Top iPhone Apps Developed Through iPhone Application Development Process

iPhone apps development is a process carried out by iPhone apps developers to create unique apps that not only help users in making the best use of their smart device but also help businesses in advancing their growth. The process of iPhone development is performed utilizing the tools in the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK). The tools in this kit are upgraded as per the improving technology. The popularity of iPhone apps is gauged through the number of downloads. Apple analyzes the apps and games that have been purchased by highest number of buyers. All this data is then stored in a repository accessed by software buyers. These results display user preferences and the current apps trend.

In this blog post I present you some of the iPhone apps that have been downloaded the most in the year 2013. So, take a look at the top most apps on the Apple’s App store:

  1. Candy Crush Saga: This app can rightly be called as the King of all game apps. It is also the top one in the list of free apps.
  2. YouTube: It seems that iOS users are fans of YouTube. To meet their needs Apple introduced the YouTube app which is the second most downloaded free app.
  3. Social Networking apps: The third place is held by apps that are meant for communication and socializing. On the fourth sport was Vine whereas Snapchat took the sixth number. Following them was Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Pandora: This music app found its way on the ninth place in the list of free Apple apps. This streaming-music app is the most downloaded as it helps users access and listen to variety of records on the go.

Apart from the above listed, there are a number of apps that users are downloading incessantly.

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