Guide on Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Cost – 2019

Guide on Augmented Reality (AR) App Development Cost

About – Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Cost

The concept of augmented reality (AR) is one of the most popular trends in Mobile App Development field. Many users come up with amazing ideas for app that often face the problem of not knowing even the average Cost to Develop Augmented Reality Mobile App in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram, India, USA and Dubai even if you have a similar experience. In this case, the article will really help you. In it, we will read the main stages of Augmented Reality Application Development and estimate How Much Does It Cost to Build Augmented Reality Mobile App.

Even though it is known that the biggies industry is constantly pouring funds for the development of AR, today we can see investments made in the AR arena by small businesses and companies as well. At present investments are being made in various sectors such as general customer service, ads, marketing, distribution, hardware, entertainment etc.

In this blog, we will guide you through the great potential of developing an Augmented Reality application and the factors that influence Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Cost.

So, to begin, let us understand AR.

Cost to Develop Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App and its Work

AR is a technology to spread virtual images into the real world by creating special technical ways and purifying the user’s immediate environment through digital data.

  • The device’s optical scanner recognizes images of real objects,
  • The device software calculates the resulting image and selects the augment that looks appropriate to it
  • Now the actual image is being combined with the addition and produces a visualization tool.

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Basic Features Affecting the Cost of Building Augmented Reality Apps and its benefits

AR presents a new way of sharing information and interaction capabilities and helps better address business needs. Because of its brilliant educational and marketing potential, AR can accelerate many business operations. In addition, it can create new ways to promote products or allow learning new activities, facilitate specialist work and lead to cost savings.

The Cost to Make Augmented Reality Mobile App is justified because this exclusive technology will allow you to get the following benefits.

  • Become a Market Leader
  • Increase Interaction with Customers
  • Expand Marketing Opportunities
  • Give Ease in Visualization
  • Unique User Experience

Top 10 Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2019

There are a large number of Augmented Reality applications on the market but some of them have an impact on users. We have listed the Best and Top 10 Augmented Reality (AR) Apps in 2019, 2020 that currently work well on the market:

  • Google translator
  • Night sky
  • JigSpace
  • IKEA place
  • Magic Plan
  • AR Compass 3D
  • Only Lines
  • GPS Map
  • TapMeasure
  • Tequila Protector
  • GIPHY World

Cost of Making Augmented Reality App in 2019

How much does an AR App like IKEA Cost

Although more and more businesses are starting to realize the great potential of AR apps in increasing company profitability, there is still a huge shortage of highly functional and well-developed AR applications that are available in the market.

The reasons for this are highly debatable, but based on the amount of experience & time we have in the industry, it can be said that Top Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram, India, USA and Dubai can often fail to consider the dynamics of active AR mobile apps.  Therefore, fail to budget well-integrated applications and solutions. Thus, here we have outlined the different factors that influence the cost of developing an AR application development so that it facilitates your decisions in the future.

Let us look at the issue on Cost to Create Augmented Reality Mobile App. This really depends on the hours spent on developing AR applications. To estimate costs, we must know the following main stages that are incorporated in the development process.

  • Strategic Analysis

Strategic project analysis is the fundamental preparation stage needed to clarify project tasks. In addition, this is the only opportunity to develop AR applications that fully meet your expectations. In terms of securing both parties from the process, it makes the most sense to sign a contract that will show all the details of future cooperation. This stage usually takes an average of 85 to 150 hours.

  • Choose SDK

AR application development requires software libraries that can identify 2D markers and include additional content on top of real images. SDK is a paid tool for advanced solutions based on AR. Therefore, the costs of AR for using it are included in the total project cost. Actually, they simplify the process of writing code that is very important when Creating Augmented Reality Mobile App with complex that involve certain hardware capabilities of smartphones, gyroscopes, accelerometers, cameras, GPS sensors, and more. The following are the most popular SDKs that we are considering.

  • Metaio
  • ARmedia
  • EasyAR
  • Kudan
  • Xzimg
  • ARToolKit
  • Vuforia
  • Wikitude
  • Maxst
  • AR App Development Process

The most difficult and time-consuming stage in developing AR-based applications is the process of writing code. Following are some basic features of AR based software, which differ in implementation methods and therefore have different costs.

  • Gyroscope data processing: About 350 hours
  • GPS Data Processing: Around 500 hours
  • SLAM functionality: 900-1250 hours
  • Marker: 450-600 hours
  • Design Solutions

When we talk about augmented reality with its virtual 3D model, the task of designing becomes the top priority that requires high-level skills. In general, the design phase contains:

  • Building a Wireframe
  • UI / UX & graphic design
  • Making Animated Images
  • 3D Model Making
  • Expand Functions

If you want to stand out, you must add additional features in your application with basic functionality. Including features like

  • Access to Smartphone hardware resources
  • Log in to the system via the social network API,
  • Push notifications
  • Switch locally
  • Link e-commerce tools, etc.

Adding such features will require 25 to 50 hours per each feature and however, this is not going to be enough. If you make a game application based on AR, this can require a variety of additional costs. To improve the user experience in your game application, you need to add features such as audio effects around 70 hours, ratings & achievements about 65 hours, video player about 320 hours, etc.

  • Testing process

You cannot deny that testing is a major part of the development process and you cannot risk forgetting it. A qualified quality analyst team must carefully check your application’s services and ensure they are free of bugs. The average time for testing requires up to 100 to 120 hours.

  • Post-service

The final stage of the AR App Development process is maintenance and technical support. It contains uploading applications to the digital market (Google Play Store or App Store), promoting them on search engines, offering user support and regular updates. On average, such operations take around 45 hours every month.

How to Choose Augmented Reality App Development Company

Because we have mentioned the stage and time of development but these are not enough factors that greatly make impact on Cost of Developing Augmented Reality Mobile App. The cost of Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App Developers is one of the most significant price factors. That depends on the level of expert you choose and the level affected by location.

  • US & Canada: 110 to 270 USD per hour
  • Western Europe: 100 to 160 USD per hour
  • Eastern Europe: 25 to 110 USD per hour
  • Asia (mostly India): usually up to 20 USD per hour

Key Take Away

As we discussed, the AR App development Services and Solutions process based on the AR concept contains several stages. Each stage is rather complicated in implementation for those who want to start their own business in the IT sector. Therefore, if you have a good application idea to get started, we suggest you contact a professional Augmented Reality AR App Development Company in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi and Gurugram, India, USA and Dubai.

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Now, it should be clear to you that developing AR apps is not easy and this makes it increasingly necessary to get help from experienced application developers. Once you have an interest in an AR Software Development Company, you can send a request at and then you can discuss further needs to get the right cost to develop AR apps along with basic and advance features of an AR application.

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