The iphone 5 New IOS6 with New Map Service and Incredibly Functionality

After the recent launch of the new samsung smartphone galaxy S3 and it will not be too long before we see the new iphone 5 uncovered. This two handsets are the current buzzing in the market. This two heavyweights in the smartphone world and many people are eager to know about the functionality of apple device will offer to help the compete with the amazing new galaxy S3. So because of that apple have revealed that there will be a change on there new iOS6 that will have the functionality themselves from other devices like the S3 that use other software like android.

Wonderful Design & Graphics:

Wonderful eye-catching design from the sky down and the ground up, map will automatically change as per you see the world. And the amazing graphics and text are wonderful detailed. You can also zoom all the way and can rotate to view an area. Maps will keeps the names of the streets and places they belong. With that you can also get spoken and visual turn-by-turn navigation and keeps you update from real-time traffic updates. And the amazing iphone touch and high resolution quality will make this device more wonderful.

Major Metro 3D View:
You can also see the major metro city areas from the air with photo-realistic, with 3D views. See the cities in high resolution as tilt, zoom, pan around the city and and the landmarks.

Navigation on Every Turn:

Now you can find your destination using turn-by-turn spoken directions, a 3D view will also help you to reach your destination, and a real-time traffic update makes it more comfortable. Its not ends here once you take a turn maps will speaks directions, so you can simply keep your eyes on road. And screen will automatically turn in 3D view of the road ahead. It will also show you large arrows and signs superimposed over the image that will totally change your traveling experience.

Local Search on a Tap:

Tap a pin on the map or search result to see a card full of prospective information about the particular location. Dial phone numbers, view photo, and get an address, find website, see yelp ratings and simply review on it. Just tap the quick route and see the maps quickly with turn-by-turn direction to any result you search.

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