AI: Human Intelligence Simulation, processed by machines

The 21st century can somewhat be pegged as the digital era and one of the most rapidly changing trend in the era was that of Artificial intelligence. Put into simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the science and technology of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by a human. The successful application of artificial intelligence depends on the program’s ability to capture and preserve human expertise. Artificial Intelligence has over the years grown by leaps and bounds and is now used for several day to day functions as well in various sectors such as Finance, Automotive, Healthcare etc.

Artificial Intelligence has currently surpassed the Machine Learning stage where a set of algorithms are used by intelligent systems to learn from experience. AI is currently at the Machine Intelligence stage where it uses more advanced set of algorithms as compared to the previous stage and these are used by machines to process and learn from experience.

Due to Artificial Intelligence the human intelligence is simulated so well that we use AI in our day to day lives and have eliminated the need for human interaction when it comes to those particular tasks. A few such examples are:

Virtual Personal Assistants: These are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. The machine processes are queries asked by the user and responds within no time with the appropriate answer

Purchase Prediction: Algorithms are used to detect a pattern in customer purchasing and that information is used in various ways such as sending coupons, discounts and suggest items to the concerned customer.

Online Customer Support: Opposed to what one might think, not all online customer support chats have a live person responding. AI comes handy in these cases where a chat support bot sends much more than automated responses to customer queries. It has the ability to extract information from the website itself and present it to the customer.

Smart Home Devices: These machines study the users pattern and then process that data and act accordingly to perform tasks that help the user save money and conserve energy.

The basic simulation of Human intelligence and the apt way that it is being implemented is one of the reasons why AI is now an integral part of our lives. One cant say what the future holds by the sky is the limit when Artificial Intelligence is concerned as it is growing by leaps and bounds everyday with millions of dollars being put into research to make it better.

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