The Significance of Influencer Chatbots to your Brand Strategy

Significance of influencer chatbots to your Brand Strategy Artificial intelligence is no more the future; it is around us at this every moment and has a serious impact on how we live our lives in the 21st century. For companies that work in the global market artificial intelligence is a necessary tool of the trade. A major manifestation of artificial intelligence online was the introduction of chatbots a couple of years ago. The prominent use of chatbots was not a mistake in any form. Chatbots were crucial in the increasingly personalised services that consumers demanded and companies could not deny. Chatbots have been able to give the companies an opportunity to understand their customers better and consequently personalise interactions with them.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is basically a computer program which undertakes a conversation with a customer through auditory or textual signals. Simply put, chatbots are robots that have capabilities of conversing in a manner that resembles human dialogue. Chatbots learn about human conversations by rummaging through huge swaths of information; to spot repetitions and patterns that would help them associate certain keywords, phrases, or other stimuli to specific conversational arcs. Chatbots are extremely adaptive. While interacting with a customer, the chatbot continues to grow its information bank; and artificial intelligence helps it to mimic human dialogue. The extent of data collected from conversations allows the chatbot to become better at conversing with humans with each passing conversation.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing refers to the marketing strategy that focuses on using the sway that few key people have on a larger populace. Instead of selling their products directly to the target consumer base, the company hires influencers who have an impact of the targeted demographic; and then they spread the word further to the consumers. This marketing strategy is hinged on the effective identification of these influencers; since the company here is directing their marketing objectives to a select few individuals rather than the target market as a whole.

The basis of influencer marketing is the symbiotic relationship between the influencer and the brand. The brand is looking to harness the influence that these individuals have in order to meet their business objectives. On the flip side, the influencer is guaranteed exposure through the brand’s marketing platform — which would in turn make them all the more popular and a bigger influencer.

The Next Step in Artificial Intelligence: Chatbot Influencers

The first influencer chatbots entered the market in 2016 and were an instant hit. Virtual influencers are designed to function very much like human social media influencers. The basic difference being that the influence of influencer chatbots are based on a string of computer generated images that exhibit personas that are built based on algorithms. This digital approach of creating influencers based on the information collected from the populace help them function as effective next-Gen social media influencers.

The virtual influencers have made the most impact with the consumers that form the demographic group identified as Gen-Z. The oldest of the millennials are already in their mid-30s, and almost all millennials already in the workforce. Therefore, Gen-Z is the up and coming demographic section that most brands are looking to attract for the sake of a smooth transition into the future.

Impact of Chatbot Influencers

The core advantage of employing chatbot influencers is the amount of control that brands have on them. The brands have greater control over how the chatbot influencers behave in the market, in a way that brands can never control human influencers. On the account that chatbot influencers are robots, brands can afford to design a marketing strategy and follow it as intended without fearing distortions because of human interference. Chatbot influencers also provide the brands a free reign to brands in the creative process; allowing them to create designs and conceptual aspects that they want for their influencer marketing program. This, therefore, allows the companies to design marketing strategies that are more aligned with their brand image. The lack of human interference in an influencer marketing program would mean that the brand diminishes its chances of walking into a controversy due to human influencers. A chatbot influencer based influencer marketing program would allow the company to calculate their every move and execute the program flawlessly.

There is one aspect of chatbot influencers that is yet to be sorted. They are not human. Influencers often grow based on the connection they are able to forge with their fan base. Chatbot influencers will remain robots; therefore the extent of their impact on human decisions is yet to be tested.

Why Chatbot Influencers?

Chatbot influencers have the edge over human influencers with their capacity to study key market insights at break-neck speed; allowing companies to reform their influencer marketing program as required.

Chatbot influencers can associate themselves with multiple causes without any human prejudice, thus rallying the supporters on that cause directly into the direct target market of the brand.

Chatbot influencers would be exceptionally dedicated to the brand, and can make personalised recommendations using artificial intelligence.

Facing a barrage of advertisements everyday has led to consumer tuning out most marketing campaigns as mere noise. Chatbot influencers can be used to break the monotony and deliver messages in an intriguing manner.

The continuous advancement in technology will allow the creation of software programs that allow brands to develop chatbot influencers at a fraction of a cost required to hire the crème de la crème of human influencers.


It is true that human influencers are still relevant in the marketing juggernaut worldwide. While the presence of human influencers is assured, the growing influence of chatbot influencers is also guaranteed. The alternative that chatbot influencers are creating is intriguing and certainly on their way to create marketing magic.

Chatbot influencers are the future owing to their seamless chemistry with artificial intelligence. There are multiple chatbot influencers in the market already, and they are raking responses at a speed higher than most human influencers. The future of influencer marketing, even though uncertain, seems fascinating.

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