How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like Vigo Video?


Cost to Develop video sharing app Like Vigo Video

Since video sharing apps like Vigo Video, Kwai, tiktok, musically & others ventured into frames, the idea of ​​streaming music and sharing videos has really changed.

Vigo video as a best video sharing platform is an amazing Fun based application for creating beautiful short videos, where you can be to share some interesting facts about your daily activities with your loved friends, family and others from all over the world.

Show off your hidden talents in a few seconds with users around the world, whether it is dancing, cooking, art, music, comedy, and other talents you have. When you open your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can find many Vigo Videos (formerly known as Flipagrams) appearing on the screen with a diary). As such, there is no doubt that these social video apps must be popular with viewers.

As has been the impact of the superiority of the application, that today almost everyone is looking for startup ideas to create video sharing app like Vigo Video, Kwai. Now when we talk about this social video application on this blog, the idea is to enlighten people who intend to create or confused about the Vigo Video app development cost.

We all discuss various aspects of the process and Vigo Video like mobile app development cost and how it has become a game change for the Entertainment industry, bringing many opportunities for income.

So, let us start.


Now you have decided to make a video sharing app Like Vigo Video, Kwai, so what should be the next way for you? Yes, there are many aspects that you need to focus on, but first understand that sharing clips are classified into two categories, with one being: Create a Video Streaming App & other Social Music Video Applications.

Next step is to choose your niche. Make it clear about the type of video sharing Service app you want to make. Both categories require unique features, functions & efforts. So if you want to launch the Vigo Video app such as a video sharing app for Android and iPhone, either for both, then continue reading…

How Does Vigo Video Works and its Features

Vigo Video owned by a company called Hypstar, Launched in 2017, Vigo Video has become a huge popular and has expanded its international market in allover the Asia, United States America and Brazil successfully.

Vigo videos offer you flames based on popularity and creativity. Videos that are more interesting can produce up to 10-15 flames per video and 1 flame equal to $ 0.0015 and where you can credit your amount to PayPal after completing $ 1 in your account and you can get unlimited money.

Vigo allows users to record and make videos and then share them with their friends on social media, such as Instagram & Facebook, with animation and music, thus making a good dose of entertainment.

How Vigo Video works

  • Prepare your account
  • Navigate the application
  • Filming and sharing Vigo videos
  • Music, Hash tags, and challenges
  • View, notifications, and other metrics
  • That’s it, You are ready to go

The Best Features of Vigo Video

Formerly known as Flipagram, this video sharing business now known as Vigo Video and comes with a new version of the entertainment buster application. It has a large community throughout the world and has established itself as the fastest growing mobile application in the world in a very short time. The new version has a very smooth UX / UI and follows the latest reports, Vigo Video has reached a milestone by securing millions of downloads. Let us check out the main features of Vigo

  • Create Vigo Video

Show your artistic creativity in 15 seconds, Play the moment of your life with amazing and creative videos using a simple editing tool

  • Engaging with new people

Enhance your curiosity by engaging with people with similar interests and becoming known throughout the world by creating unique videos and increasing your fan base.

  • Get flawless display options

The beauty camera feature in the Vigo app can soften your skin supernaturally, adjust your skin tone, remove blemishes and enhance your video by recording and streaming directly.

  • Make a video with Special Effects

Create unique videos with special effects and with various animated stickers. Never get a boring effect to get people interested in your video. This is the all-in-one video sharing app solution.

How to Approach before you make an app like Vigo Video, Kwai


It is important to have a great team and best video sharing app Development Company to create applications like Vigo Video. Of course, there is no amount of funds and features that can help if your application does not have a kind of team that can create absolute magic with the application development process. For this, you need to:

  • A Dedicated Project Manager
  • Creative UI / UX designers
  • Android app developer, iOS app developer
  • Skilled Back-end developer
  • Database expert
  • QA expert
  • Prompt Delivery manager

Once your team sorted, you can focus on the video sharing app development cost that will be incurred in development of video sharing Services such as Vigo Video, Kwai, tiktok or musically.

How Much Does It Cost to build an app like Vigo Video

This video sharing platform, Vigo Video has a smooth UX / UI result and is one of the fastest growing applications in the world. Some factors that can help determine the Vigo Video like app development cost based on number of Platforms (Android, iOS, or both), Development Area, Design Complexity, Resource Requirements, and Number of hours multiplied by hourly costs.

Costs for developing video sharing apps:

  • Application features and functions
  • Professional team to Hire video sharing app developers
  • Application size
  • Design the application that you choose
  • Platform and technology implemented
  • Test maintenance and application updates

Keeping in mind all the factors above, the Cost to build an app like Vigo Video, Vigo clone script or Vigo video clone must be around $ 25,000 to create with basic functions for one platform. However, if you intend to add more advanced feature and create applications for various platforms, the costs can reach $ 35,000 – $ 40000, when developing applications in the Indian region.


The Cost to making an video sharing app like Vigo Video, Kwai depends on the size of the application, application platform, application functionality, what features you need, the application development team, etc. Therefore, generally cost can vary from application to application because each application has different requirements.

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