Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Google android is now become a most famous stand, as per different survey company this android mobile operating system is become more popular than apple iphone smartphone. And still in continually developing and that makes it different and that is the key reason of it’s become so much popular in short time. Google has released android 3.1, 3.0, and 3.2 honeycomb as well as the gingerbread for smartphone, and they are already preparing to introduce a new edition of this software later on this year. Last year company was announced about android 4.0 that is also known as ice cream sandwich, by that android has shake the whole smartphone market and people who are enthusiastic of using smart phone they will defiantly wait for this unique product.

The main thing is after the announcement of this news is spreading like a wind all over the internet and people are looking to buy it. And google also says that by this latest version they will try to make the operating system that can run everywhere and so android 4.0 was urbanized. After the booming in android based device the requirement of android app developeris also booming on rapid way, there are lots of companies provide android application development service at really affordable rate.

The key benefits of gingerbread is its help to improves the copy-paste features and also the soft keyboard key, user get innovative experience, and a great tech support is always there with it. And the honeycomb also support the processors that is multicore, and graphic hardware hastening, and launch the latest interface features.

Here are some great benefits of using android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

Multi-tasking Button

Android 4.0 has a virtual click that make use of browse and quickly switch to app you have just used. The thumbnail images of app-instead of just an icons, so you can see that which part is working in backdrop.

Instant Screenshots with one click

There are many quick share button that you would like to share and displayed on your mobile screen, there are also time when you have to save a screenshot for later use. In last version of android, you can also take a screenshots by installing app for that reason.

Enhanced Notification Bar

There are also some improvements that google has done to the announcement bar in android 4.0 for case. It could now be pulled down from the lock display. You can also discard items from the list of notification by just flick a piece to the right.

Enhanced Text and Voice key

The stock keyboard in android 4.0 has given some more. It is smarter and faster and much responsive in compare to last version of android. It has also a great feature of spell checker. With one click you can choose suggested words.

Face Unlock

Now forget to remember password, pin codes, and patterns. Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich has personalized phone unlocking much easier, with latest feature on unlocking the device, now your android tablet can identify the owner face and by that it will unlock.

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