How Much Does It Cost To Develop an On-Demand Doctor Mobile App?

If you are a healthcare professional, you will resonate with my experience.

My friend is a doctor. She is a leading gynecologist in a tier-1 city in India. She called me one fine day, “My clinic is now available on google play store. I have launched an on-demand healthcare mobile app. Can you give your feedback?”Of course, I was happy to give one. When I downloaded and installed it on my mobile phone, the first thing that appeared on the screen was the text Words cannot express the joy of a new life” along with an impressive image of my friend holding a newborn of a patient of hers!

The crux is-  The on-demand doctor mobile app that my friend’s clinic has developed is dedicated to expectant mothers, new mothers who need 24×7 attention, and monitoring by specialists, gynecologists, nurses. Similar mobile apps can be developed for other specializations and focus areas adopting digital in the ecosystem. Costs of developing an on-demand doctor mobile app vary from basic features and functionalities adopted.

What is  On-Demand Doctor Mobile App?

An on-demand doctor mobile app connects users with doctors from the comfort of home. In-app messaging and online consultation through video calls are a few facilities on-demand doctor app fetches to their app users. Here, doctors as well as patients, both have installed a dedicated on-demand doctor mobile app on their respective smartphones. The healthcare/medical care is available 24*7 at any location. People living in cities, villages can equally avail of online medical consultation and treatment, prescriptions using on-demand doctor mobile app development. The process entails where app-users need to log into their app and mention specific medical issues. They can select time-slots and from just any location can connect with the doctor for a real-time virtual/online consultation. It belongs to the family of telemedicine and resonates with the real-time interactive telemedicine type.


As per Statista Report:

  • Online Doctor Consultations segment revenue is estimated to reach 25,115.29million USD in 2022.
  • User penetration is set to be 1.51% in 2022 and is estimated to touch 1.68% by the year 2025.
  • The ARPU ( Average Revenue Per User) is ­­­­set to amount to 218.92USD.


  • Improved Brand Reach
  • Instant Medical Services
  • Availing of medical services from anywhere
  • Easy Scheduling of Appointments
  • Reduced Overhead Costs/Transparent Costs
  • Reduced Paperwork Hassles
  • Less Crowd in Hospitals

Key Features

An on-demand doctor mobile application consists of features separately for the three stakeholders:

Doctor Panel Features

  1. Manage Appointments
  2. Video Call/Live chat
  3. Earnings-Tab
  4. Push Notifications
  5. e-prescriptions

Patient Panel Features

  1. Sign-up & Login
  2. Search/Filter to Search Doctors
  3. Schedule an Appointment
  4. Audio/Video Call
  5. In-App Chat
  6. Upload Test/Lab Reports
  7. Payment Gateway
  8. Review/Ratings

Admin Panel Features

  1. Managing Profiles
  2. Add Bookings
  3. Rescheduling/Cancellation of Appointments
  4. Generating notifications
  5. Marketing Tools

Advanced App Features

  1. Appointment Reminder
  2. Navigating In-app Clinic
  3. Cost-Calculator
  4. Reminder for Medication
  5. Push- Notifications
  6. Multiple Online Payment Options
  7. Real-Time Analytics
  8. Making Health Insurance Claims
  9. Sharing Documents
  10. Marketing/Promotional tools
  11. Multi-Currency Payment Option
  12. Multilingual User-Interface

Factors Determining Costs

Major factors that determine the overall costs incurred for developing an on-demand doctor mobile app are:

  • Technology Stack Adopted
  • Mobile App Development Platform (Android, iOS, Cross-Platforms)
  • Number of  App Features
  • Total Functionalities
  • Geographical location
  • Skills/Expertise of Developers
  • Integrating Payment Gateways
  • Third-Party App Integration
  • Post Launch App Maintenance & Monitoring
  • The complexity of UI/UX designs

Countrywise Cost for App Development

The cost of on-demand doctor mobile app development varies from one country to another.

In the US, it’d cost you around US$150- $250 on an hourly basis. In Eastern Europe, the costs for mobile developers would come around US$120 -$180 per hour. But if you outsource your mobile app development projects to India, the costs would be further reduced to US$40 to $80 per hour! So, it is quite a good idea to go for the best and affordable telemedicine app development or on-demand doctor mobile app development in India. You can consult a credible mobile app development company in India to get started on your app journey.

Costs for developing an MVP version of your app may start from  US$30,000. If going for rich features/functionalities and multiple platforms, it might cost you up to US$80,000.


The healthcare industry is expanding through online ventures and the wider adoption of digital tools and technologies in the ecosystem. AI-ML-powered telemedicine solutions,on-demand healthcare mobile app development are a splash in the big ocean. The rising Omicron cases and related COVID-crisis have led to the massive surge in mobile app development businesses across the globe. People want healthcare on their mobile apps. So, whether you are a clinic, doctor, healthcare organization, investor, hospital, this is the perfect time to go for your specific on-demand doctor mobile app development process and get started.

If you are a healthcare organization, hospital, private clinic, doctor, and want to know how much it’d cost to build your unique on-demand doctor mobile app, and how the app can fetch you profitable returns, Contact us immediately.

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