5 Tips to Help You for Naming Your Mobile App

5 Tips to Help You for Naming Your Mobile App

Are you searching for a name for your mobile app?

Naming your mobile app requires a great deal of thought. Not only should the name be closely connected to the app’s functions, but it should also be something users can instantly identify the app with.

The next step is to promote the same to let people know that it exists. But before going into marketing and promotion of your app, first you have to think about giving it an appropriate name. So how do you name your mobile app?

The process of development of the app is the second stage, but before that, every app has to deal with is finding a right name to go along with it.

You would be surprised to know that most of the mobile app’s gain attention from their targeted audience, just due to the unique mobile app name… and at the same time, many mobile apps fail to secure valid attention despite having recognition-worth features just because of the mobile app name.

So it concludes that a few letters word, describing your mobile app, needs to be different and cannot be picked as the random choice from your end.

So it concludes that a few letters word, describing your mobile app, needs to be different and cannot be picked as the random choice from your end.

With the integration of few and the cautious steps you consider while naming your app.

  1. The Name Must Carry Relation with the Functionality of App

Your app name is something which cannot be near or far from your app’s genre, it must speak the direct relation it shares with your mobile app and describes the app’s functionalities more clearly. For instance, when you notice the most used app by each of us WhatsApp has a simple but very descriptive name, which clearly shows its major functionalities without a fail. So sit and analyze what describes your app better, an industry, a feature or the functionality…and pick a name accordingly.

  1. Check Availability

Check if there is already an app by the same or a similar name in any of the app stores, before submitting the same to an app store. Take care not to have too similar a name for your own app, as it may run into copyright issues at a later time. It will also create unnecessary competition for your app.

The success of apps like Talking Tom has spawned off an entirely new breed of ‘Talking _fill in the blank_’. Talking Santa, Talking Harry, etc. These names don’t generally lend credibility to the app but gives an immediate impression of a rip-off.

The worst thing would be to spend countless hours developing an app, then submit it to the App Store and get it approved, only to then discover the name has been trademarked by someone else for their business.

Even if there are no legal ramifications, you’ll want to set yourself apart from what could be a widely recognized name for an entirely different reason. Get on Google and research every last permutation of your name. It may be a bummer to have to go back to the drawing board, but it will save you some headaches later on.

  1. App Name Should Not Be a Tongue Twister

A mobile app would have a variety of users, and your ultimate aim is to make your app a household name, but this can only be possible when a common user not just the specific set of users, are able to pronounce without twisting and twirling their tongues inside out.

Your app name needs to be simple without any specific pronunciation guidelines, which would help the users to feel connected to your app.

  1. Mixing Words

Grab a few descriptive words about your app idea and mix them together in a creative way. Instagram did exactly that.

Using my made up the app as an example I’ll grab a few of the keywords that describe it and then mix them up creatively:



  • Instant + gram= Instagram
  • Snap + chat  =    Snapchat
  • Face + book =    Facebook
  • Sound +Cloud = SoundCloud
  • Ever + note =   Evernote
  1. Relevance of Application

Make sure that your app name is relevant to the key functionality and value of the app. This helps your users distinguish whether your application is something they’re interested in prior to downloading it. It also makes it easier to remember the name! This isn’t an absolute must. I’ve seen other apps that DON’T do this that have done well. But it’s definitely an idea that works well.

In Nutshell

There’s a lot of thought that goes into picking the best name for your app. These strategies only just scratch the surface. The ideal name sets the right tone, clarifies the purpose, and makes it easy to rank and market your app. Use these tips to generate name ideas and narrow down your selection. When it’s time to make the final call, go with your gut. Which name appeals to you more? It’s your app, after all.

Naming your mobile app can have a marked influence on the success of your app in the app marketplace. Of course, the quality of your app is what finally matters to the end-user. But in order to reach more users, you need to make sure you name your mobile app right. Follow the above tips and take that extra step in succeeding with your mobile app.

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