How Much Does it Cost to Develop Taxi Booking App like Ola

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Taxi Booking App like Ola

Your smartphone is the place where Ola dwells. That’s how you start sharing your rapport building with India’s one of the finest ride-hailing apps. The confessed tagline of the brand itself “Your everyday travel partner” explains it all! Ola Cabs is a cab sharing company that caters to the commuting part of people for their local, city, or outstation point to point travel. Ola is not a traditional type of taxi-service company. It is a modern app-based ride-hailing, ride-pooling service provider that connects customers directly to the driver and avail of a safe, easy, and well-protected auto ride, bike-ride, or cab ride at the doorstep. Over 3,00,000 vehicles, 100+ cities, Ola has become a household name now. However, our country needs more ride-hailing service providers owing to the paucity of cabs, rides, drivers on the roads. There’s a huge demand-supply gap. The prospect of starting a similar app ride service is just like striking gold! So, let’s talk about the probable costs of developing an on-demand taxi-booking app like Ola. Yes, before that, you decide the mobile -platform – iOS, Androids, or Cross-Platform.

Why On-Demand App like Ola is Unique

  • All the rides with 5-layers of safety
  • Auto rides, bike rides, cabs
  • For every ride, unique, secure OTP
  • Comfortable Corporate rides
  • Convenient Outstation rides
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Onboard GPS laced with route navigation
  • Can book rides in just a few taps
  • Digital payment options – Ola money,UPI,debit-card, credit-card,etc.

And counting…………

How Does the Ola-like Taxi App work

  • Install the Ola-App (from PlayStore if Androids)
  • Users can request cab – micro, mini, prime, share, rental, outstation, etc.
  • The app gives the price as per destination, number of persons
  • The Ola operator app is available on the mobile phone of the driver
  • The driver can accept or reject the ride
  • On reaching the destination, payment is done
  • Rating the traveling experience

Features & the Cost of a Taxi-Booking App like Ola

Much of the price factor for developing an app like Ola depends upon the features, complexities at the backend. The three features are the driver app, customer app, and backend. All these apps coordinate together to form a system for a taxi-booking application like the Ola app. Normally it’d cost around $5000 to $20,000 and even go up to $35,000 if complexities are more at the backend.

1. Driver App

  • Personalized driver’s information
  • Depends upon the driver’s choice visibility on the app
  • Accepting or rejecting the ride
  • Passenger’s details like name, location of pick-up, phone number, are visible
  • Can earn money through e-payment or cash
  • Can evaluate his business/work based on monthly reports that are visible

2. Customer App or  Passenger App

  • Sign-Up – Through a social media account like Facebook. Then can create a login account.
  • Pick-Up-Location – Google Map, FourSquare
  • Drop-Location – Google Map, FourSquare
  • Types of Booking – Full-day, half-day, or advanced bookings
  • Chat – Chat or audio messages with the driver
  • Push Notification- To apprise of the latest offers on rides, discounts, etc.
  • Tracking taxi- To ensure the taxi is arriving on time. Real-time tracking feature
  • Traffic-tracking –  to track the heated traffic areas
  • Multiple Payment mode – OlaMoney, Cash, GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe.

3. Backend

It consists of three parts – server, application, database. The backend is meant for the user, driver, trip statistics, reports, etc. So many features that depend upon the mobile app development company you hire.

The above kind of system can take approximately a month to develop and deliver, both for iOS and Android, depending upon the specific features, the design you want to incorporate into your mobile application.

Factors that Determine the Costs of Developing an Ola-like Mobile Application

1. Mobile-App-Platform

The Mobile application development cost of an Ola-like app varies for iOS and  Android platforms. In India, the Android development cost is higher than that of the iOS platform. It’s because users of iOS are less than those of the Android platform.

2. Mobile-App-Design

User-Interface(UI) is the first impression that creates among the users. So, to grab immediate attention and create an impression GUI aspect, buttons, animations, images, etc. need to align with the mass – users. Complexed design calls for a higher price. Moreover, UX (User-Experience) matters for the overall, seamless experience where navigation is easy, smooth, and hassle-free. All contribute to the cost part.

3. Mobile-App-Size

App-size means what are the features, as well as functionalities, are incorporated within the application being developed. This factor, too, amounts to the overall cost.

4. Mobile-App-Developers

Depends upon the team of project managers, developers, testers, designers, quality analysts, project leads, and so on. The team-size and the application-development cycle, as well as location, do matter, too. If the location is in the US, costs would be higher than those in India.  In fact, in India ,resources are cheaper than those in the US or the developed European countries.

5. Mobile-E-Wallet or Contactless Payment

E-Wallet, GooglePay, PayTM, PhonePE, card payments are all integrated within the main application. This feature gives a hassle-free, smooth payment provision to the customers or passengers. This is a major factor in determining the cost part of app development. You have to inquire the Mobile App development company what are the contactless payment features they are providing.

6. Driver’s App Feature

This aspect of app development incurs specific costs. As mentioned earlier, the driver’s app includes features and functionalities like unique signup, access to the rider’s name, location address, distance, pick-up as well as drop-off points.


Today, businesses are relying on the online mode of operations across industries. Digital technologies are disrupting the markets the world over. Any businesses – Start-Up, SMBs, Enterprises – are resorting to modern digital technologies. What is a Mobile APP? A kind of digital technology-based application that gives your business the platform to operate and more importantly, to connect directly with your end-users or clients. You don’t need mediators, you don’t need brokers. Just you, your business, your client that are in the loop. That’s the reason behind the popularity of Ola and the Ola-like application. The unanimous choice for the passengers as well as the app-owners. The costs incurred would vary as per the features, functionalities, platforms to be incorporated.

If you want to know the average cost/exact cost to develop an on-demand taxi-booking mobile application like Ola, we are a click away. Explore from our comprehensive taxi booking solutions that would ideally fit your business requirement.

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