Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in London, UK


Day by day, an increasing number of applications and games are being powered on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry in this modernized technological world. The application development credit goes to Top Mobile App Development Companies that develop mobile apps.

Due to the popularity of smart phones and other similar devices, the design of mobile applications is one of the hottest trends in UK. As a result, many businesses and organizations are looking for leading and Best Mobile App Development Company in London, Cambridge, Manchester, UK, which can turn their innovations into viable products.

Mobile applications have developed the best way for companies to connect and meet their end users with the latest trends through today. Obviously, mobile devices are the new benchmark that incorporates mobile apps to facilitate growth and progress in industry. Many of London’s top app development firms make it hard to choose the best and the Cost to Develop Mobile App in London, Manchester, Cambridge, UK varies and depends on the functionality of the app.

There are a large number of organizations in Mobile Application Development to meet the high demand. We examined Several Top 10 Web & Mobile Apps Development Companies and found it difficult to select top 10 of them.

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List of Top 10 App Development Companies in London, Manchester, Cambridge, UK (iOS, IPhone & Android)

  1. Fusion Informatics

fusion informatics-logoFusion Informatics is one of the best award-winning Web & Mobile App Development Companies in London, Manchester, Cambridge, UK, which has collaborated with many global and regional governments and institutions. To sectors such as transportation, banking, health, logistics, telecommunications and insurance, the company provides excellent mobile applications.

They have been working on a vast array of mobile apps and web creation since 2000. They provide the App Development Services London, Manchester, and Cambridge, UK in this highly competitive market with reliability, design and innovative features at reasonable costs.

  1. Y Media Labs

Y Media LabsFounded in 2008, Y Media Labs is one of London, UK’s Top Mobile App Development Company in London, Cambridge, Manchester, UK with an extensive client list ranging from large corporations, government institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises to beginners.

Y Media Labs is a creative company that gives life to ideas. They collaborate with brands to discover what they believe are truths that their shortcomings are nothing but an illusion and they should dream bigger. Their mobile apps developed have a real impact on the outcomes of their customers.

  1. Infinum

Infinium-logoOriginally, a Best Software Development Company in London, Manchester, Cambridge, UK, they helped companies achieve their goals by creating leading App Development Solutions in London, UK. They provide a variety of services and solutions that will turn enterprises into top performers in their respective industries.

They build and model great mobile and web apps at Infinum. They know the solutions of some inside-out difficulties that occur during the production of mobile apps. They have unique ideas and they knew an app’s demands, a team of good developers and a well-managed team leader. They build reliable and easy to upgrade scalable architectures and software. With more than 9 years of experience, they certainly have the expertise and ability to deliver any solutions you need for your company.

  1. Raizlabs

raizlabs_logoAnother famous best App Development Agency in London, Manchester, Cambridge, UK is Raizlabs. It is an engineering technology company designing and creating custom applications, online services and other state-of – the-art technologies. Through overcoming their most difficult challenges, they have gained the trust and admiration of a wide range of companies from fast-moving startups to Fortune 500. They have a trained in iOS, Android & Internet applications with their group of 450 + employees.

The company’s mission is to provide great communication, bug tracking and project management resources for their customers. Hire Raizlabs Best Android and iOS Mobile App Developers in London, UK. As a result, collaborating with businesses is better for their clients, even though they are not from the same country.

  1. Dogtown Media

Dogtownmedia-logo copyThrough creating exclusive mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and smart things, Dogtown Media helps clients. They have customers from different locations as a Top React Native Mobile App Development Company in London, Cambridge, Manchester specializing in developing native Android and iOS apps.

Using the latest developments in Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, mHealth, and FinTech, they leverage the transformational potential of innovative innovation to make a positive difference.

  1. Fueled

download_8_JPhYS0PVery few companies can compare with people like Fueled in terms of expertise in developing mobile applications. It is a leading Mobile App Making Companies in London, Cambridge, Manchester, UK  which know how to cre      ate products that can scale up to the demands of each and every company. They come to work in the morning to collaborate with the best customers on the most interesting projects, whether for entrepreneurs or big brands, because they are united by an unwavering performance passion.

Their group has vast experience in building the best models for UI and UX. As a result, there are very high chances that your application will become an instant hit with your target audience.

  1. Dom & Tom

Dom and TomDom & Tom is a global technology consultancy specialized in the design of multi-platform applications and connected devices. In the innovation market, they are a game changer with a wide emphasis on custom software creation, web apps, and staffing. They offer the best solutions for mobility that attract and bind many people. They are one of the trusted companies to discuss your unique idea of the app and to develop the best solution according to your needs.

Whether it is developing an Android or iOS app, they are offering a variety of app development services as a Best Mobile Apps Development Company in London, Manchester, and Cambridge, UK that will meet all your standards. All the software they create will give you an amazing user experience, regardless of the type of application you want.

  1. Softeq

SofteqSince years now, Softeq has been among the best IPhone |iOS |Android Mobile App Development Company in London, Cambridge, Manchester, UK. They always provide their customers with inventive and innovative solutions with their inclusive expertise and high quality skilled and experienced resources. They provide more than the needs of their user to an extended selection of applications. They are excited about creating stunning UX development software that people really want to use.

Softeq products are outstanding in development and design due to their team of expert’s attention to detail. They worked with a significant number of high-class clients, evidence of their work’s value.


This is not a permanent list of top 5 Mobile Application Development Companies, all listed companies vary from company to company based on their performance in the app development industry and the Mobile App Development Cost in London, Cambridge, and Manchester, UK depends on the features, type of app and region. From the list, you can choose any company to develop an app for your business.

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