Strengths of Android App Development In This Competitive Era

Right from a launch of the device, Android has always experienced an increase in the number of applications on the Google Play Store. The success gained by Android can be attributed to Android users, spread across the globe, who have used these applications. Over the last few years, the shipment of Android smart phones has increased by leaps and bounds. According to reports Android has taken over 73.5 percent of market share during the financial year 2012-2013. As per a popular research firm IDC, Android’s market share has arose from the last year’s 73.5% to stand at 79.3%. This is happy news for all the businesses looking for expanding their business by exploiting the opportunities presented by the smart phone era.

The chief reason why android apps development is preferred by a number of developers across the world is that it is open source. The open source development environment is the one in which the open source code is freely available and modifiable. There is no need to pay for any licensing fees for using it. Millions of developers across the world use this operating system for Android apps development.

Its open source nature has decreased the development cost and made android applications affordable for businesses. Developers have joined marketers to create android apps using strategic advertising methods that can help the businesses reach more consumers. Businesses have invested in Android apps and are using different methods to market the applications. The growth of android apps development has resulted in the creation of a number of android apps in areas of health, education, entertainment, business etc.

Every business can get an edge over its competitors by employing different ways to create a unique application. Just creating the application is not enough it is also important to market it in the most strategic way.

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