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1. Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

Yes, most apps that support both iOS and Android mobile platforms andit is common that people want their applications to work through the web and mobile devices, so using development frameworks such as React Native that allow us to quickly support both platforms.

2. How long will it take to build and launch my app?

Well, there are several factors contribute to implement a successful project, and some requirements may result in the project to take longer to develop than others.

3. What tools and techniques do you use?

At Fusion Informatics, we create apps using both native and cross-platform application development approaches. We have experts, as well as tools and technologies to create applications for both native and cross-platform applications. Our developers have experience in native application development tools and technologies such as Java, Kotlin, Swift C, React Nativ and Flutter.

4. Do I need to test my app or website?

We have processes of testing and quality assurance, but the way we think and use your application is different from how it will be. You have defined the project, and you know what you want better than anyone does, so you probably will use and interact with what we have built in a way that could not have predicted.

5. What if I need any customization in my app once it is developed and gets live?

Our development team will help you, depending on the type of change you want in your application. The modification in an app will be charged to you.

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6. How much will developing an Android and iphone app cost?

Again, the cost also depends on the complexity of applications and preferences. Another factor is the type of graphics used, sound effects, selected platforms, etc. To find out more about the approximate price of your project, please send us your requirements and we will get back to you soon.

7. What are the versions of Android and iOS that you can implement?

We provide mobile application development services since the launch of iOS and Android. Our 18+ years of experience give us expertise in the implementation of all versions of Android, including Jelly Bean to Android 10 and all versions of iOS, including iOS 12.

8. How do you provide data security of my app?

Our Mobile application development has several stages. A small ignorance in one stage can cause security problems. We know that all these loose ends-causing security breaches / information theft and so we use the following steps to make all applications secure:

  • Using the authentication token system so that input and output are not pirated in getting data transmission
  • Encryption of sensitive data to make storage of secure data

9. What is difference between cross platform development and Native app development?

There is a huge difference between both platforms:

  • With the development of native applications, we use the default language and IDE for iOS and Android, namely Objective C or Swift with Xcode for iOS and Java / Kotlin with Android Studio for Android app development.
  • The cross-platform technology provides a framework in which the coding is performed once, but it can be used to deploy the application in iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

10. What will happen to my app with new OS releases in both iOS & Android?

With the new OS versions, you must first test the application in the new OS and the list of items that are not working. Once done, you should approach the development company that developed and they can find a quick solution.

11. Would you help us to create developer account?

Yes, we will assist you to complete the account details and terms of payment for complete developer account sign up process.

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