AI-Assisted Video Analytics Solution

Empowering with Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Surveillance

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology over the provisions that provide solutions to instantly predict the failures, send better suggestions in front management desk with the help of data sets, and provide faster decisions in data analysis than ever before. One of the next operations that AI builds an impact is on video surveillance.

From Financial companies to public bus stations, Public Places, Airports, Tube/Train Stations, and Security Companies are facing the problem of threats, where CCTV or video footage helps to monitor live motion during incidents or accidents. The AI-powered software helps to bring an added component of intelligence to develop the process more efficient and powerful to monitor.

Powerful AI-Assisted Video analytics Solution

Fusion Informatics has developed a solution to provide the service with AI Surveillance software. AI-Assisted Video analytics Solution that empowers users to make a continuous inspection of a place to collect information. This can also be termed CCTV solution with Artificial Intelligence. It can operate with all types of surveillance cameras, which can implement IP based connectivity to the cameras. We are leading software Provider Company for AI-powered video monitoring software called AI surveillance in the security world. We implement the innovative strategies that ensure machine learning to understand the complex motions patterns of video footages and extract the exact information from it.

AI-Assisted Video Analytics Features

How AI-Assisted Video Surveillance Works?

The advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence integrated with the video monitoring that operates with the help of computer software used to inspect the video consisting of peoples, objects or things motions to capture and stored separately.

The AI-Assisted Video Analytics software is set with certain restrictions in the video surveillance to monitor a place and to protect the property. Our program notifies the criminal violating the restrictions rule that program set that no object or humans are permitted in that space at a certain period of the day. The set of Algorithms developed in alphanumerical methods to monitor peoples, positions, and angles and motions. Which helps cameras to capture movements violating the custom setting in the program and sends alerts to users with relative video.

AI Surveillance Market Segments

  • Banks

  • Super Malls

  • Airports

  • Tube/Train Stations

  • Bus Station

  • Security Companies

  • Security Service Providers

  • Home

  • Office / Corporates

  • Sports Stadiums

  • Events Locations

  • Theaters

  • Parks

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

Benefits of AI-Assisted Video Analytics

  • Packed with Technical Assistance that clears no need to purchase any hardware
  • Comfortable to implement the software program in all types of cameras
  • The Functions and features are developed to handle in simple plug and play.
  • The users are allowed and accessed to get notifications and alerts through Emails and SMS
  • It detects the objects and faces of humans to protect the property from offenders.
  • The system is developed to manage the images with respective behaviors in the inspection.
  • The system is developed to manage the images with respective behaviors in the inspection.
  • The system is developed to manage the images with respective behaviors in the inspection.
  • It has ability to detect any device that can be utilized with the intention to cause harm such as Gun, Weapon etc.
  • The system is designed to detect behaviors that harm or damage as any type of behavior that breaks the basic rules. (Anti-social humans)
  • Users can get control on Offenders data, Objects, Safe person data, BI and Prediction Analytics.
  • The software program is designed to learn on its own with the help of self-learning algorithm

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