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Enterprise Mobility Management: Today’s Evolution, Tomorrow’s Solution

Sreenivas T
July 23, 2018

Earlier, when people used to be knotted to their work desks for long hours throughout the day and be held at specific places for meetings and discussions. Later a far-fetched idea or an unclear, undefined entity, is what is ruling the world of business today. For long years though, mobility has always been a part of businesses, as earlier, there were IP (Initiation Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) methods for office use and hence were limited in scope.

Day by day, mobility is becoming a slogan in IT industry. People are behind the concept of “bringing their own devices” at their workplaces these days. Approx. 75% of employees have access to their company data or work through their smartphones and tablets in 2018. With the augmented use of smartphones and tablets in business, enterprises are now able to increase their productivity as well as efficiency. Corporates have moved out from traditional ways of communication, both formal and informal, towards a more vibrant and adaptable approach.  According to statistics in 2019, the enterprise mobility management market is forecasted to generate revenues of 2.9 billion U.S. dollars. Thanks to the concept of enterprise mobility, people can work as well as connect with each other sitting anywhere in the world.     

A Quick Overview on Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

The enterprise mobility is the latest trend where organizations allow their employees for working out of the offices and perform their business tasks by using mobile devices and cloud services. In short, it encourages users to use mobile devices and cloud services to do work. In this way, enterprises give more flexibility to their employees. So, the firm can engage more effectively with their customers and build a strong brand identity.

Nowadays, businesses are moving towards a real-time business activity environment which is beyond the e-mail messaging or browsing social media updates. The enterprise mobility helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, transforms the way of business operations, and converts companies into innovative digital enterprises.

Enterprise mobility offers 24*7 working environment. It enables employees to capture and share corporate data instantly even when they are remotely located.

For advanced needs and requirements in an enterprise, mobility needs to grow. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets in business, enterprises are now able to uplift their productivity as well as efficiency. Interestingly, only about a third of business enterprises are applying the concept of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) management strategy for a business. In fact, it is very important to have a proper Enterprise Mobility Management strategy for every organization, especially most of the enterprises are spending a handsome significant amount on mobility.
It has transformed the way industries, employees and customers interact with each other. Its main benefit is an instance access of information and quick response.

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

There are now estimated 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world that is 60% of the world population and by 2025 this number will go up to 80%. The statistics are astounding, and the chances are boundless to spread the sphere of business and customers. This will add impetus and raise the service levels of employees, members and customers. Increasing engagement and stimulation of growth that streamline business with enterprise application is the goal of every organization. An app that is covered with features, functionalities and modern technology platform is a must for every business. In nutshell, enterprise mobility can provide highly polished customer services in an effective way and increases the opportunities to expand the business. So, let’s take a look at the advantages of applying enterprise mobility solutions in a business.

  • Real-time data analysis: Employee can quickly see the prior day or real-time results right on their smartphone, even when they are not present in the office.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Saves time with easy access to vital data and costs as storage and retrieval of data becomes synchronized along with complete access control of all the systems.
  • Greater Portability: Ease of usage is the key factor in enterprise mobility. Also, it is one of the foremost challenge enterprises face when implementing enterprise mobility solutions that require concise planning and strategy.
  • Paperless Workflow: Implementing a custom mobile application developed to cater an enterprise has a central dashboard that allows complete control over users, systems and approvals. Moreover, having access to critical policy documents online makes the whole system paperless and hurdle free with each user knowing their roles and responsibilities.
  • Employee Empowerment: Various polls, surveys and transparent system allow employees to communicate and exchange idea freely. This spurts growth within the organization as staffers engage on vital topics and discuss important issues to mitigate them.
  • System and Cloud Integration: Database and legacy systems can be integrated using various points along with cloud infrastructure management services that add value and independency to the whole business model.
  • Better resource allocation: Better allocation of resources can augment productivity, competency and profitability as well. Managers can allocate targets to the workers along with real-time tracking of the orders and shipments to improve proficiency and meet mounting demand. It results in enhanced customer satisfaction through increased responsiveness and improved utilization at relatively lower costs.
  • Effective participation: Because of the enterprise mobility, users can share the relevant information with the others within a few seconds at any time that’s the biggest advantage to boost the business productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved employee productivity: With the help of enterprise mobility, sales people can input the data at any time and share the up to date information with the manager and peers. Moreover, salespeople can efficiently monitor the revenue funnel from all the existing customers.
  • Knowledge management: – It offers context-based knowledge solutions and aids to capture obvious and tacit knowledge through the analysis of data generated from mobile devices.
  • Trend of Choose Your Own Device (CYOD): Mobility supports the latest business trend of Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) which develops employee satisfaction and that too at a reasonable IT spend.

Even though enterprise mobility is a rapidly growing phenomenon in the midst business enterprises these days, there are several challenges that hinder its full-fledged adoption sometimes. One of the major challenges is connectivity of the internet. It has the major role of enterprise mobility management. It is all about making information accessible and available at the right time to the right people. Without connectivity, the whole concept becomes ineffective and useless.

Another challenge of this concept is some employees, who are used to and are experienced in conventional methods of communication, such a radical revolution of enterprise mobility might not be such a welcome one. Moreover, they might find it tough to adapt themselves to the new concept, which could upset productivity.

However, in this fast-paced business environment, mobility is an inevitable aspect for the accomplishment of businesses, whether it is accepted by employees or not. Mobility is an ultimate tool to transform the businesses into a digital workspace. Hope this article will be useful to get the know-how of enterprise mobility.

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