Internet of Things (IoT)

Securely connected response to real time events

We allow IoT devices make use of Intranet

To function independently on their own

Imagine a network of home automation devices, medical automation devices, wearables, and other automation devices powered by apps. Such an Intranet based network helps device, to work as a whole in an integrated manner.

IoT devices operate on an internal network, and we make them function through our Internet of Things solutions or Bluetooth Low Emission (BLE) apps, leading to automated operations. This helps us to simplify tasks that have to be carried out on a daily basis.


These are apps meant for things you can wear and not necessarily needing an online connectivity. We are talking about Smart Watches, Google Glasses, and Google Cardboard, meant for operations without an access to web.

wearable apps

health automation

Health Care Automation

We help people measure their medical history and fitness through health monitoring and tracking apps. Our Internet of Things (IOT) enabled apps measure and monitor blood pressure, diabetes, etc.; while fitness related apps it tracks your cardio, calorie, etc. through wearables.

health automation

Home Automation

Our apps are meant to automate electrical appliances / security devices or gadgets found at home, office, or other commercial settings. Once you have the apps in place, let the devices take care of everything.

BI Automation

Business Automation

Allow businesses to automate, by providing automation apps for devices, machines, or equipmnents, helping in production planning, performance monitoring, sales tracking, securing real time information, marketing analytics, etc. giving you an edge over your competitors by outperforming the competition.