transformation in the way the business functions and enjoys the great customer experience.

It is no more than an opportunity to have a good mobile app for your online business. Mobile users expect quick, effective and secure mobile apps. No one has the time to experience slow or bad users. When you come across the search engines to Hire Mobile App Developers in Manama, Bahrain, you can get a significant list of Best Mobile App Development Companies in Manama, Bahrain that excel in various fields and industries.

The need for enterprise software solutions, particularly from developers of mobile apps, has eventually increased in the last decade. Fortune 1000 firms, start-ups, and individual entrepreneurs leave no stone unturned to provide seamless user experience. In addition to rising demand for native mobile applications, there are now literally more than 10,000 App Development Agencies worldwide, all competing to help with your mobile app design.

The Best Mobile App Development Company in Manama will create apps that improve performance and maximize ROI. Hiring the best mobile app developers, enabling the company to grow in higher earnings and increase productivity. How do you find established companies that can really bring your dream product to life through the clutter?


Here is our List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Manama, Bahrain.

How to Choose Right App Development Company

Good investments are made every year just to get the corporate mobile app so that it can prove to be a game changer for their respective owners. A successful mobile app plays a key role in the business success of any organization and therefore it is critical for owners to opt for custom mobile business development services.

It is not a cakewalk to find a successful IT company for the Enterprise Mobile Apps Development. When selecting an IT company that can deliver the desired stuff in terms of user experience and revenue generation, one needs to consider several factors.

Let’s find out some of the key factors that can help identify an IT company that can offer unique mobile apps capable of impressing consumers and delivering revenue to the owners. Here are the criteria to bear in mind when recruiting services from Top Mobile App Development Company in Manama, Bahrain

  • Pick the Mobile Apps Development Company Based on Customers
  • Effective Delivery Management
  • App Designing Standards
  • Reviews and Feedback
  • Security of the App Idea
  • Trusted QA and Testing Measures

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List of Top 10 App Development Companies in Manama, Bahrain | Top App Developers 2019

Manama is a great place to start your search. Bahrain has an excellent smartphone entrance, considering the country’s rising internet users. Finding out the right Top Mobile App Making Companies in Manama, Bahrain is really a hard job. Unless you have learned, you cannot predict any company as the best. There are different things that thought to select which company or designer is best in the development of applications.

Depending on some important factors, I made a list of top 5 app Development Company Manama, Bahrain. Let us look at the recommended companies.

  • Fusion Informatics

fusion informatics-logoFusion Informatics has founded in 2000 and is a full-service Best Mobile App Development Company in Manama, Bahrain, with over 18 years of experience. In the shortest turnaround time, we expand our quality services and solutions to firms, brands and offices across all industries at affordable prices. We are highly customer-oriented and dedicated to providing you with the best-personalized and innovative solutions that will help you achieve your corporate objectives and notably raise your productivity. Over 3000+ applications have developed on different platforms. We often offer at reasonable cost dedicated supplies.

We work across all sectors in an agile approach and their services include strategy, layout of UI / UX, creation of applications – native, hybrid or responsive web, release of software and more. They know their success is your development and we love it.

  • H2M Solutions


H2M Solutions is now one of Manama, Bahrain’s leading Top Mobile App Making Companies. They love making creative things, marketing, and getting ready to turn new concepts into reality. They have a group of mobile app developers with different mobile device platforms knowledge and expertise. They conceptualize a comprehensive strategy to ensure the maximum impact of their work so that the advertising becomes an investment and not a cost.

H2M develops native and hybrid applications and responsive web apps, providing services from product strategy to marketing, support and backend services. H M works with most of today’s platforms, including at the front end Swift, Java, Kotlin & React Native.

  • Spark Digitus

    Spark Digitus

They are a large innovative organization focused on creating and developing highly interactive digital user experiences that drive digital strategy & engineering purposes. We evaluate where their customers are and prepare a path to operate on a systematic and collaborative system that incorporates policy, user experience, architecture, and project development and Spark counted as a one of Manama, Bahrain’s Top React Native Mobile App Development Company until date.

What makes Spark Digitus special is the passion of their team for an agile approach for growth. The team believes that combining the right process with a full team of experts in software is the right way to build successful apps. We are into a single sector and have the experience of providing policy, ideation, UI / UX development, hosting and ongoing support across many industries. They create native and hybrid software, as well as web apps, when it comes to technology.

  • VII Tech Solutions

VII Tech SolutionsVII Tech Solutions is concerned with making lovable, useful and enjoyable devices. They provide services for strategy, project experience, creation, and growth and optimization, and pursue an agile methodology. We excel as an Android App Development Company in Manama, Bahrain in delivering a stellar product as the innovative advertising and engineering branding agency of the Kingdom.

It has established in the year 2008 and they have made their success a -group of young, ambitious and successful professionals who have always been able to deliver life ideas. They provide you with a broad and growing set of services, not just, what you want, but what they like to do and what they think will help your company progress from start-up to market.

  • Fabric IT

Fabric ITFabric IT was established in 2011 and has more than 100 workers, some of them contractors. Conceived as a custom iOS/iPhone App Development Company in Manama, Bahrain and an award-winning powerhouse of mobile app technology.  Apps they have developed are receiving millions of downloads and featuring on international TV programs.

What makes Fabric IT special is their integrated collaboration of consumers. They have a successful & cooperative web designers and developers who are totally knowledge-based.  We like to work together to introduce amazing online brands and interactions for mobile users. We are proud of their ability to integrate the ambitions of their company into a valuable product. Before and after an app launch, they promote the applications.

  • Apps House

Apps HouseApps House is a top provider of Mobile App Development Services in Manama, Bahrain with full-service products.  The company now has more than 100 employees and remote workers in 4 continents. They have masters in development of mobile apps, website development, and digital marketing. Your business analyst should know your customer points about your product. Their dream is to grow through the delivery of excellent and professional products as a global company.

They design and build mobile applications that solve real-world problems as a Top App Development Solutions provider in Manama. An experienced developer will lead you on their team through the process, answering questions and more to push the mobile app concept forward. We work together to explain every part of the design process of the mobile app.

  • Urbansoft

urbansoft-logoFounded in 2008 with about 50 + members of the team, it is a company of full service brand planning, design and development. We have experience in business scalability, convergence of enterprise systems and multi-user applications operating in an agile approach.  It allows them to deliver, develop and implement product planning, user analysis, software design, rapid prototyping and user testing where we also provide the most budget friendly services when it comes to the Mobile App Development Cost in Manama, Bahrain.

They are a full-service site and Cross Platform App Development Company that aims to provide companies and institutions around the world with a wide range of internet services. They collaborate with a wide number of customers to offer cost-effective approaches to the best of their standards. They have their dream according to their strategy with their efforts with good & inspired ideas. It is really one of the companies that deserve to be on the list.

  • Choice Technologies Bahrain

CT-blue-300Choice Technologies Bahrain has been in operation for nearly 15 + years, concentrating on performance software and ahead of the tech curve and the Cost to Develop Mobile App in Manama, Bahrain with this company is budget friendly too. They are a leading IT company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of mobile app creation, web design & production. We will help their clients achieve their goals and achieve their goals in a very simple and cost-effective way. They are always ready for projects that are interesting and challenging. Their digital support & service results in a significantly reduced risk to their customers from company & technology.

What makes Bahrain’s Choice Technologies is that they are the only complete-service custom Mobile Application Development Companies in Manama, providing numerous payment plans. They operate through budgets and offer plans for compensation as well as full or partial equity programs.

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