Legal Issues Involved in iPhone Application Development

Exploring the legal landscape of apps development is imperative prior to the launch and maintenance of any successful iPhone application. In this blog post, I’d be showcasing the general legal pitfalls involved in iPhone application development australia. I’d also be specifying the measures that iphone application developers can take to shield their intellectual property rights and bring down the risk factors.

Apple’s iPhone SDK Agreement enforces a number of important legal requirements. The first law is that the developers need to comply with all state, federal, and international privacy laws related to data collection, and image or video recording. If any personal information has been collected then it cannot be made public without the consent of the user. Even one cannot record a voice without his or her consent and use it for increasing or earning profits.

If an iPhone developer is using any music or any piece of music in the application then he should have a license or fully own the music. Any content used inside the application should be fully owned by the developer or even if he is not the owner he should have the owner’s permission to use it. If music or content are being used based on a license then it should mention the royalty terms that result from the sales of the application.

An application should not contain any objectionable, offensive or defamatory content or any other content that deems objectionable to Apple. If you use any then it may result in the rejection of your application by Apple. iPhone applications that make use of open source software should meet all the applicable FOSS licensing terms. The SDK agreement states that if you use any FOSS then it should not infect the Software Development Kit in any way.

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