Why Progressive Web Apps Will Replace Native Mobile Apps?

Why Progressive Web Apps Will Replace Native Mobile Apps

Progressive web apps also called in short-term PWA, so because of its benefits for companies made as and we can use like

PWA = Progressive wealth Acclamation

What are Progressive web apps?

In simple terms, a Progressive Web App is similar to the mobile website and modified with extra specialties and an operation that makes us a sense like a mobile app. It was designed to act as a smooth performance even without a network connection and introduced in 2015. It is just like the website with customized features like loading fast screen; Faculty to use apps offline, Push intelligence and all these features can be available for all browsers like Google, Firefox and Opera

It has become more popular in terms of operating less data than the mobile app and successfully working even without an internet connection. The number of global marketers is utilizing the progressive web apps and identifying a flawless user experience on mobile without developing an application for it.

Many times all business are facing a problem when it comes to reaching their customers and sometimes choosing mobile applications or website. In addition, Many Businesses converted into mobile applications and using the website for online reaches on the desktop. A progressive web app is a compression of a mobile app with user-friendly design and website. The progressive web app allows users the friendly experience similar to the mobile app at the same cost of building a native iOS or Android app. It will act as responsive for all the devices and features behave like mobile application on the device. One of the most primary advantages of progressive web apps is it can be viewed at offline when an Internet connection is not inactive

Why progressive Web apps for Business?

Let’s Assume-

You are holding a leading e-commerce business that sells home appliances. Therefore, business people start collecting multiple ideas about whether to develop a mobile app or a website that will benefit you to sell your home appliances.

For any Business, the principal aim is to develop business and customers. Organizers normally do it by benefiting on disruptions in the business beginning on in their business’s survival.

In the beginning, the business tends to grow with ideas into mobile applications and website to reach customers. Whatever the business may be, it is highly important to collect the maximum customers at the early step of operating. Also, collecting the audience’s feedback plays a major role through the proper channels from a mobile app or website. An amazing design is impacts to satisfy the audience because they judge and decide the future of your business and confirms that your business delivers high-level services and products.

So now how it is possible to deliver the customer friendly experience design?

The solution is progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are the infinity of both the web and mobile apps. It blends the excellent of both systems and provides you with the latest experience of an app on the website. These apps provide the following features

  • PWAs load instantly
  • Operates even in offline(Without Network)
  • Push notifications
  • Full-screen mode
  • Mobile app-like experience
  • Can add to home screen

Advantages of progressive Web Apps

Full-Screen Mode- Progressive web apps deliver several benefits like native app experience without advancing libations for devices that do not promote them. One of the most remarkable is the difference between seeing a website in the browser now placed in a full-screen background.

Available in Offline Mode – Once you open up a Progressive Web Apps in your web browser, then the website automatically saves a cache in your web browser, Which implies you can later simply less the webpage in Offline Mode. So users can view any article or post every time at any place.

Respond Like Mobile App-In progressive Web Apps, app stores everything is cached it shows to feel like mobile apps. We have the opportunity to simulate the appearance and feel of a natural mobile application, perfect with UI elements, animations.

Push notifications-Some of the helpful features for executives are the interactivity possibilities with customers that can truly possible with progressive web apps. Push notifications and the new distribution method allow users to mesh and re-engage by publisher’s content in a form. Moreover, It intently resembles in the user’s information bar.

Low data – Native apps occupy a lot of storage. Some users use smartphones have no accessible to download apps and it is problem them to install and where Progressive web apps which take low data to download and opens faster to download.

Difference between Progressive Web Apps and Native Web Apps


 Progressive Web Apps
 Native Web Apps
 Can operate in Online and Offline  Cannot operate Offline ,only Online
 Mobile specific navigation is possible  Mobile specific navigation is possible
 Easy Access to Push Notification  Easy Access to Push Notification
 Home Screen Access  Home Screen Access
 Requires less data to download  Requires more data to Install
 Can easily bypass Marketing  Promotion is required
 Shareable and link to home screen to device  Not possible to link
 Not requires updates  Updates requires frequently
 Easily indexed by Google  Not possible to get index


Web development companies in India noticed the prominence of Progressive Web Apps. Apart from applying Business obtain low bounce rate and webpage loading speed, PWA has a high value from the Search Engine Optimization perspective also. The users notice a pleasant and favorable user interface from the Progressive Web Apps structure, which is beneficial for marketing perspective for a website.

Mostly the progressive web apps development companies in India must utilize the main latest technologies to consider services workers and style sheets and pictures and Javascript. It is platform contains the whole bulk of latest technologies blended together in one platform to develop a solid and high standard website.

Progressive Web Apps provide several other benefits to companies to improve their profits with many other innovations and features to use with their existing support. To know more about Progressive Web Apps

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