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iOS 10 tenth beta update just released this month, and Apple seems to be on the right track of fulfilling the promise of launching a true version of iOS 10, in terms of both hardware and software, towards the end of this year as planned.

Being a leading iPhone mobile application development for years now, we as the “Fusion team”, predicted iOS 10 update release to take place near to iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus release, as this has been the trend for years now, wherein a new iOS update takes place before or after new iPhone devices.

Looking at a brief history, iOS 10 beta launch took place at the WWDC event in June this year. In fact, what you are seeing currently is the iOS 10 beta 9 version, which is still not complete, especially with average iPhont /iPad users. It is quite amazing to see, iOS 10 10th beta version coming into play just around a month after 9th beta version release.

So, what revisions have taken place with this latest beta version release?

  1. Raise the device to wake up with notifications

It has been 9 years since the release of first iPhone device, and what is so special about iOS 10 is pressing the Home button to unlock the screen, instead of swiping to unlock the phone. This recent beta release goes one step further, in simply raising the phone to wake up the screen with notifications.

  1. Lock screen notifications become richer than before

Here you have notifications sorted in the form of bubbles, and 3D touch technology helps to display them from within the hidden menu. Decline or accept an event invite based on an alert through calendar invite.

This is highly useful in case of Messages, wherein it becomes easier responding to messages without actually leaving the lock screen. You can respond to the messages even with the screen locked.

No more digging required in app menus, or around the home screen, for checking on vital information. As an example, when you receive a doorbell camera notification, you can directly open up, without actually unlocking or scanning menus.

  1. Clear notifications with a single tap on close button

This is probably the most revolutionary change with iOS 10 notifications. With iOS 9, you needed to clear notifications one by one, or in groups. However, iOS 10 makes things relatively easier with a single “x” press removing all notifications altogether.

  1. Detection of water making it waterproof

Since the release of second beta update, iOS 10 has displayed waterproofing capabilities, through a warning message that pops up when the device detects water nearby.

  1. De cluttering of control center

There has been a drastic change in Control Center overlay menu, helping the layout to be more refined avoiding cluttering of things. With four shortcuts below in the form of camera, calculator, stopwatch, flashlight, the fifth shortcut Night Shift gets bigger space and moves above the quartet.

  1. Widgets and camera opens up quickly

It has become way easier to open up a camera, since you are automatically diverted to camera app, as soon as you slide the lock screen to right. As far as the widgets goes, you need to slide the lock screen to the left.

  1. Graphical shortcuts for 3D touch

Having a graphic 3D touch shortcut for your app could be way more engaging than a plain shortcut. Imagine, an app like “Activity” represented by a shortcut mentioning the fitness goals. Even closing the daily rings immediately becomes easier, effectively reminding you of what to do at the same time.

  1. Organizing visual memories with advanced computer vision

iOS 10 taking lessons from its biggest rival “Google” has integrated “advanced computer vision” capability that makes it lot easier to organize photo memories effectively. Pushing the Photos app to the next level, Apple wants to create photo albums based on the face recognition ability. Going even a step further, it plans to take Memories on another level, by reminding events through clusters of topics, people, and trips.

  1. Apple Maps gets better and optimized

Apple Maps gets an awesome transition in iOS 10 fixes. Initially, people were pulled back to the original location, even if you tried to look anywhere else for the same. But now, the inability to scroll a route is resolved, as the latest OS gives users freedom to zoom and pan around the maps. Even the navigation software is such that dynamically zooms in and out with ease.

10. Apple Music gets a new flavor

The update does not do much for free subscribers to Apple Music. However, if you are a paid subscriber, you have a nice clean design highlighting cover and suggesting music, in a logical fashion. There is an added advantage, the way lyrics appear. Even the ‘For You’ tab does a nice job of curating the playlists, absorbing the diminished role of Connect tab, with ‘New’ becoming ‘Browse’.

11. Apple News showing breaking news

Breaking news now appears directly as notifications, so to have a quick instant access to the biggest news of what’s happening worldwide.

12. Voicemail transcription is finally a reality

Ever fed up listening to a bunch of piled voicemails? The transcription of voicemails finally comes to life with iOS 10. So now, you no longer will see VoIP taking a backseat. You can answer WhatsApp calls, just like any other normal phone call, with the screen locked. In fact, they will be a part of your recent or favorites lists.

13. Messages with bigger and better emojis as well as live links

Yes you heard it all right. Now you have bigger and better text messages with a brand new set of emojis, and live links to make your communication more meaningful.

Some final words from Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is well prepared, and started making apps for iOS 10 portability. With technology advancing, especially with mobile apps, things only get complex. As soon as we get latest news about iOS 10, we will keep you updated, and probably tell you about new features that can be used efficiently in enhancing an app.

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