Bots & Cognitive Services

Automated sales & support through chatbot solutions

We provide smart bots & cognitive services

That helps businesses improve client experience

Our artificial intelligent chat bots aide businesses with all their communication tasks and enable them to have more personalized conversations with their clients. Through our services, businesses can obtain rich data to understand client behaviour and provide uninterrupted services to users. Businesses can also choose to improve inter-organisation communication with all their stackholders with the help of our efficient and smart chat bots.

Our artificial intelligence laded cognitive services are capable of understanding spoken language in applications, assessing emotions with respect to the issue, recognizing needs of customers and providing them with solutions apt to their queries. Businesses can utilize our cognitive services to transform complex data into superior, customized provisions. Our services thus help organizations grow exponentially.

Bots Solutions for Business

We provide bot services to businesses looking for automated solutions for client services and customer engagement. Our AI bots are backed with deep learning technologies and advanced machine learning skills implying delivery of smarter quality responses over time. Chat bot services offered by us can take up activities of more than one organizational department viz. customer services, sales generation, office assitance, helpdesk and sales and marketing at half the cost of traditional sources. Some of our chat bot solutions are

Cognitive Chat Bots & AI

Sales Bot

At Fusion, we have helped our customer develop smart Sales Bot which help our customer find the right target audience from a huge database and then automate the process of their preference, purchase pattern, auto questioning based on the algorithm for the time where the customer acquisition are most likely to open.

Customer Support Bot

Our range of services of developing a Customer Support Bot that has distinctive capabilities of answering the right question based on the Machine Learning Algorithms that we develop for our clients customer support requirement. Apart from carrying out a pre-scripted communication, our bots are intelligent enough to forward the task to another department for best customer experience through our smart channelling algorithms.

Messaging Bot

Our AI bots are designed in such a way that they mimic human behaviour and we help our customers by building Messaging Bots that can be used for their websites, their long code and short code campaigns and also we customise and support our clients in managing the Facebook Chat Bots for our clients.

Leverage Smart Technology

Through our customized cognitive services, we enable organizations to attain a technological edge over other competitors with our seamless and smart innovations. Our services facilitate opportunities for your brand to interact with audience virtually and establish strong loyalty among them. Our team of experts integrate APIs of all the major cognitive services providers, including Microsoft and IBM, to provide brilliant solutions tailor-made for your requirements and can be used for your IVR, Customer Support, Lead Management, Customer Feedback services, etc. and provide real time insights on the customer behavior.