The overall impact of Artificial Intelligence

The basic concept of artificial intelligence is that a computer system can be used to perform tasks that would ideally require a human being. It is a way of developing an advanced software that enables a machine to think intelligently. In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has creeped into all walks of life and has made an impact of every little part of our day to day tasks. With Artificial Intelligence taking over, it is bound to create an impact on our lives, both positive and negative.

Artificial Intelligence is known to eliminate the need for human beings while conducting certain tasks and this means the term “human error” too becomes irrelevant. One of the major impacts of Artificial Intelligence has been that it avoids errors. It is able to process data and perform tasks in an error free manner. Although this has a flip side to it as well. Artificial Intelligence has eliminated the requirement of human beings in so many tasks that it has left a lot of people jobless, adversely affecting the economy. Some argue that Artificial Intelligence creates more wealth than it destroys but it is worry some because there is a high chance that the wealth created would not be distributed evenly.

Using Artificial Intelligence in processes that require quick decision making can help carry out actions quicker. Along with cognitive technologies, Artificial Intelligence is equipped to make fast decisions without wasting any time. This can prove to be dangerous as well. Human beings are able to take decisions in unique circumstances while taking the correct judgement by reading the situation in depth. Whereas Artificial Intelligence would take decisions on the basis of pre fed algorithms without taking into account what the special scenario is and what it needs.

Artificial Intelligence tends to perform tasks that would ideally be dangerous for a human being to perform and it takes risks on the behalf of humans. Areas like space exploration, medicine etc use Artificial intelligence to scope out possibilities without putting humans in harms way. Although some argue that this gives artificial intelligence the power by taking the control away from humans. It is dehumanizing processes and giving the decision making power to machines that can potentially be life threatening.

Artificial Intelligence has several pros and cons as discussed above but the truth of the matter is despite all argument for or against it, AI continues to grow and venture more and more into our daily lives.

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