Smartwatches Will Kill The Entire Smartphone Market

Four-person startup Androidly has set out to create a smarter smartwatch.

Androidly is a full-fledged smartphone that you wear on your wrist. Most smartwatches out there today merely serve as a complement to your smartphone by displaying incoming texts, tweets, and other notifications, but Androidly is able to function entirely on its own.

It runs a three-year-old version of Android called Froyo and can run apps downloaded from the Google Play store.

The ultimate goal is to totally replace your smartphone. In fact, Androidly co-founder and CCO Pavneet Puri told Business Insider that smartwatches will replace smartphones all together in the future.

“I never actually take my really expensive phones out anymore because I’m just going to lose it,” Androidly co-founder and CCO Puri said.

Since the watch functions as a true smartphone,  you never have to worry about where your phone is, Puri says.

“It’s like an extended limb,” Puri says.

Androidly is currently available for pre-order at prices varying from $229 to $269. The company expects to start shipping the devices in September.

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