Translating an idea, that creates value

Fusion Informatics's solutions involves deliberate application of information, imagination and initiative in deriving greater values from resources, and includes all processes by which new solutions are generated and converted into useful products. This solutions, often results not only satisfy the needs and expectations of the customers but also creates value for money which customers will pay.

AI-Assisted Video analytics Solution


  • Alerts on Threat Identifications
  • Prevent from any accident – Fire, Mobbing, etc.
  • Object Tracing / Recognition – Gun, Weapon
  • Alert on Anti-social Person Recognition
  • Works with any camera provider who supports IPv4
  • Offenders Management System

The AI-Assisted Video Analytics software is set with certain restrictions in the video surveillance to monitor a place and to protect the property. Our program notifies the criminal violating the restrictions rule that program set that no object or humans are permitted in that space at a certain period of the day.


Robo Advisor


  • Risk Assessment
  • Eureka Based Tips
  • High Return
  • Daily POA

Risk & Financial Robo-Advisory application to make investing easier and less complicated. This algorithm based wealth management solution helps investors by calculating risk factors and by offering customized investment advice on where to invest.

AI based fleet management system



  • Load Cost
  • Tackling Unforeseen Circumstances
  • Business Forecasting
  • Breakdown Analysis
  • Real time Monitoring

Probably fleet has the highest assets to handle, paired gradually, improved legislative assent, and it is important for logistics hold a solution (software management) in point to secure trust are engaged, and to notice operational expenses completely.

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